Cycle trail support a no-brainer

Cycle trail

EDITORIAL: A proposed Marlborough to Christchurch cycle trail just got a boost from Wellington. It's time local government stepped up.

Fish hooks in living wage proposal

There are about 75 businesses and organisations accredited as living wage employers in 2017.

OPINION: Productivity, not the stroke of pen, should be lifting wages.

It's good to be belittled

The lashing and the bucking, the sheer marine ferocity of a storm.

OPINION: We exist by grace of the climate and we forget it at our peril, Joe Bennett contends.

The British connection

Boris Johnson and a British diplomat beneath the twin trees of Britain-New Zealand.

OPINION: British foreign secretary Boris Johnson is on an international campaign to sell post-Brexit Britain to the world.

Auckland not the only game in town

Kaitangata District Promotions member Evan Dick was behind the scheme to offer affordable house packages to encourage ...

EDITORIAL: Initiatives designed to help Auckland don't do much to help businesses, growth and people in the regions.

When a fair go means breaking the law

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei speaks during the 2017 Green Party Conference at AUT Auckland on July 16, 2017 in ...

OPINION: Giving people a "fair go" has not always meant blind obedience to the law.

Fibre installation crawls

An Enable crew laying UFB cables in Hillmorton.

OPINION: I've felt like an unsuspecting passenger who boarded a wonky train for an off-the-rails ride through the funny farm of ultra-fast fibre.

Striving to be our eco best

After months of fundraising, meticulous planning and old fashioned hard work, the Christchurch Community Bike Share ...

OPINION: Christchurch can follow in Melbourne's environmental footsteps.

Year of the flood?

21072017 News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Timaru Herald. Wet weather rain storm cold water town wind flood. Flooding ...

OPINION: No-one can afford to be complacent, because the weather is going to get more extreme.

The political and the personal

Green co-leader Metiria Turei is the political face that launched a thousand arguments.

OPINION: Metiria Turei put the struggles of beneficiaries in the news.

Treatment of women grates

Helen Mirren always looks fabulous on the red carpet but why do women have to be reduced to their age and what they are ...

OPINION: It really grinds my gears to see a woman reduced to her age and what she was wearing.

Sir Yeah Nah cracks open a few tinnies

SATIRE: "I thought I was pretty relaxed, but I didn't know meaning of pretty relaxed 'til I took a walkabout in the great Australian countryside."

Delayed action on possible health crisis

The authorities are finally starting to act after Yaldhurst resident Anna Youngman called for a response to a potential ...

OPINION: Light regulation may be to blame for health issue in Christchurch.

Turei's middle-class hand wringing

Hands up if you are a welfare fraudster.

OPINION: Metiria Turei's benefit fraud disclosure shows lot of middle-class hand-wringing about a social group from which she is completely divorced.

Bowel screening 'will save lives'

The clinical director of the National Bowel Screening Programme, Dr Susan Parry.

OPINION: The clinical director of the National Bowel Screening Programme responds to criticism that the programme is too little, too late.

Lay off the boy racers, who don't even exist

Signs of burn outs on Summit Rd.

OPINION: Boy racers are fictional characters made up to scare old people.

Clear choices are on offer

Labour leader Andrew Little, left, and finance spokesman Grant Robertson unveil the party's fiscal plan in Wellington on ...

OPINION: This election will offer clear choices in economic approach.

Govt's move on Canty health

The Canterbury District Health Board has been beset by funding problems.

EDITORIAL: As Canterbury's health funding crisis worsens, the government must break the deadlock.

Deja vu for health funding crisis

Surgeon and founder of the Christchurch Charity Hospital, Phil Bagshaw, left, on the first day's work of the charity ...

OPINION: Everyone knows George Santayana's adage: "Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it".

The downside of referendums

Referendums are wide open to abuse by populist politicians like Winston Peters.

OPINION: Referendums are wide open to abuse by populist politicians.

Light returns, six years after quake

The miracle of electric light.

OPINION: Joe Bennett gets down to the wire when fixing a lamp.

Report on DHB a 'Pearl Harbour' attack

Alistair Humphrey, Canterbury Medical Officer of Health, in his office in 2014.

OPINION: Canterbury's DHB is being penalised for its success, as if the All Blacks should always play with 14 men to even the playing field.

Too little, too late from Government on youth unemployment

Fishing for votes in the heartland: New Zealand First leader Winston Peters' campaign tour has been touring the ...

OPINION: What is being done to stop the vast and growing swathe of young and rudderless Cantabs from rotting their lives away?

The great political swindle

"For 30 years  New Zealand's best and brightest business leaders, academics, journalists, and politicians have been ...

OPINION: NZ's most successful people will be to blame if this year's election becomes messy.

100% pure NZ puffery video

A woman drinks from a river in a new government-funded "100% Pure" campaign that will be broadcast abroad.

OPINION: The woman stands in a river and cups her hands to drink the water. In reality, there's likely a boil water notice at her hostel.

War memories remain dim

Te Porere was the site of Te Kooti's last stand near Tongariro, in the last major battle of the New Zealand Wars.

OPINION: a New Zealand Wars fund shows that local military history is still a poor cousin.

Strange goings on in Southland video

Where is Clutha-Southland National MP Todd Barclay ?

OPINION: Where's Todd Barclay? It depends on whom you ask, it seems.

One nation under the weather

Grant Dalton, centre, Peter Burling and a visitor from Emirates show the mighty America's Cup to Colombo St.

OPINION: the weather stopped nearly everything this week.

Well aisle be damned

Kiwi consumers are getting creamed in the supermarket aisles.

OPINION: Duncan Garner is astonished at how much cheaper basic food items are in Australia.

Western values under attack

US President Donald Trump gives a public speech in front of the Warsaw Uprising Monument at Krasinski Square, in Warsaw, ...

OPINION: Do we have the courage to defend our Western values? Maybe, but from what?

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