A rebel without a cause

OPINION: I feel I should care about something enough to want to die for it, but I've got nothing.

I missed my old friends

There are two types of you reading this sentence: Those reading on paper, and those reading it electronically.

Andrew Little hits his stride

OPINION: There is a settled and focussed feeling amongst the Labour camp that hasn't been present for some time.

Alpha males' hug says it all in Sutton affair

OPINION: The baffling sex lives of fur seals would make you flinch, just like the strange urges of human alpha males.

A real classic

OPINION: Keeping an eye on the big news stories can be a dismal occupation.

Victoria Square revamp 'sterile, vapid'

OPINION: Poor old Victoria Square. Her leafy shade will be removed and parts of her velvety lawn ripped out.

Flying Air Some Of New Zealand

andrew gunn

The Press

OPINION: Here at Air Some Of New Zealand, we have a proud sense of tradition. Although we'll only fly you between Auckland and Wellington.

Nothing hurts so good

OPINION: Pain is a shocker especially when it's happening to you.

Abused for following rules

Stopping at orange makes drivers unleash fury

OPINION: My sister's decided to stop at orange lights and the fury unleashed has been unexpected.

Why do some men insist on catcalling?

OPINION: To properly get a handle on what is going on, we should be questioning men, not women.

Frenzy over foreign drivers

accident crash road generic

OPINION: As much as there is room for improvement, the fact remains overseas drivers are not Ebola on four wheels.

Just how mean can energy providers get?

power cut

OPINION: When I hear bill-paying horror stories about old people, it makes me want to throw rocks though the windows of our great providers.

Is more research on rape needed?

martin van beynen

OPINION: Rape complainants need to have their cases thoroughly investigated, not $1m spent on research into the issue.

Marriage - a gateway to crime

beck eleven

OPINION: Did you hear about the honeymooners arrested after a food fight? No wonder they call it the ball and chain.

The writings on the wall


OPINION: Maybe if we're going to get rid of personal fireworks, we should look at bringing back the burning of effigies.

Joe Bennett: And the thunder rolls


OPINION: There is no such thing as right or wrong in language - but there is definitely good and bad.

Let's flag the kiwi, adopt the tui

Kiwi chick

OPINION: Let's lose the bird that most of us have never seen, which can't actually fly, or sing.

Realising home ownership dream


OPINION: A new initiative could help families participate in the economy in a productive manner.

PM wrong on minimum wage

Mike Yardley

OPINION: How many of our working poor are going to enjoy the fruits of a First World festive season?

Gatecrashing ghouls 'bizarre'


OPINION: Halloween has come on so strong in NZ in the last decade, demonstrating the insidious cultural creep of America.

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