Ports of Auckland among first to report fall-out from ransomware attack

Ports of Auckland says a ransomware attack on shipping giant Maersk is starting to impact its operations.

Consumer NZ warns online daters of Private Event website

Ex-owner of company which owes customers thousands of dollars now runs dating site.

How to protect your computer against the latest ransomware attack

NZ appears to have got off lightly from global attack, which expert says could affect any Windows computer.

Canterbury schoolgirls 'shadow' female tech and engineering experts

"Those boys they play with that they think are real idiots... they run companies and get better jobs than them."

New cyber attack causes mass disruption, hitting Europe hard

New global attack strikes major infrastructure and companies in Europe, US as well as local arms of international companies in Australia.

Library offering lessons on the know-how to use a computer

Can you remember when you learned when to use a mouse?

Research shows having your smartphone nearby could make you dumber

Though our phones are getting smarter, new research suggests they're actually making us dumber.

iPhone 8 sales are forecast to be blockbuster

Analysts are expecting record-setting sales, dwarfing the success of the wildly popular iPhone 6.

Facebook has 2 billion users. Can it reach 3 billion?

​It's the biggest status update ever: Nearly a quarter of the world's population hang out on Facebook at least once a month.

Music streaming service Pandora shuts down in New Zealand

The news came just hours after the music streaming service announced that its chief executive will step down.

The best (and worst) of iOS 11

Apple's new mobile operating system makes both the iPad and iPhone simpler to use and more productive.

European Union fines Google a record $3.55 billion for antitrust breaches

EU competition watchdog slaps Google with record fine for breaching antitrust rules.

Wellington company 8i launches hologram app backed by Ashton Kutcher

Wellington tech firm launches new app supported by Ashton Kutcher and Madonna's manager Guy Oseary.

Stratford man becomes New Zealand's expert on international screen-reading programme

Talking computers aren't just a thing of sci-fi for Gene Gibson.

Facebook in talks to produce original TV-quality shows

The company is expected to release episodes in a traditional manner, instead of dropping an entire season in one go.

Choosing the perfect camera

I was leaning toward a mirrorless model, something smaller than a traditional DSLR.

Innovation helped win the America's Cup, and Team NZ will continue to improve

With money left in the pot, Team NZ will now be looking to create its next super high tech yacht.

What you post can have real life effects

I'm sure you've heard this before, but what you post online can come back and haunt you.

8 ways to repurpose your old phone

Getting a new phone? Put your old iPhone or Android device to good use in one of these handy roles.

Tips for creating secure screen names and passwords

If you are still using "password" as your password, here are some tips to create a better one.

Apple makes iPhone screen fixes easier

Apple is putting its proprietary machines for mending cracked iPhone glass in 25 countries.

Editorial: Cyberdefence crucial for New Zealand's soft underbelly

EDITORIAL: We cannot afford to be seen as a soft target and, like Airways, we need to take potential threats very seriously.

Children's author brings books to life through augmented reality

Instead of imagining what your favourite book's world looks like, an author has created an interactive app so you can explore it while you read.

Apps are slowly gaining ground in hospitals

Tech is everywhere in modern healthcare, but smartphones aren't. That could change soon.

7 ways to cut down iPhone data

It's important to keep a close eye on how much data you use with your iPhone.

Here's how to turn off the new Snapchat location feature to avoid embarrassment

A new map feature lets your friends see exactly where you are. Too creepy? Here's how to turn it off.

Google to stop reading your Gmail to help sell ads

The practice has raised concerns among privacy watchdogs and creeped out some users.

Apple's spat with WeChat could prove calamitous

Apple's plan to take a commission from developers threatens to undermine its prospects in China.

Facebook wants to nudge you into 'meaningful' online groups

At Facebook, mere "sharing'' is getting old. Finding deeper meaning in online communities is the next big thing.

No one is guaranteed safety on a networking or dating app

Planning on meeting a stranger you befriended online? Only you can guarantee your own safety.

We're one step closer to getting cheaper, faster internet from space

A former Googler is the first to receive permission to build a next-generation satellite internet service.

It's not just you: your iPhone storage isn't going as far as it used to

The reason your iPhone is filling up faster can be blamed on the growing size of apps.

UK Parliament targeted in cyber security attack

The attack has stopped politicians accessing emails outside Westminster.

Bill English could soon Snapchat you a spaghetti pizza selfie

Snapchat users, brace yourself for pizza selfies and election campaigning.

The three old rules that explain basically the entire internet in 2017

OPINION: Three rules have managed to stay useful. Appropriately, they cover irony, Nazis and porn.

The latest in sports technology makes coaching easy

New Zealand technology companies' products have been picked up by NBA teams and offshore armed forces.

Big Read: The digital revolution changing the way you manage your money

We're spending more than ever before so why's it getting harder for banks to stay open?

Kayak is letting travellers search for travel deals using emojis

One travel site is letting us look up flight or hotel deals using emojis to represent our destination.

McDonald's takes virtual leap with latest Happy Meal toy

The Happy Meal has had a technology makeover.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigns under investor pressure

Uber boss and co-founder steps down under pressure from investors after a string of setbacks.

Year eight student teaches MPs a lesson in coding

Women are under-represented in the technology sector but a 12-year-old girl is breaking the mould.

Apple and Bose join the round speaker revolution. Should you?

Round is all the rage - cylinder-shaped sound-makers that fire off good vibrations in all directions.

You won't have to leave behind pizza if you move to Mars, says Elon Musk

A city on Mars with a million inhabitants could be achievable within 50 years, space entrepreneur says.

Review: Sony X93, a LCD television featuring Android TV

The 65-inch X93 might cost $7000 but you do get a lot of TV for your money.

The rise of the robot pram

Freeing up your hands to enjoy an organic soy latte, the pram follows you around.

Supersonic Bloodhound SSC to begin speed tests

A date has been set for the supersonic Bloodhound to undertake its first public speed tests.

Facebook's Oculus fights sales ban for virtual-reality headset

A jury found that the Facebook-owned company stole another company's computer code.

Review: Sony A6500 camera is small but powerful

This is camera to buy if you want it to last and not be overtaken by tech advances.

Bike lock blocks rider's phone

A Netherlands telecom company developed the tech to protecting riders who regularly look at their phone.

Samsung plans Galaxy Note 8 launch event for August

The company is continuing the premium Note series despite the costly collapse of the Galaxy Note 7.
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