Nest egg or political football?

210618. News. KEVIN STENT/STUFF. EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmstr?m and Minister for Trade and Export David Parker ...

OPINION: David Parker's just the latest politician who wants to tell the Super Fund how to invest.

Is New Zealand kidding itself?

China's President Xi Jinping arrives for the APEC CEO Summit in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, on Saturday.

OPINION: What role can New Zealand play in the trade war between China and the United States?

Worse before it gets better

A man holds a poster showing images of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman and  murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, ...

OPINION: Call me Isaiah. A few weeks ago on this page I prophesied that Trump would help the Saudi Crown Prince to get away with murder. And we've spent the last month watching it happen.

Nothing unusual in unsettled spring

A photograph taken on Sunday at 3.50pm, five minutes north of Ashburton, showing the massive tornado.

OPINION: What on earth has happened to our spring, for heaven's sake?

The year of the strike

Primary schools teachers and principals strike last week.

OPINION: We haven't seen a year quite like it since the 1980s.

Education is not a trivial pursuit video

Caitlin Staples, Year 12, begins the Level 2 English NCEA exam at Dunstan High School, in Alexandra, on Monday. ...

OPINION: Bowing to student complaints shows how far our language has been dumbed down.

Culture begins at home

Joel Maxwell: "How many teachers, and everyday people, born in places like Ōtorohanga, Auckland, Ashburton, Palmerston ...

OPINION: Yes, foreign teacher recruits need cultural screening. But so do Kiwi ones.

Cut out the blue light before bed

Turn off your devices before bed and perhaps listen to Robert Trujillo of Metallica to lull you to sleep. A recent study ...

The LED-powered lighting revolution is messing with our body clocks.

Ardern indispensable to Labour

The Coalition government is deeply dependent on the leadership and appealing personality of Jacinda Ardern, Burdon argues.

OPINION: Contrary to expectations the Coalition government has been effective, writes former National MP Philip Burdon.

New to Cup Week, the Lime Scooter Hurdles

Hold up: One racer has stopped for a selfie! What's going on?

Can Midlife Crisis beat Hungover and Helmetless?

The week in good news

Pike River family members Anna Osborne, left, Sonya Rockhouse and Bernie Monk see the mine re-entry as a victory for the ...

OPINION: Good news for Pike River widows, prisoners and Kiwi fanciers.

Wear those pants with pride

file photo, generic, woman doing yoga at the beach

OPINION: Why the outrage over women in yoga pants? I'll wear them if I want to.

Nicholas can't let go on Haumaha

Louise Nicholas is consulted on police handling of sexual abuse claims on the basis of her past experience with of ...

OPINION: Why would Louise Nicholas expect any say on who should be a deputy commissioner of police?

The definition of gender

Gender-inclusive bathroom signs present more than just male and female options.

OPINION: There should be more public discussion of changing gender options.

Why teachers are striking

Amberley School principal Simon Green says teaching has never been so tough and he fears for the occupation's future.

OPINION: Amberley School principal Simon Green says teaching has never been so tough and he fears for the occupation's future.

Say no to Big Marijuana

While dope shops in Colorado have forms of marijuana buds to smoke, almost half of the business is now in highly potent ...

OPINION: Legalised dope is not working in Colorado, and it won't work in NZ.

The apprentice comes up trumps

210418. News. Photo: DOUG FIELD/STUFF
Nathan Rathgen from Timaru competing in the apprentice challenge to build a castle ...

OPINION: Work-based training provides skills, but also more money than a university degree.

Real men want handbags

How are men supposed to keep all the junk that comes with modern living in our pockets?

Women get pockets, men get purses.

Pike River decision is a victory for justice

Pike River Re-entry Minister Andrew Little and family representatives at the announcement of the plan to re-enter the ...

OPINION: We must learn from what happened at Pike River.

On the side of the victims

Churches have been drawn into the inquiry of abuse of children in state care.

OPINION: The Vatican is shutting down debate on sex abuse by the church; in New Zealand we're set to throw open the doors.

An infinity of dropped peas

There are infinite peas in a packet. When dropped they go to every place there is.

In the supermarket. I was not guilty but I looked guilty. I was standing alone amid a sea of peas.

Fonterra's empty chair

Fonterra chairman John Monaghan quickly opted to settle the case against Guiney.

OPINION: A protest and a voting quirk means shareholders backed an empty chair as a director.

The benefits of vitamin sea

Columnist Claire Inkson.

OPINION: The beach at a sleepy little village called Motunau is an utterly perfect hideaway, writes Claire Inkson

Abortion – A middle way?

Adoptions are open these days, and not the cruel affairs of the 1950s and 60s, says Trish McBride.

OPINION: Legislation founded on fear and feelings is not good legislation.

Teachers test the Government

Striking teachers march through suburban Auckland on Monday.

OPINION: The offer is generous but the teachers are still on strike.

More to truth than just facts

A 1080 pellet in Southland. When scientists insist the poison is "safe", they are expressing their personal and cultural ...

OPINION: Scientists delude themselves when they claim their "facts" are objective.

Council must regulate the A‌i‌r‌b‌n‌b‌ rort video

If townhouses like these were ever offered as short-term rentals, then the owners should pay higher rates.

Christchurch has twice as many Airbnb listings as Queenstown.

Charity and boxing do not mix

Kain Parsons died after he was knocked out at a charity boxing event. It's time such events were consigned to history.

OPINION: The acceptability of charity boxing matches is a collective failure in judgement.

Any hero will do

Jeff Sessions: "Never underestimate the US heroism industry – any excuse of a man will do," writes Jane Bowron.

OPINION: Times are so desperate in the US that Jeff Sessions can pass for a hero.

What I wish I'd said about Trump

I wanted to say everything was wrong with Donald Trump, writes Joel Maxwell. But I didn't have the words to say it in te reo.

OPINION: It was early in my te reo course, and I just didn't have the words.

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