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Extreme cyclists scream through Lyttelton

Urban Downhill Race next weekend

Extreme cyclists will be launching themselves off garage roofs and screaming down stairways all over Lyttelton next weekend - but strictly professionals only.

New road rules: are you confident?

Have Your Say

HAVE YOUR SAY: Are you confident with the new give way rules which will come into effect next weekend? We asked 10 drivers to complete the NZTA quiz to see if they were ready....

Doughnut back - and fire proof

Six ton concrete sculpture

A NEW and improved - and most importantly, flame- resistant - Springfield Doughnut could soon be gracing the town's main street.

Shopper not stressed

Quake prone buildings no barrier

SHOPPERS IN Leeston and Southbridge are not going to let the naming of buildings in the Selwyn towns as earthquake- prone stop them going into their favourite stores.

Courts not defeated

Tai Tapu tennis bouncing back

The courts were wrecked in the September 4 earthquake and are now going to be reinstated alongside an overdue development of Rhodes Domain.

Walk down memory lane

Avonside Girls High School 70 years on

It was 1942 and New Zealand was at war when a group of excited 13 and 14 year old girls joined class 3A at Avonside Girls' High School for the first time.

Should the plans be made public?

Have your say: Christ Church Cathedral

The Christ Church Cathedral has been deemed unsalvageable by the Anglican church but some are calling for engineering reports to be released to justify the decision. HAVE YOUR SAY

Little boy, big battle

March: Child Cancer Month

Kaden Archbold may be only 14 months old, but he has already fought more battles than most people face in a lifetime. Reporter Abbie Napier tells his story.

Bloomin Good Show!

Show begins un-interupted

The judges have cast their votes - now it's your turn. The Ellerslie International Flower Show opened to the public today, after Christchurch's floral designers took most of the gold medals.

Run kids run!

Cotswald kids take duathlon by the horns

The duathlon was organised by teacher David Guthrie, who said it was great to see many parents and supporters come to cheer on their kids.

Broccoli - the super food

Recipes to make it tasty

Derby girls play by the rules

Season kicks off this weekend

"We have a 30-page rule book about contact you can't elbow or fight or punch people in the face. You want to knock them out but you have to use your body to do it fairly."

Year of upheaval for schools

Hundreds of students leave town

"You don't know if children who are in your class this week are going to be there next week. So it's trying to carry on and not let that affect you."

Beleaguered cafe boxes on

Upshot coffee back in business

The orange container cafe with its collection of plastic chairs and rustic tables is very "back to basics".

Broken but not defeated

Christchurch East

"The whole area around here is close now. Every quake now you walk around the neighbourhood and check on everyone."

Man's best friend on the day

USAR dogs everything they should be

"We've trained for this for so long it was like automatic pilot. It wasn't until we looked back on it we realised how intense it was.''

Paramedic looks back

Jo Gallagher was in Latimer Square

"There were people being pulled out of buildings. I saw the lines of family members just standing, waiting, staring at the CTV building and it was heart-wrenching.''

High rise rescue - moment of clarity

John Haynes helped his colleagues escape

"I was thinking escape was our best chance of survival, maybe our only chance. The building never stopped shaking. There was a huge crash and the building lurched sideways. When I saw the stairways were gone, that put a whole new perspective on it."

Fun day fun

Halswell football fest

The Fun Day saw kids getting free pony rides, face painting, and mini jeep experiences.

Do you love New Brighton?

It's time to show it!

I Love New Brighton community day blossomed out of the February quake and is now entering its second year on the calendar.

Call to name quake-prone buildings

Selwyn residents want to know

An earthquake prone building is one that is less than 33 per cent of the building code, and is likely to collapse in a "moderate" earthquake. Building owners have up to 30 years to get the building brought up to code.

The Great Kiwi Beer Festival

First of its kind in Christchurch

The Great Kiwi Beer Festival is making its debut in Christchurch this year bringing hops and yeast to all for tasting.

Chilly water no problem

Seven-year-old Callum Lockhart is not letting the prospect of chilly water put him off the challenge of his first open water swim alongside sister Holly, 9, on Sunday.

Container Mall for Rangiora?

