The Earth

port hills

What lies beneath

The February 22 earthquake happened on a previously unknown fault below the Port Hills - what clues may it have given before the disaster?

The liquefaction legacy

Liquefaction, sand volcanoes and vast quantities of grey sandy silt became the scourge of Christchurch on February 22, bubbling out of the ground during the biggest shakes and also during some of the magnitude 5.0 aftershocks.

Mark Quigley's long, cold year

Mark Quigley Reflecting back on 2011 is not an enjoyable task. For me it was a blurred, restless year; a year of punctuated traumatic events separated by cold, sleepless nights in a house and suburb destined for condemnation.

Why did the Port Hills faultline rupture?

Earthquake Titanic forces between the crustal plates surrounding and pushing into New Zealand chose a spot under Christchurch's Port Hills to break out on February 22, causing the country's most destructive earthquake in 80 years.

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