Film Reviews

Hangover finishes with spark

hangover 3

REVIEW: Not since To Kill a Mockingbird has a title so inaccurately described something.

Step into darkness

star trek

Boldly speaking, we have been here before.

Party may give you a hangover

spring break

Locking up your daughters is futile - they'll find a way to break free.

Iron-clad sense of the silly

ironman 3

REVIEW: Has Tony Stark lost his mind?

The Troubles they've seen

shadow dancer

REVIEW: Shadow Dancer is set in 1990s Belfast, follows young mother Colette McVeigh (Andrea Riseborough) as she becomes tangled in a web of conflicting loyalties.

Identity crisis robs film

Identity Thief

REVIEW: The premise for Seth Gordon's (Horrible Bosses) latest movie, Identity Thief, could have been turned into a kafkaesque drama.

'No' gets a yes

gael garcia bernal and antonia zegers

Can you sell democracy and freedom like a soft drink?

No simple beanstalk tale

jack the giant slayer

Has Hollywood run out of fantasy stories?

Deep reflection on loss of dignity


Michael Haneke is one of the most uncompromising directors in European cinema. His films go out of their way to implicate the viewer in the on-screen savagery, and his latest, Amour, deals with the troubling topic of caring for the aged.

Flair for dysfunction

Silver linings playbook

Obsession is at the heart of most romantic comedies, but David O Russell's Silver Linings Playbook goes further than most.

Musical film impresses

les miserables

Les Miserables is a wonderful film.

Visual canvas works for bestseller

life of pi

The best cinema can make you surrender to the images.

Intense moments on film

argo str

Matthew Littlewood picks his favourite movies for 2012.

Too much care stretches Hobbit

martin freeman hobbit

So it's here, finally. After years of anticipation, Peter Jackson's latest J R R Tolkein epic has arrived.

Shadow of 'M' rises over Bond


Judi Dench's "M" has been the one constant in the post-Cold War Bond movies.

Fine nose for perfect dram

angel's share

Ken Loach is Britain's most revered social realist director, but even he is prone to whimsy.

End of the line for Twilight


Finally, the saga is over, after five movies. Thank goodness.

Entertaining but overdone

fresh meat

How do you like your splatter: Raw, medium-rare or over-done?

Quirky, funny slow-burner

safety not guaranteed

Wanted: Someone to go back in time with me.

Good replacement for film

argo ben affleck

A fake science-fiction movie, "funded" by the CIA, helped save the lives of six American diplomats in the 1979 Iran hostage crisis.

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