THE IDEA of a container mall or something similar in North Canterbury has met a positive response from residents and shoppers.

Riding dangerously close to a wheelchair

Andrew Aldridge was almost paralysed in a speedway crash

"Being paralysed doesn't scare me - from the neck down would be pretty disheartening but waist down, life goes on," he said.

Council 'set up to fail'

Appointment of commissioners almost inevitable, expert says

Christchurch residents, "in our shared tiredness, collective grief and common frustration" were in danger of being manipulated by the Government into accepting the dissolution of their elected council.

Quake cost balloons

Who should foot the bill?

But Christchurch residents spoken to yesterday said they expected to have to dig deep for their city, even as much of the population moved elsewhere.

Robo-language the future?

Canterbury University invents language first

Like other language developments (texting, abbreviating, adoption of foreign words) there is every chance Roila words could leak into our daily vocabulary.

Selwyn schools booming

Class starts full rolls

School rolls in Selwyn are booming as more families move into the area from quake-hit Christchurch.

Rifle range in firing line

Community split over noise

New Zealand Army spokesman Colonel Phil McKee replied the range had been in use for nearly 70 years and this would not change.

Tee-totaller for one month

Christchurch Mail reporter takes on the challenge

OPINION: "Backing out is not an option. I know the real challenge will come every day between 5pm and 7pm: wine o'clock."

Bed Bath ... and Car

Driver crashes through Tower Junction window

One Tower Junction shopper took window shopping to a whole new level on Wednesday.

Sod turned on new police station site

Rolleston township gets new police hub

Selwyn district is the one of the fastest growing territorial authorities in New Zealand. The population of the Rolleston area was projected to reach 14,000 within the next eight years.

Richie McCaw of Science?

High academic achiever

Lincoln High School principal Linda Tame said Hadleigh Frost was one of the the most talented students she had come across.

Tourist bus crash

Lucky escape for 15 passengers

Fire crews with cutting gear forced the front passenger door open to free the 15 shaken Asian tourists bound for Christchurch from Queenstown.

The Good Bloke

Rolleston's Jym Findlay

He started as a parent on the sidelines 15 years ago watching his son play, then gradually moved into coaching and has organised the youngsters for the 20-week season for the last six years.

Popular bar latest closure victim

Closure of buildings in Waimakariri

One of Rangiora's most popular hotels became the latest victim yesterday of the Waimakariri District Council's drive to close earthquake-prone buildings.

Constable shares memories of job

Deb Smalley, community cop

Constable shares memories of job

Salads - a summer essential

Recipes this week

Worried about turning up to the neighbour's barbecue with a few bits of lettuce and hard boiled egg?

Mother's plea: Don't let death be in vain

"No adult has the right to endanger the life of a minor."

Death prompts awareness

Farm accidents highlighted

The death of a Canterbury farm manager, electrocuted while inspecting stock on Saturday morning, has prompted a warning of the dangers posed by electricity in rural operations.

Opening still a long way off

Art gallery closed until 2013

Gallery director Jenny Harper said engineering reports indicated that the gallery's primary structure performed exceptionally well during the earthquakes since September 2010.

Rip offs plague fundraiser

Knife pulled on local man

''He jumped out of the car with a knife and starting walking toward me, rubbing his hand down its holder.''

University - $10 million lost

International student interest impacts on bottom line

Mr Carr said the university may have cause for concern if eventual enrolment figures fell below government funding levels.

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Shopping centre gets on busking bandwagon

The Palms to host competition

Heats open to all ages with cash prizes to be won

Fire eater wows CPIT crowd

Open Day Loons a success

Pascal Ackerman has extinguished 89 torches in one minute - in his mouth!

300,000 turn out for festival

Support from quake city for buskers

The 19th festival closed its doors last night after a wild finish from the Best Bits comedy line up.

Garden built for marriage

Apply to be married at Ellerslie

A garden dseigner slash marriage celebrant has designed a garden with the hope it will host the first marriage ceremony held at the Ellerslie Flower Show.

Tony Marryatt backs out of pay rise

Christchurch city council CEO Tony Marryatt has instructed the payroll office to stop paying him his $68,000 pay rise effective today.
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