Johnny Moore

A rebel without a cause

OPINION: I feel I should care about something enough to want to die for it, but I've got nothing.

I missed my old friends

There are two types of you reading this sentence: Those reading on paper, and those reading it electronically.

Compassion missing in rebuild

OPINION: Older residents don't have the luxury of waiting around for painfully slow timeframes.

Abused for following rules

Stopping at orange makes drivers unleash fury

OPINION: My sister's decided to stop at orange lights and the fury unleashed has been unexpected.

The writings on the wall


OPINION: Maybe if we're going to get rid of personal fireworks, we should look at bringing back the burning of effigies.

Quakes up fear of flying

OPINION: Human beings sitting in a steel box at 35,000ft seems about as normal as an octopus managing a construction company.

How to write a column

johnny moore

OPINION: If I built columns of stone and concrete I wonder if people would still come up and tell me how they should be done?

Born to be mild


OPINION: Wanted: Expressions of interest for the New Zealand Motorcycle Party.

Life's priorities set up early

johnny moore

OPINION: My first memory is being at the Vintage Car Club swap meet as a 4-year-old, a place where you meet all manner of folk.

Johnny Moore: Wild Irish hot-head

johnny moore

OPINION: I sometimes wonder if there's much hope for me to grow into a reasonable, right-minded adult.

No good if you don't win

Johnny Moore

OPINION: Roast Off 2014 - the year a, er, mushroom pie won a roast competition.

Kim could get Kiwi support

Kim Dotcom

I quite like Kim Dotcom. I shouldn't, but I do.

Turning petrolheads green with envy

Johnny Moore

OPINION: In the old days, Grand Prix racing was a lot more dangerous for drivers but also more of a gentlemen's sport.

Dog crazy, or maybe not

Johnny Moore

OPINION: My mum has never liked dogs so why is there dog roll in her fridge?

Less-troubled tippling

beer awards

I love beer. I took to it at a young age. Being of Irish lineage, I was helped to sleep by Guinness.

Girl Scout on a motorbike

speeding motorcycle

OPINION: I first met Scout Fletcher when her old man, Nick, was laying bricks for me some years ago.

Snouts out, youngsters


OPINION: If I were an older person I'd be scared to death of young people voting in large numbers.

They shoot horses, don't they?

johnny moore

OPINION: I watched Dan Carter hobble off the field with another injury and really felt for the guy.

'Majestic' Oval sign of our future

Johnny Moore

OPINION: Boy, what a cracking wee ground we're going to have with the Hagley Oval grandstand.

Johnny Moore: Can't blame red tape

Johnny Moore

OPINION: We've found all sorts of creative things can happen if you add enough hilarity and dick jokes to the equation.

It's not that I don't care about High Street...

Johnny Moore

OPINION: Last week's column on the difference between High and Victoria streets certainly caused some debate.

Tale of two streets

Johnny Moore

OPINION: Why Christchurch's Victoria St is on the up, and High St is struggling.

'What's your problem, Lynch?'

Johnny Moore

OPINION: PR man's 'mean-spirited' criticism of Gap Filler is absurd, writes Johnny Moore.

Taggers draw out grump

Johnny Moore

OPINION: Good graffiti requires talent and skill and tagging requires little more than half a brain and a tin of paint.

Twisted sister turns sister act

Johnny Moore

OPINION: People often ask me: "What's the theme of your columns?" I'm not entirely sure.

My weekend in hell

Johnny Moore

OPINION: Just because you have a relationship with someone doesn't mean it's a good idea to go vintage motoring with them.

Dead boring to talk about


OPINION: We spend a whole lot of time discussing how to stay alive and not a lot about what happens when we're dead.

The lanes call Johnny back

New restaurant lonely in a desert of destruction

Johnny Moore restaurant

OPINION: While I rant and rave each week that nobody is investing in the central city, here I am investing all my money smack-bang in the middle.

Johnny Moore: Being a cool uncle

Johnny Moore

OPINION: Childless aunties and uncles are cool. They let you stay up late and listen to good music.

Red tape halts repairs

Tilly May

OPINION: Plenty of people are heading into another winter in a house that's not providing a decent home.

We need leaders to lead the way

Christchurch rebuild

OPINION: The rebuild plan is a failure and we need leaders who are willing to find a way out of this mess.

Fury over Flockton hoons

Flooded Carrick St

OPINION: My mum is mad. Not like crazy mad. More like very angry mad. | Council vows action on flooding

Cafe can play what music it likes

Johnny Moore

OPINION: Campaign to get C1 Cafe to turn off its 'inappropriate' music is ridiculous, writes Johnny Moore.

Aussie criticism of Chch hurts

Johnny Moore

OPINION: Johnny Moore says we should listen carefully when outsiders question the Christchurch rebuild.

Road rage is obnoxious

Red light

OPINION: Running a business on the busy intersection of Bealey Ave and Victoria St, I see a lot of crazy driving.

Johnny Moore: Rising to the challenge


OPINION: The Press has given me the week off so I can gather my wits. I, however, will still say the last word.

Making the elderly vulnerable


OPINION: An elderly man who has fought for years is getting worn down. "When they come, will it be too late?"

Why the expectation to breed?


OPINION: The only tension my first year of marriage is everyone's insatiable desire to see us have kids.

Insomnia a wake-up call for kindness

Johnny Moore

OPINION: Judging by the responses I received after last week's column, my wife's not the only one lying awake all night.

Johnny Moore: My wife doesn't sleep

Johnny Moore

OPINION: There she is, lying awake and looking sad when I splutter to life in the morning.

Quake anniversary poses new questions

Johnny Moore

OPINION: Anniversaries are a good time to stop and reflect. Where have we come from? Where do we want to go?

Johnny Moore: 'Stop planting lawns'

Grass, land, earth

OPINION: 'Lawn is like booze. A little bit is a great thing. But too much and we'll wake up with a headache.'

Johnny Moore: In defence of Catholicism

MODERN TIMES: Pope Francis praises the internet's ability to connect humans.

OPINION: Hope for the planet tied to an old bloke who drives a Renault and sits at head of an institution that has much to answer for.

Johnny Moore asks: Are women funny?

Sam Wills

OPINION: I'm in trouble with my wife after telling her I think men are funnier than women.

Chch doesn't need perfect planning

gap filler

OPINION: We need to nurture the quirky projects putting Christchurch on a global stage.

Boy racers or just stupid kids?

boy racer

OPINION: Earthquake news is ramping down, but reports of no-good boy racers are on the rise.

An undisturbed beauty

Johnny Moore

John Stanley is my hero. When I grow up I want to be him.

Moore: Christchurch Christmas is special

Christmas Lights 2013

OPINION: Johnny Moore looks at what makes Christmas in our city special.

Let's be NZ's street-art capital

Street art

OPINION: Street art is something that will help put Christchurch on the map for something other than disastrous disaster recovery.

Fun stories contrast with doom

Johnny Moore

OPINION: The Old Hack - my journalistic mentor - has been on the phone again this week.

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