February 22: Your Stories

Chch life: Tough, but I love it

Christchurch Cathedral


Lily Marr was new to Christchurch just two weeks before the February quake, but she hasn't left.

Chch life: Resilience and buzz



The good has far outweighed the bad in Aaron Horan's post-quake life in Christchurch.

Chch life: I hate being alone

In the properties left empty after the Christchurch earthquakes, the gardens grow in reckless abandon.

The Christchurch earthquakes have brought Tony Becker's neighbourhood together.

Chch quakes changed my perspective



After experiencing the Christchurch earthquakes, Lisa Dickson no longer cares about material things.

More petty crime post-quake

Mindless vandalism is infuriating for those who respect public property.

The main differences I've noticed since the big quakes is the frustration with all the road closures/detours/repairs.

It's better being on less shaky ground


After the June 2011 double whammy, that was it, I told my husband, we are out of here!

Can't wait to move back to Chch


Christchurch man Andy Poulsen was forced to move to Sydney after the big quake, but there isn't a day that he doesn't think about returning home.

Family is where my heart is


Hannah Hemara says she didn't realise how happy she was until it was violently ripped from under her.

Quakes helped me rebuild my love life

Carole Payton

Carole Payton wonders if she would have gotten married last week if it wasn't for the February 2011 quake.

Leaving Chch 'best thing for my kids'


Visiting Christchurch after moving to New Plymouth six months ago gives Kiri McAlister mixed feelings.

Christchurch is now 'slumlord central'

To Rent

No problems at all with the shaking, despite having a wife and four kids aged under six.

Our new life in Rangiora


Lisa Hetherington lost her family home after the quakes, but has now settled in Rangiora.

Accepting abnormal as normal

Southshore from the air

Michele McCormack can't believe pizzas won't be delivered to her Southshore home because of the badly damaged roads.

Not better or worse, just different


After moving to Brisbane, a short trip to Christchurch reminded Carla Jones why she left quake city and how she couldn't bear to be back.

Moving to Chch 'our dream'

queensland flood

Christchurch is a bit broken but Tracy Hyde is keen to help bring her back.

Move or stay? I'm on the fence


I am still in Christchurch two years after the quakes. Why?

Moving from Chch gives 'peace of mind'

A suitcase with wheels.

Christchurch will always be home for Sharon Calderwood, but for now she's enjoying life across the ditch.

June 2011 quake was final straw

A baby

For Corinne McKenna, the June 2011 quake was the last straw. With her husband, their 4-month-old baby, dog and four suitcases, she headed for England.

Chch life: It's the little things that count


Anna Jenkins has found the Christchurch earthquakes have brought out the worst in some people, but there has been positive change too.

Chch life: How it's changed for my kids

School kids

Life has changed in many ways for Sally McRae, but it's her children who have been through the most.

Christchurch - 'like a dead city'

Sol Square pre-quake

Two years on from the February earthquake Christchurch is like "a dead city", Madhu Vasudevamurthy says.

Why I chose to leave Chch

Hugh Wilkinson's house

Hugh Wilkinson always dreamed of living by the coast. The earthquakes gave him an excuse to finally make the move.

Chch best and worst: We can do this


Cantabrians have learnt to appreciate how precious life is, Erin Major-Johnston says.

Chch best and worst: Traffic woes

Christchurch roadworks

A day in the life of a Christchurch motorist can be extremely frustrating, Chris Davies has found.

Chch best and worst: It's hell



Jean Bagrie says she hasn't seen a lot of good in Christchurch since the earthquakes, just crime, vandalism, and endless insurance problems.

Reflections: What do you miss from before February 22?

Writer Randolph Bourne once mused: "No matter what we have come through, or how many perils we have safely passed, or how many imperfect and jagged - in some places perhaps irreparably - our life has been, we cannot in our heart of hearts imagine how it could have been different."

The image remains: What one image from the quake stays with you?

The Christchurch earthquake produced evocative images rarely seen in a usually peaceful nation.

The future: What is next in your life following the quake?

Abraham Lincoln once said "The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time" and for many in Canterbury, that is exactly how they have coped with life after February 22.

That day: What impact did February 22 have on your life?

Few Kiwis will ever forget February 22, 2011. At 12.51pm, the Christchurch earthquake devastated New Zealand's Garden City, killing more than 180 people, destroying many homes and heritage buildings and affecting tens of thousands of citizens.
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