Family praises generosity of Timaru residents

Zane, 2, and his parents Chris and Krystal Fahey are grateful to Timaru residents for their support following a house ...

Zane, 2, and his parents Chris and Krystal Fahey are grateful to Timaru residents for their support following a house fire and burglary at their home in Ashburton.

Krystal​ and Chris Fahey have been "overwhelmed" by the generosity of strangers.

The couple moved to Timaru earlier this month, with their sons Zane, 2, and Jayden, 9, after their home in Ashburton was damaged in a fire, and then burgled.  They were left with very little following the events and had no insurance.

The incident left the family heartbroken, but they say they have been blown away by the support of Timaru residents who have helped them them settle into a new town, provided them household goods and clothes, and even offered employment.

Krystal said life changed for the family on August 7, when she travelled to Timaru for the day, from Ashburton, to see her mother.

The family returned to Ashburton and had tea, noticing a "funny smell".

Chris then found the dryer in the garage, which was joined to the house they rented, "up in flames".

"We rung the fire brigade and they came out and talked to us and told us it's not safe to stay the night at the house with our wee boy.

"We went home to pack Zane's preschool lunch at about 11am the following day and got home to the gates unlocked."

She said the family dog Dizzy was also acting strange and $180 had gone missing from a bedroom in the house.

She rang the police who arrived and who told her it looked as though somebody had got into in the house.

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"We packed Zane's preschool lunch and never went near the garage."

When she returned to her home about 2pm, smoke was pouring out of the windows and the garage.

Krystal said the family saved very little from the fire, with most items that did survive now smoke damaged.

"We came to Timaru as I have family here and Victim Support helped us with petrol to get here."

The family moved into a rental property on Monday and had been "amazed" by the community support they had received.

"People that we don't know have given us stuff to help us settle in and everyone is so smiley and friendly here," Krystal said.

She said the family were now excited about making a new start, with Chris beginning a new job on Monday.

"He walked into a place and got a job straight away."

 - The Timaru Herald


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