Editorial: Let's talk about boozing

OPINION: Unlike illicit drug use or smoking, drinking alcohol is normal for the vast majority of the adult population. It is here to stay.

Editorial: Lessons from Sydney horror

OPINION: Whatever the events in Martin Place, Sydney, this week turn out to have been there is no doubt it was one that brought stark horror very close to home.

Editorial: Climate deal remote

OPINION: About the most positive thing that can be said about the climate talks that ended in Peru at the weekend was that they did not end in disarray and collapse

Council shows new maturity

OPINION: The council's decision to sell a share of the city's assets shows it can face tough decisions without tearing itself apart.

Editorial: Supercity should be on agenda

OPINION: The drive to make local government more efficient, and thus better able to deliver services at lower cost, continued yesterday.

Editorial: City needs new investment body

OPINION: While many projects are under way, both government and private, the rebuild is patchy. The city urgently needs to attract more investment.

Prison flaws must be fixed

OPINION: The Correction Department's system of temporary releases works reasonably well. Which makes its failure in the case of Phillip John Smith all the more puzzling.

SIS at fault but not partisan

OPINION: While errors by a former director compromised the service's political neutrality, findings of what the service did not do are just as important.

Editorial: Focus on essentials, Andrew Little

OPINION: Andrew Little must somehow try to find the right policies and try to re-engage with an electorate that has largely stopped listening to Labour.

Editorial: Chance to set climate agenda

OPINION: The final communique of the G20 summit meeting at the weekend, calling for support for a climate-change fund, was a clear defeat for Australian PM Tony Abbott.

Another century at the Theatre Royal

OPINION: On Monday, the theatre's storied performance history resumes, with a rebuilt and comprehensively restored Isaac Theatre Royal reopening.

Regional services should be helped

OPINION: An air service is as essential as roads and shouldn't be judged on just financials.

Editorial: Getaway shows up serious flaws

FLEEING:  Phillip John Smith, pictured as he passed through Auckland International Airport, on Thursday, November 6.

OPINION: Phillip John Smith is the sort of person about whom the authorities should have been most suspicious. Instead, their guard appears to have been down at every point.

Shortcuts on plan a mistake

Christchurch rebuild, construction, city centre, glass

OPINION: For insurance companies now to complain that proposals to the council's new district plan will cause rebuild delays is a bit rich.

Canterbury's best on show

OPINION: No matter what the weather, those who attend festival events can count on excellent mixture of entertainment.

Editorial | Waiting list pain remains


OPINION: This country is, to put it plainly, rationing the provision of essential healthcare.

Pike decision unavoidable

Pike River

OPINION: While heartbreaking, It is hard to quarrel with Solid Energy's decision not to re-enter Pike River mine.

Editorial: Key's carefully pragmatic line


OPINION: On the uppermost question of direct military involvement with IS, the Prime Minister ruled out any fighting role for NZ soldiers.

Editorial: Another clumsy EQC muddle


OPINION: The bills many homeowners will receive soon for unpaid excess on earthquake repairs will come as an unpleasant surprise.

Editorial: City plan must be got right

Christchurch City Council

OPINION: The Government's list of concerns about the Christchurch City Council's Replacement District Plan is worrying.

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