February 22: Our new city

$1m for water sport facilities

St Albans School Pool

The quake appeal has given $1m to restore quake-hit school pools and surf life saving clubs.

Quake repairs: Minor repairs, major issue


OPINION: Jennie Kerkhofs found her minor damage turned into a major headache when it came to repairs.

Quake repairs: It's been a shambles


OPINION: Laura Wheeler says EQC repairs left her home in worse condition than before they started.

Christchurch: Excited for our city

Godley Head track

After the quakes, Kay Male's first instinct was to flee Christchurch but her family stayed on.

Christchurch needs smart people

Chch rebuild


The Christchurch rebuild requires smart management, smart vision and creative thinking.

'Christchurch needs a leader with vision'

Mark Solomon

Allan Sims wants Ngai Tahu chairman Sir Mark Solomon to stand for Christchurch mayor.

Chch leadership: Millions have been 'wasted'


OPINION: After the quakes the council should have had its responsibilities reviewed and ring-fenced.

Chch leadership should focus on people

Bob Parker 200x150

Christchurch's mayor should be fixing homes, not the centre of the city, writes Raewyn Johnson.

Share your view on Chch leadership

Lianne Dalziel

What does Christchurch need from its mayor and leadership as it faces the long road to recovery?

Chch quake lessons from Japan


Aaron Campbell compares the Christchurch recovery efforts to the 1995 Kobe, Japan quake.

My vision for Chch: We need clear direction


Christchurch needs to employ compassionate people with a clear vision for the city, writes Ian Forsyth.

Chch life: It was 'too much'


'I watched the city that I grew to love fall down around me, the shops and cafes that I had only just been in disappear.'

Re-build Christchurch for bikes

cycle lane


Christchurch has all the ingredients to be the cycling capital of NZ, writes James Broadbent.

The Chch rebuild ain't all bad

construction builder


Tina Elstone thinks it's about time we heard a good report about repairing houses in Christchurch.

Chch life: Excitement and uncertainty

Botanic Gardens Centre


Post-quake Christchurch life is a

Red zone shrinks as barriers come down

Red zone barriers

Christchurch's central city red zone is a little smaller after some barricades opened.

Glass 'sculpture' complex given the all clear

An artists impression of the new OLT $100 million glass- wrapped complex replacing the Triangle Centre in Christchurch's City Mall.

Plans for a $100 million sculptural glass complex for Christchurch's Triangle Centre site have been given the go-ahead.

Chch, how has your life changed?


The lives of those in Christchurch have changed in so many ways since the earthquakes, tell us how your world has been affected.

Closing Chch schools 'anti-recovery'

Richmond primary school


The closure of Richmond School provides further disincentive for people to stay in Christchurch.

Leaving Chch just commonsense



Not everyone moved after the February 22 earthquake because they were afraid, Tracy Hussey writes.

Life in limbo after Chch quakes



Since February 22, Brenda Preston and her family have faced ongoing battles that make it difficult for them to move forward in their lives.

Pressure on to keep Godley House for community

godley house

History buffs want assurances the land on which historic Godley House stood will be kept for the community and not sold off to developers.

Christchurch looks back to move forward

latimer square memorial

The green rectangle of Christchurch's Latimer Square evokes powerful memories of February 22, 2011.

Chch no land of opportunity

Eastgate Mall


Karrina Pratley's husband got his first full night's sleep after the earthquake when they left Christchurch and moved to Australia.

Have you moved? Time away from Chch heals

Liquefaction in Richmond


After walking out of Christchurch's CBD on February 22, 2011 to find his home destroyed, Simon Nicol moved his family to Timaru.

Showing 'great heart and resilience'

Feb 22: Hundreds gather to remember

Christchurch earthquake

Prime Minister John Key says he bets more tears have been shed in this city than in the rest of the country put together as he pays tribute to those lost in the February 22 earthquake, at a service in Latimer Square.

New life for former railway station

Former Christchurch Railway Station

The former railway station in Moorhouse Ave was better known at the time of the quakes for the cinemas and Science Alive! exhibitions.

Quake commemorative events

Latimer Square

Today's Civic Service will be held in Latimer Square, which became a makeshift triage centre after the quake.

Quake widow offers international aid

Marg Stocker

When Marg Stocker's husband died in the quake she had two choices: "Move forward or go down the tubes big time."

Red-zoners start over in Pegasus

Paul and Tina Glithero

Grandparents whose Bexley home was destroyed say they feel guilt at having a new home in Pegasus. »Time to buy a section?

Mt Hutt boulder still in Heathcote

Rocky in Heathcote Valley home

What ever happened Mt Hutt's boulder?

This is what we want: four views

Jason Pemberton

Four of Christchurch's young leaders talk about their hopes for the city's future and what they miss from its past.

Knox Church will be rebuilt

Knox Church

Bealey Ave was never part of the central Christchurch red zone and motorists used the throughfare almost continuously from Feb 23 onward.

Quakes two years: on our unreal city


Second anniversaries are hard to fathom. Philip Matthews grapples with an uncertain mood.

Favourites: malls, markets and mauls

restart mall

The quakes created opportunities to fill gaps, green spaces and Re:Start malls.

Shops and cafes for High St corner

Strange's department store

The former Strange's department store, on the corner of High and Lichfield Sts, was built in 1899.

St Elmo Courts speedily demolished

St Elmo Courts under demolition

The much-loved St Elmo Courts were one of the first apartment complexes in the city.

Buy sections now or gamble on a glut?

Tracey Watson

More sections are becoming available and the question now is affordability. »Looking for a section?

What will our quake memorial be?

Holocaust Memorial

Two years ago today, more than 180 people died across Christchurch.

The best of the new Christchurch

King of Snake

The Press takes a look at the best new places in Christchurch to say have a drink, an over-60s night or a first date.

Have you left Chch? Nothing for youth

oxford terrace


There are no opportunities and nothing happening in Christchurch for young people, Lennon Cameron writes.

Gardening the Garden City

Mona Vale gardening

As a symbol of a city striving for rebirth and renewal, the gardens of the Garden City are as good as they come. If we couldn't repair or rebuild, we could at least garden.

Two years on: our city inches forward

Rebuild and demolition

Two years on from Christchurch's disastrous February earthquake and the city is remembering those we lost, those we love, and our slowly emerging new city.

Survival against the odds

Olivia Cruickshank and Abigail Walls

Two years after the deadly February 22, 2011 quake, a mother reveals the miracle tale of her survival after being buried in the rubble of City Mall with her 6-year-old daughter.

A love letter to Christchurch

Leigh Franklin

'Space and Place' a beautifully crafted song with a video featuring haunting footage of pre-earthquake Christchurch is released today.

More petty crime post-quake

Mindless vandalism is infuriating for those who respect public property.

The main differences I've noticed since the big quakes is the frustration with all the road closures/detours/repairs.

It's better being on less shaky ground


After the June 2011 double whammy, that was it, I told my husband, we are out of here!

Can't wait to move back to Chch


Christchurch man Andy Poulsen was forced to move to Sydney after the big quake, but there isn't a day that he doesn't think about returning home.

Memorial events mark big-quake anniversary

Latimer Square memorial

Latimer Square will host the main service marking the second anniversary of the deadly 2011 quake.

Chch: Govt destroying our communities


Jane Osborn Cathro says the Government's schools plan and the council's city plan have affected her far more than the earthquakes.
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