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Live chat: GNS scientist Kelvin Berryman

Live chat: GNS scientist Kelvin Berryman


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On the eve of the Christchurch earthquake anniversary, GNS Science earthquake expert Kelvin Berryman joins us at midday to answer your questions.

Canterbury Plains faults 'quite strong'

Mark Quigley

Ask an Expert: Canterbury Faults 'quite strong"

Kiwi scientists join petition over quake trial

Kiwi scientists join petition against "ridiculous" trial over failure to predict deadly Italian earthquake.
+ Scientists on trial

Scientists on trial over earthquake deaths

LATEST: Seven scientists are on trial for allegedly failing to warn of a devastating quake in Italy.

City rupture - no stronger

How much concern is there about the so-called New Brighton-City Fault that runs close to Moorhouse Ave?

Kaiapoi Fault inactive for 10,000 years

A new fault zone has recently been identified off the coast near Kaiapoi but may not have moved for 10,000 years.

Ask an Expert: Did dairy farming trigger quakes?

Did the lack of water due to the many dairy farms affect the magnetic plate's temperature and set off the Greendale Fault?

Ask An Expert: Understanding magnitude

Will Ries, of GNS Sience

The Press

Earthquake magnitude is not a linear scale. For every step up in magnitude there is about a 30 times increase in energy released.

Ask an Expert: where does liquefaction come from?


The Press

How far down does the shingle go? What is under it? Solid rock?

Explaining the science behind quakes

ALL EARS: Hundreds of people attended the first of a series of free  lectures on earthquake behaviour.


The gash torn in the Canterbury Plains by last year's Darfield earthquake had the highest ratio of movement for its length of any recorded quake, University of Canterbury scientists say.

Ask an Expert: Alpine Fault fears

Peacocks Gallop

When the Alpine Fault goes, would it trigger faults to rupture here?

Ask an Expert: Faultline fears and P-waves

If our fault runs from Methven to offshore Canterbury. What would be the potential quake size of a fault this long?

Ask an Expert: why so many aftershocks?

The Press

Haiti experienced 42 aftershocks, Japan 726 and Canterbury over 7000 aftershocks. Why?
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