The guilty generation

Our society is racist, sexist, nasty, unfair and a lot of people are suffering.

OPINION: Why men of a certain age feel guilty all the time. Or should.

NZ rugby fans turn abusive

Co-fans at Eden Park last week. Let us know their names.

OPINION: When does banter go too far?

Santa or Sandra?

The idea of a female Santa might create a bit of a stink for some, but women have often taken on the role in the past.

OPINION: Women have played the jolly purveyor of presents in the past. No children died.

Tainui prevents a bloodbath

No-one is confirming it officially yet, but Duncan Garner expects an announcement next week that Tainui will buy the ...

OPINION: Ihumātao could have humiliated Labour from now until the election.

Aussie PM to raise islands

Scott Morrison told reporters about Operation Tropical Top-Up while grilling snarlers on a coal-fired barbie.

SATIRE: Coal two metres-deep will be spread across low-lying Pacific Islands.

The week in good news

Ronnie van Hout's Quasi on its way to installation in Wellington.

OPINION: A positive spin on the week's events.

Why poetry matters

Poetry knows no barriers or prejudices, says Siobhan Harvey.

OPINION: A poem expresses perfectly the things we feel deeply, but may not be able to put into words.

'Cool' is now mainstream

OPINION: 1960s cool was more cringe to Rosemary McLeod.

Alan Jones: enemy of understanding

Alan Jones' rants about Jacinda Ardern were partly triggered by the fact she's a successful, charismatic female ...

OPINION: Shock jock's disgusting rants prevent us having proper conversations about gender and race.

Neighbours pay price for bad tenants

If landlords cannot effectively remove tenants with bad behaviour, it is neighbours that suffer, writes Andrew King.

OPINION: 90-day eviction rule needs to stay, to protect communities from antisocial behaviour.

Time to end 'racist' refugee policy

Former refugee Guled Mire arrived from Somalia with his family in the 1990s.

OPINION: New Zealand's refugee policy discriminates against the most needy.

My new hero is Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg poses on the boat Malizia at Plymouth, England,  in mid August. Thunberg, the 16-year-old climate change ...

OPINION: We need this kid from Sweden to slap our faces.

The devil in the budget detail

Green Party co-leaders James Shaw and Marama Davidson. The party wants to set up a Parliamentary Budget Office to ...

OPINION: An independent costings unit would be a political punching bag, with rich pickings for all parties.

We must not look away

Edward Watts, left, Waad Al-Kateab, middle, and Hamza Al Kateab took "For Sama" to the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Film teaches what hope meant in a place of darkness and despair.

Putting a referee in the fiscal fight

National leader Simon Bridges has undermined plans for a fiscal watchdog.

OPINION: National is playing a risky game in opposing an independent budget office.

We're in a froth over alcohol social harm

Research shows Kiwis are drinking less alcohol than we used to but spending more on food and other entertainment.

OPINION: Let's raise a glass to common sense in the ongoing war embroiling the hospitality industry.

Long journey to prison reform

The success of Hōkai Rangi will rely on two basic things: the development of a "best practice" Crown-Māori relationship, ...

OPINION: Kelvin Davis' latest plan is courageous. But it will fail if Corrections does not embrace it.

Let's mock Fonterra's 'velocity leadership'

Fonterra's former CEO Theo Spierings got a "velocity leadership incentive payment schedule".  Meaningless but worth millions.

OPINION: Fonterra paid millions and still got Spierings as its CEO.

Why doesn't NZ spend on policing banks? video

The scandal over David Hisco's expenses shows the banking sector in New Zealand is not as clean as we would like it to be.

OPINION: The Government spent as much on banking regulation as ANZ spent on David Hisco's house.

Let's put fun back in our nightlife

A report by the New Zealand Initiative says recent restrictions on the night-time economy have made nights out "overly ...

OPINION: We should look for positives in a vibrant night-time economy, instead of endless restrictions.

When police fail to act

A pensioner says nothing is being done about a neighbour doing some 4000 drug deals since February.

OPINION: A pensioner says nothing is being done about a neighbour doing some 4000 drug deals since February.

Why the Holocaust still matters

Marie Muhlsteinova, one of the victims commemorated in the National Library's Children's Holocaust Memorial.

OPINION: Growing ignorance of the Nazi genocide raises importance questions about how we teach history.

Hospitals should start cutting out meat

For those recovering from heart disease or type 2 diabetes, the last dietary item they need is more meat.

OPINION: They should initiate "meat-free Mondays", and remove all processed meat.

Ebola drugs show promise

A girl receives an Ebola vaccine in Beni, Congo, in July.

OPINION: Ebola scares me as much as sharks. But there's hope.

Saunas: Some like it hot

The confined space of a sauna didn't stop some old geezers touching their toes around Jane Bowron.

OPINION: More than sweat is released when men and women share a sauna.

EVs just the beginning

New Zealand's fleet of electric cars represents less than 0.5 per cent of all vehicles. But it's tracking upwards.

OPINION: That there are three times as many electric vehicles in New Zealand than two years ago is great news.

How to fight a bottle store

Proposals to open suburban bottle stores are often contentious, and are vigorously resisted by residents.

OPINION: It's not easy for communities to object to alcohol licences. But they must keep fighting.

Election 2020 will be messy

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at a beach cleanup in Wellington. It's unlikely to be the last cleanup she'll tackle.

OPINION: Drama is par for the course in election year, but 2020 may just set a new bar.

Inmates' voting a non-issue

If you need barbed wire around your housing, then maybe you shouldn't vote either.

OPINION: Voting rights for prisoners should be the least of our worries.

F for fail for Corrections

Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis' response to the prison letters was not good enough, says Duncan Garner.

OPINION: The letters from prison debacle is an embarrassment for those at the top of the food chain at Corrections.

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