A bit of bother over backpay

Iain Lees-Galloway says BusinessNZ is playing "silly buggers" over backpay for pay equity.

OPINION: When you're courting someone, it is not polite or politic to call them names.

National debate over stadiums

Our national stadium, Eden Park, is simply in the wrong place and has no future.

OPINION: Stadiums will inevitably make losses but that doesn't mean cities should not get the best they can.

Sorry day for a once proud party

Duncan Garner: "A once proud party has agreed to lose its name because the ageing husband isn't happy with who's getting ...

OPINION: Labour has given itself an uppercut over what to call the Government.

The house of the good Sheppard

Christchurch community leaders gather for a drink to launch a women's fund at the Ilam home of suffrage and temperance ...

OPINION: Christchurch is still suffragist city.

'Nevertheless, there must be consequences ...'

Professor Jan Thomas, Vice-Chancellor of Massey University

OPINION: In the court of common sense.

Advice, yes, but make it nice

Hila Oren thought she had some good advice.

OPINION: Hila Oren came to advise us on how to brand Christchurch. Christchurch didn't like what she said.

You and Dad are feminists too

Verity Johnson: "For me a feminist is simply someone who understands that society puts lousy expectations on people ...

OPINION: You don't need a uterus, you just need a good heart.

Meth panic was always political video

Housing Minister Phil Twyford, left, and Housing NZ chief executive Andrew McKenzie say tenants evicted after meth tests ...

OPINION: Housing NZ's tough meth policy was driven by Government.

The trouble with judging the judge

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's alleged teenage behaviour is a mainstay of American films and TV, writes ...

OPINION: Brett Kavanaugh's behaviour wasn't right, but does that make it totally wrong?

How NZ keeps my people poor

Najla Mohamed-Lamin  in the refugee camp in Algeria where she grew up. She is now studying in the United States.

OPINION: Because of your demand for fertiliser, I have never seen my homeland.

Taxing matter of wasteful spending

Bryce Wilkinson: Tax preferences distort investment choices.

OPINION: The wider question about tax reform is how to avoid inefficient spending by governments.

Come clean about Brash ban

Massey University banned him, but Don Brash was hosted at Auckland University without anyone gettng hurt.

OPINION: Massey's vice-chancellor seems to have been less than clear about reasons for banning Don Brash.

I admit it, I voted for Winston

08082018 Photo: ROSS GIBLIN/STUFF 
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Peters.

OPINION: It seemed rational at the time, but this is not how I meant it to turn out.

Underdeveloped land holds city back

A 2017 picture of a waterlogged Wilson Parking lot in Durham St. Johnny Moore says all parking lots should be properly paved.

OPINION: I hope you're all excited that Christchurch will be getting a new Blueprint for Christmas.

Ardern's economic lesson video

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's mistaken answers over economic growth questions highlight the importance of market ...

OPINION: It was a simple mistake, but the punishment for Ardern's GDP mix-up could have been much more brutal.

Just what is Ardernism?

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Green Party leader James Shaw  after the ...

OPINION: She resists political labels, but Jacinda Ardern is essentially a republican.

1893 opinion: 'Shrieking sisterhood'

Kate Sheppard, one of the women condemned as part of the "shrieking sisterhood" by The Press in 1893.

The right to vote was forced on women who didn't want it, The Press wrote at the time.

Advancing Sheppard's legacy

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Kate Sheppard, who led the successful 1893 campaign to give women the vote and saw the ...

OPINION: Women are continuing in the footsteps of Kiwi pioneer Kate Sheppard, but there remains a long way to go.

McCartney stirs some memories

A story about Paul McCartney (pictured) and John Lennon last week has had my phone ringing off the hook.

OPINION: Despite many candidates, there's no doubt about the story of the last week.

Disaster part of 'Christchurch story'

Hila Oren, centre, at the Think: Christchurch conference last week.

OPINION: Thinker-in-Residence advice for quake city to "let it go" is "patently ridiculous".

School a work in progress

Haeata Community Campus principal Andy Kai Fong speaking at the ministerial opening of the Haeata campus.

OPINION: Preparation for the real world should be grounded in real world situations.

Recruitment target depends on trust

Building bonds of trust with the public and increasing perceptions of a caring profession should help a long-term police ...

OPINION: A police recruitment slogan might more readily be associated with two other high-volume public sector occupations, nursing and teaching.

Our environmental tipping point

The campaign to save Lake Manapouri 50 years ago was an early tipping point in our environmental history, writes ...

OPINION: We're on the cusp of a change for the better in political and public attitudes.

A week that defines who you are

More than 900 junior students from Westlake Girls High School celebrated te reo on the streets of Takapuna last Tuesday.

OPINION: While some celebrate, others live in an opposite land.

Stand up for sitting down video

Harper Nielsen, 9, who refused to stand for the Australian national anthem, because it ignored thousands of years of ...

OPINION: Australian MPs' reactions to a schoolgirl's protest seem downright Dickensian.

Tolerance key to tourism

09012017. 123rf.
Beach landscape in Abel Tasman National Park, South Island, New Zealand

South Island; abel; abel ...

OPINION: Tourists can be annoying. But they're also the backbone of our economy.

Horses made human history

Scotland Forever! is an 1881 oil painting by Lady Butler depicting the charge of the Royal Scots Greys, a British ...

Some argue the invention of the stirrup was as important as the wheel or printing press.

No more stadium rock envy for Christchurch

Pop star Pink performs in Auckland. Scenes like this could become common in Christchurch.

OPINION: If we build it, will they come?

Where to now for te reo?

Have you figured out how to order a flat white in Māori?

OPINION: Are we going to be monolingual for the other 51 weeks of the year?

Labour's dud Lotto win

Winston Peters had good reason to keep everyone guessing on election night.

OPINION: Winston Peters delivered electoral victory to Jacinda Ardern. It's payback time.

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