Kissing social justice goodbye

Bill English, right, campaigning in Lower Hutt with Simon Bridges, left, and local candidate Chris Bishop. No animals ...

OPINION: What is that grotesque practice of politicians kissing kids about, who started it, and why isn't there a law against it?

Water issues boil over

Winston Peters addresses the party faithful in Ashburton.

OPINION: Winston Peters steps into the politics of water.

Who won the final debate? video

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - SEPTEMBER 20:  Labour party leader Jacinda Ardern speaks during the TVNZ Vote 2017 2nd Leaders ...

OPINION: Jacinda Ardern looked and sounded like a woman in a fight for her political life. And she is.

English's squeeze is working video

Bill English is finally smiling, and rightly so.

OPINION: Bill English is killing NZ First and it's now clear he's making a dent in Labour too.

NZ's hidden protest vote video

20092017 News Photo: Iain McGregor/Stuff
NZ First's Winston Peters in Ashburton.

The polls don't lie – or do they? Is there one party people are too afraid to admit they'll vote for?

Words and goats that stick

The odd goat's bad enough, but imagine 64 of the mammalian locusts descending on your green, fertile paradise.

OPINION: A tui and a cup of tea with Jan and Joan. A conversation about goats that sticks in the memory.

Collins comes off second-best

The look that sank 1000 ships - and the odd career. Energy Minister Judith Collins now has the petrol companies in her ...

OPINION: Judith Collins is not known to be a shrinking violet. Even when she's off the mark.

Election campaign's wild ride

Win or lose on Saturday, Jacinda Ardern has brought her party back from zombieland.

OPINION: This election campaign has featured bribery dished out with the fervour of a Boxing Day Sale at Harvey Norman.

Fuel crisis an embarrassment

The pipeline that supplies the nations oil and fuel supplies from the Marsden Point refinery was breached on a farm near ...

OPINION: The rupture of the pipeline carrying Auckland Airport's fuel is not our first infrastructure fail.

When the country goes to (cow) town

One of Morrinsville's shrines to the dairy industry.

OPINION: Morrinsville farmers' protest another chapter in lengthy story of rural antagonism towards the needs and aspirations of New Zealand's urban majority.

The Kate within Jacinda

The similarities between Jacinda Ardern and Kate Sheppard abound, a Canterbury historian says.

OPINION: Historian Katie Pickles sees shades of pioneering suffragette Kate Sheppard in Jacinda Ardern.

Synthetic drugs an epidemic

A confidential report found most of the synthetic cannabinoids used to make synthetic cannabis ends up at addresses in ...

OPINION: The increased use of dangerous synthetic drugs has become a public health crisis.

Deep in the heart of taxes

New Zealand's troubador-in-chief, Dave Dobbyn, recorded  a Māori language version of his hit Welcome Home for Māori ...

OPINION: It was a week of politics, philosophy and song.

Kaikōura deserves world recognition

Whales are viewed off the coast of Kaikōura. Could World Heritage status boost tourism further?

OPINION: World Heritage status would be valuable for Kaikōura.

Ardern's tax radar AWOL in stardust

Jacinda Ardern's just learned a harsh lesson, writes Duncan Garner.

OPINION: Let's not do this: Ardern singed by tax captain's call, but escapes being badly burned.

Secure your legacy with a to-do list before you go toes up

Download the Christchurch City Council curbside collection app so you can feel superior to your neighbours when you put ...

OPINION: How to build your own instruction manual on how to be you, even when you are no longer around.

John Key's election fever dreams

SATIRE: The public loved her! They lapped her up! She was smart. Telegenic. And genuine. She reminded me of a young me.

A changing of the guard is on the way

So about that hip replacement.

OPINION: Listening to people around the country before the election suggests Jacinda Ardern's timing is a winner.

Man up and help your mates

Greg May shows his caring side of manliness in the All Right? mental health campaign.

OPINION: I love the notion that manliness is more diverse and nuanced than the strong silent archetype would have us believe.

Let's grow a healthy Garden City

Soil cleansing mustard provides bee food in the Christchurch CBD.

OPINION: What is the cost of Christchurch's desire for neatness? Let's grow wild, argues Liv Worsnop.

Labour's tax clarity is welcome

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern has provided much-needed clarity on tax.

OPINION: Labour had to respond to National's "scaremongering".

Tax uncertainty Labour's weakest link

Grant Robertson, left, and Steven Joyce have been facing off over their tax and spending plans.

OPINION: What's in, what's out in Labour's tax thinking? It's time to release the terms of reference.

A language: More than just words

Preserving the language will hopefully mean preserving tikanga Māori too.

OPINION: We shouldn't measure the value of a language only by its usefulness for overseas trade.

City's rebuild both rushed and tardy

Prime Minister Bill English and Amy Adams officially opened the Christchurch Justice and Emergency Services Precinct on ...

EDITORIAL: The official opening of the justice precinct seemed emblematic of the generally slow progress of the rebuild.

Conveyer belt to jail

Many prisoners struggle to make a life for themselves outside the fence and, without enough support, are soon back inside.

OPINION: Daniel Johnson is a recidivist criminal, in line for what could be his 76th prison sentence.

That honourable line of linen

There's something quite noble and honest about a traditional clothesline laden with those things that would otherwise ...

OPINION: Learning to love your holey socks, old bed sheets and other items of aired dirty laundry.

Your Kiwi accent is not the problem – English spelling is

The English spelling norms we have today are a mess for a number of reasons.

 OPINION: The problem with learning to read English is not our Kiwi accent – the problem is the crazy English spelling system.

How many people will bother to vote?

Advance voting opened on September 11.

EDITORIAL: In a tight race, any lift or shift in the number turning out to the polling booths could have a significant impact on the election's outcome.

To remain the same, New Zealand must change

Most Kiwis understand that without the welfare state, including programmes like Working For Families, their standard of ...

OPINION: It's a bitter truth for radicals of every stripe to swallow, but New Zealand is an inherently conservative country.

Were key issues ignored too long?

Mike Yardley calls Christ Church Cathedral "our Taj Mahal, our towering symbol".

OPINION: As National frantically plays catch-up, have they left it all too late?

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