Martin van Beynen

Nothing hurts so good

OPINION: Pain is a shocker especially when it's happening to you.

Is more research on rape needed?

martin van beynen

OPINION: Rape complainants need to have their cases thoroughly investigated, not $1m spent on research into the issue.

Should journalists be armed?

martin van beynen


OPINION: Criticism of journalists is becoming more and more vociferous and disrespectful.

Endless comfort wearing thin

Linwood Ave mural

OPINION: Pep talks, public art, murals . . . there's too much crystal-gazing claptrap in post-quake Christchurch.

Self-defeating terror alerts

martin van beynen


OPINION: So what does a heightened terror threat really mean and what are we supposed to do about it?

Memorial needs a home

Christchurch cenotaph

OPINION: People have been arguing about where to put the Christchurch war memorial since before the design was finalised.

War memorial needs a home

Christchurch cenotaph

OPINION: So just where should the Christchurch war memorial go? | RSA names official

Polls apart over election

martin van beynen

OPINION: I think up to 20 per cent of people went into the ballot box not completely decided.

Bloody-mindedness a key factor


OPINION: I am proud to count Scottish nationalism as one of the great international movements I have influenced in a small way.

We deserve answers on surveillance

martin van beynen

OPINION: Have we been misled by our leaders, namely Prime Minister John Key, about the scale of surveillance and, if we have, why?

Tax is not so bad

martin van beynen

OPINION: A government trying to run a surplus after huge borrowings should not offer tax cuts.

Fanatics much the same


OPINION: Islamic State fighters call to mind many totalitarian movements but none so much as the Communist Khmer Rouge.

Dead men don't count

martin van beynen

OPINION: In violent conflicts there's an acceptance that men will be killed and that's just life.

Book won't clean up politics

dirty politics

OPINION: Dirty Politics has dominated the news for 10 days but interest is no doubt starting to wane.

Feminists must look to real issues

martin van beynen

OPINION: Feminisim is being given a bad name by those who take offence to every trivial, supposed slight against womenhood

Comfort too tempting to pass up

cattle class, economy

OPINION: I would like to be rich but not too rich.

Plus ca change

martin van beynen

OPINION: Lessons learned from ECan CEO's $74,000 trip to a French business school.

The dummy who drove with jet lag

martin van beynen

OPINION: The view when I wake up is not good.

No more Football World Cup

Fifa Football World Cup Trophy

OPINION: Most top football players are cheats. And the World Cup is entirely predictable.

Welcome to the fat years


OPINION: Obesity is a contender for the worst of all self-inflicted problems in the world.

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