Chris Trotter

'Full-spectrum dominance'

John Key

OPINION: In achieving the seemingly impossible majority, John Key proclaims his complete mastery of the NZ political landscape.

Government set-up could get hairy


OPINION: Putting a government together after Saturday may prove to be a more than usually difficult task.

Who's right and wrong?

Displaced children from the minority Yazidi sect, fleeing violence from forces loyal to the Islamic State in Sinjar town, ride on a donkey as they head towards the Syrian border

OPINION: Where are the citizens flooding our nation's streets to protest against the Islamic State's actions?

Dirty politics - any other kind?

Chris Trotter

OPINION: Politics is not for the faint-hearted. Politicians cannot remain both effective and unstained.

Trust the people, Cunliffe

David Cunliffe

OPINION: Harry Truman's come-from-behind 1948 victory offers an important strategic lesson to the beleaguered Labour leader.

Labour in denial on election

Chris Trotter


OPINION: Stalled at 30 per cent in the polls, Labour is still pretending it can win the general election without help.

Cheese on toast vs fiscal blowtorch

Southland Times photo

OPINION: NZ's Budget was like cheese on toast, while the Australians got a fiscal blowtorch to the face.

Unsustainable capitalism?

Chris Trotter


OPINION: It's an election year and there's a growing number of things to shout at the television about.

Greens out on their own

greens strap

OPINION: The great tragedy of our times is that the politics of ecological denial boasts some extremely powerful backers.

Protest ain't what it used to be

Chris Trotter

The presence of large numbers of protesters on the streets no longer seems to give governments pause.

Generation gap behind Kohanga Reo scandal

Chris Trotter

OPINION: There is a strong temptation to dismiss the Te Kohanga Reo Trust scandal as something for Maori to sort out.

How will Labour 'get out the vote'?

Ballot box

OPINION: If well-read, politically aware, working-class families no longer exist, then the mission of "getting out the Labour vote" has become a fool's errand.

A lurch not to Left, but to sanity

Matt McCarten and David Cunliffe

OPINION: The out-of-left-field appointment of Matt McCarten as David Cunliffe's new chief of staff caught NZ's political class almost completely off-guard.

A black flag is the colour of death

Silver Fern flag

OPINION: Making black the dominant colour of our national flag would be ill-omened.

Old racist cartoons used clothing

Metiria Turei

OPINION: The idea that there might be some Pakeha politicians who call attention to the way a non-Pakeha person was dressed is troubling.

Whyte's oratory and wit a nice surprise

Jamie Whyte

OPINION: Had I been guided by my first impression of Jamie Whyte, my judgment would have been harsh - and wrong.

Dotcom's Megaparty of serious fun

Kim Dotcom

OPINION: If Dotcom is still here in November there's every chance that Key's Government won't be.

Citizens have a right to protection

Julie Bishop

OPINION: Why is it that politicians, who owe everything to democracy, frequently display so little understanding of its values?

New Zealander of the Year

Key Cunliffe

OPINION: It is fitting that my New Zealander of the Year should be a politician.

NZ mayoral elections 'curious'

Rob Ford

OPINION: Is Auckland about to join Toronto? A city with a mayor some would dearly like to be rid of but cannot sack?

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