Michele A'Court

Stones having time of their lives

OPINION: I reckon there is a lot to celebrate about this quartet of septuagenarians who have been doing what they do for 50 years.

A real classic

OPINION: Keeping an eye on the big news stories can be a dismal occupation.

Why do some men insist on catcalling?

OPINION: To properly get a handle on what is going on, we should be questioning men, not women.

Let's flag the kiwi, adopt the tui

Kiwi chick

OPINION: Let's lose the bird that most of us have never seen, which can't actually fly, or sing.

A comedy of errors

michele a'court

OPINION: Dog poo on the wheel of a suitcase goes a long way. All the way from the Waiheke ferry terminal to my bedspread.

Fashion for dummies


OPINION: The world's fashion designers are clearly pretty terrible at their job. That's if you assume their job is to create clothes for people to wear.

An app to hook up with nana

smart phone mobile

OPINION: I have an idea for an app called 'Nan-r', which matches people with old ladies so you can go round for tea and soothing words.

Choosing how to live is dead easy

michele a'court

OPINION: Having lost six from my circle in the past three months, but their deaths have given me clues about how to live.

Taking turn in spotlight

michele a'court

OPINION: Corporate awards nights are nowadays a bit like the Oscars, with posh frocks, Perspex trophies, and the odd cash prize.

Big tick for democracy

michele a'court

OPINION: I have crawled under the covers and literally wept actual tears about our democracy.

Potluck politics preferred

michele a'court

OPINION: Next time we have an election let's replace the shouty debates with a series of potluck dinners.

Candidates take note

michele a'court

OPINION: What gets some politicans out of bed is not the drive to make the world a better place, but to score points, bully, smear, divert, and inflict pain.

Michele A'Court: Could Mary please stand up?

migrate strap

OPINION: If I were in charge I would be proposing an immigration policy, for example, that closely resembled a Bloody Mary.

A small story about Frank

michele a'court

OPINION: Frank may have forgotten where the story begins and ends, but the details between are all true.

Feeling like a Russian housewife

picket fence

OPINION: In this US supermarket, I feel like a Russian housewife discovering for the first time that there is a place where they don't queue for potatoes that ran out yesterday.

Remembering a lost soul

michele a'court with robin williams

It's overwhelming to meet your heroes, often they're dicks. Not Robin Williams, writes Michele A'Court.

Meeting Robin Williams

michele a'court with robin williams

OPINION: Columnist Michele A'Court met Robin Williams about a year ago. "How's Christchurch?" he asked.

Vigilance at every step

Sad woman, depressed, grieving

OPINION: Michelle A'Court cares about a woman's right to be safe in our neighbourhoods.

'Crash Culture'

accident crash road generic

OPINION: In a parallel universe, Road Safety NZ says normal drivers out at night "are pretty much asking for it". Sound familiar?

The rules for women

therese walsh, women of influence 2013

OPINION: It is hard being a woman. There are lots of rules, but none of them are written down in a list.

The future of the internet


OPINION: It is useful when imagining the future to have a look at the past.

Keeping memories alive

michele a'court

OPINION: When our Nanny Kitty died, all 11 people she brought into the world were there to lovingly farewell her from it.

Abortion: It ought to be safe, legal


OPINION: If we really want to change our abortion law, we need to change the way we talk about it amongst ourselves.

Verdict a wrecking ball

John Banks guilty

OPINION: John Banks owes a debt of gratitude to Miley Cyrus - she's set the standard for what we think of as bad behaviour.

Self-delusion gets us out of bed

michele a'court

OPINION: I love that beginning-of-the-day version of ourselves we carry round in our head.

A spoilt cat's languid life

Cat Cafe Tokyo

OPINION: One of the many endearing things about our cat is that he has never forgotten his roots.

Divorce tattoos mark new beginnings


OPINION: It is entirely possible I have missed the right moment in my life for getting a tattoo.

Break from being a woman

Generic happy woman

OPINION: Lapsed Woman. That's the box I would like to tick next time I am required to state my gender.

Helping the displaced kids


OPINION: It is not the done thing to bang on about your charity work, writes Michelle A'Court.

Celebrating 'family' after divorce


OPINION: Anyone who tells you that it's easy to be a family and celebrate milestones after a divorce is telling lies.

Kiwis forgive Nigella's drug-taking

Nigella Lawson

OPINION: We are quite forgiving. We like good people. We like baking. Is this the essence of being Kiwi?

The royals are not leaders

michele a'court

OPINION: We're not interested in the royals' policies - mostly, we're interested in what they wear.

Old-school approach for flu: Bed rest


OPINION: We have forgotten how to be sick. No, scratch that. We have forgotten how to get better.

Have you mastered the selfie?


OPINION: I have just spent 10 minutes discovering the best selfie comes from holding the camera high and saying "prune".

Greenest to 'not exist'

eco christmas

OPINION: My eco-stay meant no fresh sheets or towels, no vacuuming, no new loo roll or soap.

Christchurch: more kind and embracing


OPINION: Sister city Adelaide is lovely, but Christchurch is where people genuinely enjoy social interaction.

Time with kids is priceless

money coins

OPINION: Apparently there's nothing more valuable than good parenting - unless you're asked to value it in monetary terms.

A'Court on Charlotte Dawson

Charlotte Dawson

OPINION: People who didn't know Charlotte Dawson shouldn't speculate on the choice she made.

Half-dressed girls get attention

air nz supermodels

OPINION: Sex sells, right? Stick a lady on it and you'll shift more than a feminist can shake an angry stick at.

Michele A'Court: 'I quite like the F-word'

Swearing, cursing, swear words

OPINION: I use the F-word even when no-one is listening. My thought process has expletives in it.

The Logical Conclusion Party

Metiria Turei

OPINION: Paula Bennett can speak for solo mums, John Key can talk about wealth and Gerry Brownlee is a superb Transport Minister because he looks like a truck.

Life after the Buskers Festival

michele a'court

OPINION: It's always bad after any gathering of fringe dwellers, but it is worse after Christchurch.

Michele A'Court: Logical Conclusion Party

michele a'court

OPINION: Inspired by the trend in boutique political parties, I am thinking about starting one of my own.

Mayday mayday, I'm not wearing any lipstick

air new zealand

OPINION: The most traumatic thing about being on a plane that has made an emergency landing is being interviewed about it afterwards.

Happy Humpiest Hump Day

Social media

OPINION: Chin up. This is the worst day of the working year - the first Hump Day of your first week back.

High expectations of a good 2014

baby feet

I am optimistic that 2014 and I are going to get on just fine, but it's predecessor 2013 is another story.

What kind of Christmas do you like?

christmas presents

OPINION: A dear friend of mine cheerfully avoids Christmas, preferring a solitary celebration.

Cheery Canadians good for festive practice

timaru christmas lights

OPINION: Somewhere in the Canadian snow last week, my Christmas humbuggery melted.

Springbok tour memories still vivid

Springbok tour

OPINION: We were there when the batons rained down. My friend, Rona, was beaten till she bled. She was 70.

Putting Christ into Christmas

Jesus Christ

OPINION: Easter's meaning hijacked by bunnies so let's not have Christmas suffer the same.

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