Mike Hosking: 'I could be worth nothing or millions'

Broadcaster says he doesn't know what he's worth because he's "always been useless with money".

First Dates Australia returns - and it's as salacious, cheesy, boring and weird as ever

Yes, it's back. And just as salacious, cheesy, boring and weird as ever.

Ciara under fire for tobogganing with her baby

The 31-year-old singer zipping down a metal chute with her three-month-old daughter strapped to her chest has sparked outrage.

Justin Bieber accidentally hits a photographer with his truck

Pop star accidentally clips photographer with his truck, while leaving a church service.

Wolfenstein 2 developers reveal tense Nazi encounter with a strawberry milkshake

Upcoming blockbuster game reveals a particularly tense encounter, involving a Nazi and a milkshake.

A global obsession with murder rockets Kiwi podcast Black Hands up the charts

The story of a 1994 Dunedin mass murder has become a point of obsession for people across the globe.

Michael Jackson estate owes $12.4 million to legendary music producer

Famous music producer wins lawsuit for royalties and production fees from Michael Jackson's estate.

American Assassin star Dylan O'Brien says acting helped recovery from set injuries

Dylan O'Brien thought he'd never act again after being severely injured during a stunt. American Assassin changed his mind.

Taxpayers on the hook for $90k mud bill for Rotorua Mudtopia festivals

Taxpayers will fork out almost $100,000 to bring special mud from Korea to Rotorua for a music festival.

Man complains Lorde's Green Light video encourages reckless driving

A man has complained to the BSA that Lorde's Green Light video encourages reckless driving.

Eric Young drops f-bomb live on Prime News

Confusion reigned on Prime News - just long enough for presenter Eric Young to drop the f-bomb.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau watched 'The West Wing' to prepare for a political debate

Justin Trudeau reveals the role a classic tv political drama played in helping him get ready for a debate.

Director of The Piano Jane Campion says movie-making 'not my kind of thing' anymore

Jane Campion has an Oscar and a Palme d'Or, but television is really where it's at, she says.

Angelina Jolie reveals Bell's Palsy diagnosis in Vanity Fair

The actress says divorce had a significant impact on her health. Now she's making changes to remedy that.

The only way for Game of Thrones to be true to itself is to end as tragically as possible

OPINION: If this show is going to be true to itself, then there's only one way it's heading, and it's not for a sunny happy ending.

Composer Tim Minchin on Matilda, music and meeting Paul McCartney

How would composer Tim Minchin describe his Matilda musical? It's "f...ing wholesome", he says.

Anna Paquin, Rose McIver and the other Kiwi child stars who found adult fame

Do you remember Rose McIver, Michelle Ang, Anna Paquin and the other Kiwi stars who started their careers as kids?

Celebrites fire up over Trump's transgender military ban

Trump's announcement denounced as "trolling at its finest".

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's third child coming next year via surrogate

Kanye and Kim's newest addition scheduled to arrive in January 2018.

Maigret's Rowan Atkinson explains why the detective needs his pipe

Don't try and take Maigret's pipe away. Rowan Atkinson explains why it is a vital prop for the French detective.

Brigsby Bear: Why Saturday Night Live's Kyle Mooney isn't trying to be himself

The NZ Film Festival movie it's best not to know much about before you see it.

Atomic Blonde: Too many wigs; too many twists; too few reasons to care

REVIEW: Charlize Theron's latest turns out to be nothing more than a series of sometimes visually impressive, but perpetually banal sequences.

If women aren't as 'experienced' as men, maybe there's a reason for it?

OPINION: Those who shout loudest about something not being sexist are most often the people benefiting from the sexism.

House from The Castle sells for A$40K at auction

They've gotta be dreamin' - The Castle's famous Bonnie Doon bach has sold for seven times the reserve price.

Stage diver face plants at Lil Yachty's Powerstation show

A punter at Lil Yachty's Powerstation show last night thought the crowd would catch him as he took a dive. Boy was he wrong.

More and more people join the Blocked By Trump movement

Another day, another celebrity blocked by the President of the United States. But just how easy is it to get up POTUS' nose?

Where did these dead foxes come from? UK actor Vinnie Jones says he was hacked

GRAPHIC WARNING: A picture with hundreds of dead foxes had his name on it, but Vinnie Jones says they're not his.

47 Metres Down: Shark tale sees Mandy Moore head into uncharted waters

A shark movie where your air is running out as the cameras film. What could possibly go wrong?

Sharyn Casey in tears after trolls comment on her pregnancy news

One noted what a "shame" it would be if something happened to her baby, another scolded her for talking about it at all.

Princess Diana narrates her own breakdown in another documentary set to air in NZ

Another Diana documentary set to air in NZ, and this one is actually true to its name.

Confused and frustrated: Australian Ninja Warrior debut season has a dud of a finale

SPOILERS: Apparent error reveals dead contestant came fifth as Aussie version fails at final obstacle.

Music in the mourning as orchestra makes full use of funeral home

Blenheim orchestra desperate for a rehearsal space where they won't disturb anyone has found the perfect spot - a funeral home.

Chrissy Teigen joins list of celebrities blocked by Donald Trump on Twitter

After nine years of hating Donald Trump, model Chrissy Teigen finally crossed the line with US president.

Mike Hosking says newsreaders can't be paid the same and it not sexism's fault

Top newsreaders should not be paid the same, Mike Hosking says - but sexism isn't to blame.

Simpsons' Matt Groening is developing an animated medieval series for Netflix

There's a fantasy themed animation coming to Netflix and it's got the perfect team behind it.

Chainsmokers announce New Zealand show, win tickets

Fancy a little hipster EDM? We have two double passes to give away before tickets are even on sale.

Human Traces: Director Nic Gorman on the wild and windy making of a Kiwi film

Kiwi film crew encountered seals, sea lions and dolphins while making their very human feature.

The Big Sick: A golden combo of comedy and heartbreak

REVIEW: The Big Sick is warm, human, insightful and compassionate to its marrow.

BBC pay argument brewing for many years, says radio host

Female BBC journalists who asked about pay gap 'ignored and belittled'.

Justin Bieber says he canned the rest of his world tour because he wants to relax

The Canadian pop-star has spoken out amid rumours he stopped performing to focus on religion or even open a church.

New documentary shows Princess Diana was the joker in the royal pack

Princess Di's sons reveal the funny side of their naughty mum in a new documentary.

Lorde up for two MTV VMAs, but Kendrick Lamar leads the way

Lorde gets MTV's Green Light, but Humble gives rapper plenty to brag about.

Annette Bening: a 21st Century Woman

The Oscar-nominated actress explores motherhood and mood swings in her latest movie.

Matilda Rice says she'd step into the ring with Brodie Kane

The former Bachelorette says she'd like to fight "someone who is a bit of a challenge".

'Vile' Australian man fined $800 and convicted for urinating on woman at gig

"Vile" Australian man who urinated on woman at Spiderbait concert can't avoid conviction.

Best dad ever? US father builds killer robot for video game loving daughter

Doting American father arms his video game loving daughter with her very own robot.

Death Squared: Patience-testing puzzler best enjoyed with mates

This Aussie-designed puzzler is a slick and stylish game that's right at home on the Nintendo Switch.

Sharyn Casey reveals she's 15 weeks pregnant

After multiple miscarriages, The Edge DJ has revealed that this time "it finally seems to be happening".

Chris Crean's daughter Stephanie Crean forgives father's killers

The girl Chris Crean carried to the door on night of his death speaks out after TV drama.

Snowfall: John Singleton's 'untold' LA story

Why the Boyz N the Hood director is relieved he's not part of the YouTube generation.
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