Rock and Roll Mother

Vicki Anderson, Press music editor and mother-of-four, writes about post-quake life in Christchurch.

Why is workplace sexism still a thing?

05:00am 12 May 2014


Recently I took two phone calls in one day from men who both said: ''What? The arts editor is a woman?''

One man repeated this phrase to someone in the background incredulously, as if I'd just told him that I was the reincarnation of Michael Jackon's glove.

He then said, rather abruptly: ''Where did you go to school?''

The other man said: ''Transfer me to your editor.''

I replied: ''She's a woman, too.''

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Smells like Simon Cowell’s armpit

05:00am 08 May 2014


I’m usually fussy about what goes in my ears but this week I’ve sacrificed aural satisfaction to help judge a band competition.

It’s been a bit of an obstacle course.

From throughout the region they have appeared.

Emerging crumbled and smelling slightly of lager, Christchurch musicians have stepped out from their garages and bedrooms and put down Guitar Hero for a bit to get on stage at Dux Live.

During their 20 minutes of fame you can tell they really want the glory of winning the RDU98.5FM RounDUp band competition.

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A tale of a child and a lost toy

05:00am 05 May 2014


Woody, the cowboy from the movie Toy Story, was his constant companion over the school holidays.

Sheriff's badge gleaming, he sat next to Finn, 7, while he ate dinner.

He lay, hat firmly on, next to Finn as he slept.

"You've got a friend in me," Finn sang to the toy cowboy lovingly.

Trees were climbed. Forts were built in the hedge. There were mud fights with his brother and sisters. Imaginative battles were waged over Lego land ownership with the Evil Dr Pork chop.

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Rachel Smalley 'intelligent, erudite'

05:00am 03 Apr 2014


Rachel Smalley once changed my life.

She probably doesn't remember it.

We went to high school together in Christchurch.

It was a country school where studying agriculture and horticulture were compulsory. The kind of place where the notion of becoming a journalist was somewhat fanciful.

''Smalley'' as she was known, ran with the cool crowd. Girls who did fantastical things with their fringes that I tried to emulate with copious amounts of hair gel but which never really worked.

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Live music delights in Christchurch

05:00am 21 Mar 2014

It's a great time to be a lover of live music in this city.

A mate recently commented: ''Nothing happening in Christchurch eh?''

There are always international musical visitors flying under the radar into the city and there are some interesting sonic adventures to be had this month, no matter what you're into.

I am amped for the Brody Dalle, Queens of the Stone Age ( and Nine Inch Nails ( gig at CBS Canterbury Arena on Saturday night.

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