Shocked by a courteous driver

Research shows one-third of Kiwi drivers surveyed were confused about how to say thank you on the road. (Stock photo)

OPINION: A random act of kindness on the road was such a surprise I couldn't help crying in gratitude.

My beef with the vegan fat cats

James Cameron and partner Suzy Amis Cameron are in plant-based versions of meat and dairy products.

OPINION: Self-awareness is the first casualty of entitlement, as James Cameron demonstrates.

Changing times for companion animals

Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years but their position in human society could change in response to the ...

OPINION: Pat the dog, a Border Collie cross, is a hero. But his days may be numbered.

Baby uplift puts onus on whānau

Home-wreckers or baby-savers?

OPINION: Let's stop calling New Zealand's uplifted babies the "stolen generation".

Fingers off the trigger, guys

Opponents of the gun buyback scheme are threatening to hide their weapons or engage in revolt if they are not treated fairly.

OPINION: There is talk of revolution in reaction to the gun buyback scheme. Is this who we are?

Luxon eyes first-class upgrade

Christopher Luxon will step down on September 25.

OPINION: The Air NZ chief will need to be patient, but there's no doubt the top political job could be his.

The week in good news

Supermarkets, such as the New World on Durham St where councillor Deon Swiggs happened to be an early customer last ...

OPINION: There is good news, if you know where to look.

Fact or fiction: Who can tell?

Boris Johnson, the man to unite a nation.

OPINION: Wakey! Wakey! Hello, I'm your nurse. The procedure went well and I just need to do your obs.

Free to speak, and call out

A controversial free speech debate involving Don Brash, hosted by the University of Auckland, drew a vocal audience.

OPINION: There's been a lot of talk – too much talk – about speech.

War inquiry remains necessary

Nicky Hager, left, and Jon Stephenson at the launch of Hit & Run in 2017.

OPINION: The picture of what really happened in Afghanistan has become even more complicated.

The sneer of the sophisticated video

Swedish Instagram influencer Natalie Schlater received plenty of backlash over this social media post.

OPINION: Taking pleasure in the decline of Instagram influencers isn't funny. It's just mean.

Sometimes it's hard to be a bloke

Philip Neville Arps supposedly yearns to be a fascist, though he lacks the Nazis' taste for tailoring and personal ...

OPINION: It's been a tough week for white supremacists, chainsaw attackers and financial princes.

The difficulties of free speech

Philip Arps, left, was sentenced to 21 months in jail for sharing the mosque shooting video.

OPINION: The free speech argument is a political minefield.

How to really drive like Kiwis

So you've managed to lift the bonnet. Now what?

OPINION: What should you do if your vehicle breaks down on the motorway?

Invisible women

Columnist Claire Inkson loves the fierce self-possession she feels now she is in her 40s.

OPINION: The world I navigate in my 40s is an entirely different one than that which my grandmothers experienced.

Why stop at farm debt?

A new farm debt mediation scheme will mean banks and farmers having to go through mediation before any process to ...

OPINION: The Government has a plan to ensure mediation between banks and struggling farmers. But what of other businesses?

'Falling pigs' affect us all

No matter the precautions we take, misfortune is something that affects us all, writes Joe Bennett

OPINION: I've just discovered Edwin Arlington Robinson, an expert in, indeed a connoisseur of, misfortune.

A cartoon history of intolerance

There was widespread settler concern and distrust of missionaries who involved themselves in politics and supported ...

OPINION: "This is not us," we said after March 15. But for too long it was, as a new book highlights.

Seymour's lofty vision for ACT

ACT Party leader David Seymour wants to introduce a flat income tax of 17.5 per cent (file photo).

OPINION: ACT's David Seymour has a knack of grabbing headlines. But can he turn that skill into election success?

Recruitment raises stakes for confrontation

Mike Yardley says the Christchurch City Council's finalising of a replacement for Karleen Edwards as chief executive, so ...

OPINION: Some council actions elicit easily digestible, visceral reactions.

Vaccine research on Kiwi kids

Remaining stocks of the flu vaccine have, quite rightly, been reserved for kids, the elderly and people with underlying ...

One flu jab could work for years.

Feedback? Don't be so needy

Give us a five-star rating and go in the draw to win a cash prize. Yeah right.

OPINION: Companies forever seeking feedback are like neurotic lovers fishing for compliments.

Speed cameras must come

More speed cameras will be be irritating to drivers but they are part of puzzle in bringing the road toll down.

OPINION: Every day Kiwis are dying on our roads. It's time for that to end.

Don't give up on the future

There are many things that keep us up at night and it seems that a dying planet is one of these, especially for the ...

OPINION: Climate grief is prompting young people not to have kids. That's scary.

Govt blinks, then buckles

Teachers and their supporters march through Auckland during last month's mega-strike. No more money, said Labour. But ...

OPINION: Teacher unions had a strategy and didn't cave. They were right to think the Government would.

Back to the future to save planet

This 1958 bottle drive at Palmerston North Boys' High School helped raise funds for improvements to the school sports ...

OPINION: A return to the recycling schemes of the 1980s has some merit.

The week in good news

Striking teachers, pictured in Christchurch last month, can put away their signs.

OPINION: There is good news if you know where to look.

Having babies: Calm down

"...you may wish to reconsider the efficacy of your birthing plan."

OPINION/SATIRE: First of all, just breathe deeply. Read these instructions carefully and answer some questions.

It's a motivation, not an insult

A genuine social justice warrior, who makes no apologies for it; Jackie Clark, the supreme winner at last year's Women ...

OPINION: I've been pondering when exactly the term 'social justice warrior' became an insult.

DWTS: The only 'real human blokes on TV'

Glen Osborne and Vanessa Cole.

OPINION: We need more male role models like Glen Osborne and Manu Vatuvei.

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