Security robot drowns in fountain

Watery death of US security robot seized upon by internet as metaphor for our times.

Samsung to reveal Note 8?

If the rumours are true, the big question is will anybody buy it, after the Note 7 disaster.

Louis Vuitton's new smartwatch

Louis Vuitton's Tambour Horizon starts at $3400, about eight times the price of an entry-level Apple Watch.

Review: Sony's small speaker

It's the size of a sawn-off drink can, it weighs 260g and it's been given the catchy name of SRS-XB10.

Retiree tries VR for first time

A 75-year-old designer swaps pencil and paper for virtual reality.

Next iPhone could cost $2000

If you want one of the new iPhones, you might want to start saving up now.

Review: Samsung's new tablet

Samsung's Tab S3 has a slim design, HDR capable display, bundled stylus, and optional keyboard.

Oculus Rift slashes prices

Winning fans for Oculus is far more important to Facebook's future than taking a revenue hit.

Breaking down iPhone rumours

Here's an analysis of what people are saying about the next iPhone and what we make of it all.

Kiwis create clever prosthetic

The state of the art waterproof prosthetic hand can cut a steak and possibly disrupt a multi-billion dollar market.

Review: Samsung's high-end TV

Samsung's newest television features all the latest tech, along with a high price.

Praise for the humble router

It is important to understand how routers work and how to protect them from malicious attacks.

10 years of cracking open iPhones

A decade ago, Bill Detwiler cracked open the original iPhone. As Apple celebrates the phone's 10th anniversary, he celebrates 10 years of taking them apart.

How to fix iPhone battery woes

iPhone suffering from sudden shutdowns? Seem like it can't hold a charge? Does it feel like it's burning when charging?

Face unlocking for new iPhone

Apple is working on a feature that will let you unlock your iPhone using your face instead of a fingerprint.

Fitbit's smartwatch plan hits snags

​Fitbit, months away from the debut of its smartwatch, has lost several people working on the project and fallen behind on its app store - putting in peril the company's most important product in years.

Apple's iPhone turns 10

The device that did the most to start the smartphone revolution got off to a rocky start.

What I learned from a drone crash

REVIEW: This is a warning for aspiring drone owners - trust in the tech and don't be impatient.

Appreciating the iPhone's genius

Ten years after the introduction of Apple's iPhone it's worth stepping back to see what we have learned.

Smartphones make you dumber

Though our phones are getting smarter, new research suggests they're actually making us dumber.

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