Beck Eleven

Marriage - a gateway to crime

beck eleven

OPINION: Did you hear about the honeymooners arrested after a food fight? No wonder they call it the ball and chain.

Most incompetent holiday booker?

beck eleven

OPINION: How did I end up buying flights from Auckland to Wellington when I'm in Christchurch?

When women catch man flu

beck eleven


OPINION: I admitted defeat. Man Flu is stronger than my will, writes Beck Eleven.

A kitten's way of doing business

beck eleven

OPINION: You can do it. Keep climbing, go on. 

Doing it Grandma's way


OPINION: When it comes to "proper" baking, how on earth did women of ye olde worlde do it?

Living frugally has rewards

Beck Eleven

OPINION: I'm trying to be frugal. Not cheap, but cautious with money.

It's me or the pillow

Generic pillow

OPINION: My boyfriend moved in by stealth. I just sort of woke up surrounded by excess furniture and bedding, which included a Tri Pillow.

Member of the family, or just a pet?

pusspuss eleven

OPINION: I should have known something was terribly wrong when I started yelling at my cat.

Pet problems make for gross search

Beck Eleven

OPINION: My mum texted me at work this week. The text read simply: "Please Google me dog's anal glands".

Uncomfortable beds and early chats

Beck Eleven

OPINION: Holidays are great but there is something to be said for being back in your own bed.

Shanks' pony can be a mare


OPINION: In my lifelong quest to be a Better Person I started walking to work this week.

Whingeing about the cold

Beck Eleven

OPINION: With all our new quake-related problems, we must never forget to complain heartily about our frosty mornings and icy windscreens.

Mother of all mad mums


OPINION: When I was a kid, I bought a mouse from a pet shop in Timaru. It cost 50 cents.

Ageing makes a delightful team sport

Beck Eleven

OPINION: We all have little markers of age; your first wrinkle, a grey hair, a rest home prospectus in your mail.

Smuggling in your underwear

Beck Eleven

OPINION: Given the choice, I'd prefer tobacco in my pants over cockatoo and galah eggs any day.

Getting a handle on the kitten

pusspuss eleven

OPINION: There are plenty of ways to skin a cat but only a handful ways to hold one.

All that cabbage soup

Beck Eleven

OPINION: Standing over the scales crying is no way to start a week let alone end a diet.

Just a one-dish kind of guy

Beck Eleven


OPINION: My boyfriend is an unusual man in more ways than there is space on this site to explain.

Grief in a digital world

Beck Eleven

OPINION: Death is a subject made for social media. It gives strangers a way to show they care.

Proud to be a crazy cat lady

pusspuss eleven

OPINION: Almost overnight I progressed from being a crazy lady to being a crazy cat lady.

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