Rowdy group running riot

A woman from the rowdy group called Theresa described herself as "your leader".

OPINION: Time is running out for a group of unruly British Tories who have been causing chaos and making headlines around the world this week.

Professional tennis and me

Rafael Nadal of Spain: Would have been a formidable opponent.

OPINION: Columnist Martin van Beynen looks back on his professional tennis career.

Brexit for bad-egg Brits

Members of the unruly travelling family leaving Hamilton District Court after the appearance of another member of the ...

OPINION: In Britain they're considering a messy exit from Europe; here, we're working on an exit for a group of messy Brits.

The week in good news

150119 NEWS Photo: Joseph Johnson/Stuff
Ernest The Magnifico performs with a couple of members from the crowd during the ...

OPINION: There's always good news around and we have managed to find some.

A full week of Monty

Paul Collingwood, Monty Panesar and Andrew Strauss leave the Basin Reserve after a test win over New Zealand in 2008.

OPINION: It's been a full week of Monty, on and off, and I'm still irritated.

NZ deserves better guests video

Tina Maria Cash, 26, left, shields herself from waiting media after pleading guilty in Hamilton District Court of two ...

OPINION: Tourists need to stop crapping everywhere and treating our place like a tip.

Why so sensitive, Piers?

Piers Morgan - such a sensitive sausage.

OPINION: Men are panicking about masculinity. They should just calm down and be rational.

Pursuit solution is far from simple

Flowers and messages surround the tree at the centre of Sunday night's tragedy, in which three teenagers died, following ...

OPINION: It is understandable that the debate on whether or not police should pursue is front and centre in our news this week. 

Open your arms to lord Ikea

Ikea uses 1 per cent of the world's wood.

OPINION: What exactly is there to be excited about? My house certainly doesn't need an ottoman.

Brexit: Wrong question, wrong answers video

In this grab taken from video, Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May speaks after losing a vote on her Brexit deal, in ...

OPINION: UK is in Brexit chaos because it got the referendum process wrong.

Who's to blame for doctors' strike

New Zealand's apprenticeship model producing quality senior doctors, but the long hours result in fatigue. The dilemma ...

OPINION: Rivalry between unions isn't the cause, it's the DHBs' refusal to talk.

Like Macbeth, with added cowardice

Former US Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis, seen here on a visit to Sydney in 2017, resigned in December. He was one of ...

OPINION: By the time this goes to print much may have happened. But none of it will reverse the sweet truth that Trump is doomed.

Police chases must end

Craig Mcallister, 13, Brooklyn Taylor, 13, and Glen Mcallister, 16, died in a crash after fleeing police in Christchurch ...

OPINION: It is time for a drastic rethink of how police respond to drivers flouting their authority.

1080 only a temporary fix

Fiona McQueen: Kea are at high risk of death by 1080, because they are naturally curious and attracted to baits

OPINION: Poisoning of our forests can only do harm.

Trump not first wall supporter

President Donald Trump, left, listens as Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, talks about ...

OPINION: It's a monumental construction that would set Donald Trump aglow.

Pursuit reviews not saving lives

051218 NEWS Photo: Joseph Johnson/Stuff
The scene of a car crash following a suspected police pursuit in Breezes Road ...

ANALYSIS: Police's pursuit policy has been reviewed four times since 2000 and a fifth is nearly done. Meanwhile people keep dying.

Keep Occam's razor sharp

Bjorn Borg in September. His low heart rate supposedly gave him a physiological edge over his tennis rivals.

The simplest answer is usually the best.

Why schools need to change video

The overall performance of New Zealand's education system is plateauing or declining in comparison with other countries, ...

OPINION: Taskforce chair spells out why reforms to school governance are necessary.

The fight for bovine freedom

Rescued cow Brianna and her calf.

OPINION: Amid all the cruelty-to-animals stories of the holidays, one saga gladdens the heart.

Give us the tools to build

Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull would like to see local taxes as an alternative to rates.

OPINION: Reforming planning law in big cities isn't enough. All of NZ needs it.

End-of-life care 'grossly insufficient'

It's time for district health boards and central government to muscle-up on in-home care for those affected by mobility ...

OPINION: I spent the weekend with a friend who can no longer move his own body. It was hard work.

The week in good news:

Holidaymakers enjoy glorious Canterbury weather at Spencer Beach Holiday Park.

There is more good news around than ever. Or less bad news, perhaps.

Divided unions drive doctors' strike

It is not about the money but the workload for striking doctors.

OPINION: The forthcoming strike by junior doctors is more complicated than most disputes.

My humiliating fall from a Lime scooter

Emelie Oberg, Gy Sohn, and Jennifer McPhee racing Lime scooters on the new pump track in Gloucester St.

OPINION: Lime scooters are indisputably dangerous. Is it a danger we need?

You'd be mad to date a 20-something video

"I prefer younger women's bodies, that's all," French writer Yann Moix says. But does he realise they're barely ...

OPINION: A warning for ageing Casanovas - 20-somethings are hard work.

Look pleasing and you'll go places video

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 79,  is proof that money can buy you anything, especially illusion, says Rosemary McLeod.

OPINION: Unlike men, women who look older officially cease to exist. Just look at Nancy Pelosi.

Life is a novel

"We all come back to where we began eventually, either literally or figuratively, but older and wiser, and hopefully ...

OPINION: I sometimes feel like I have lived a dozen or so mini lives, with stages so vastly different they could be chapters in a novel.

Don't be so sure, Maryan

Maxim Institute chief executive Alex Penk argues that vulnerable people are at an unacceptable risk of wrongful death ...

OPINION: If MPs examine the facts, the euthanasia bill will not be a done deal.

When the big picture is too big video

Lana Hart says the confronting experience of having a child with cancer helped her understand the benefits of focusing ...

OPINION: When one of my kids was in the children's cancer ward, I learned to think of the small things in order to mentally survive.

Activists wage war on wildlife video

Evidence from other fenced sanctuaries shows aerial drops of brodifacoum eradicated rats without dire consequences for ...

OPINION: 1080 opponents defy science and reason. Meanwhile our threatened species die.

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