On The Box

Food, glorious food

hottest home baker 2013

OPINION: When it comes to television, food programmes are part of our staple diet these days.

Favourites back on screen

robin williams

OPINION: At one o'clock last Monday, I got excited.

Our own violence and sex


OPINION: At last, a New Zealand television drama series that is well worth watching.

Friendships sealed with dodgy deals

border security

OPINION: Watching Border Security (TV One Mondays, 7.30pm) can be so reassuring.

More tears to come

x factor

OPINION: The X Factor certainly isn't shy when it comes to talking about itself.

Flight of fancy falls flat

masterchef dana

OPINION: There was plenty of drama, a few tears, a lot of joy, some ritual humiliation and even some cooking - it just has to be MasterChef NZ.

'Lake' hit comes at a cost

top of the lake

OPINION: Recently, I came across a good quote from David Frost: "Television enables you to be entertained in your own home by people you wouldn't have in your home."

Coro still sets pulses racing

coronation st

OPINION: Being a Coronation Street fan comes at a cost.

Campbell sharp

dangerous roads

Hopefully you've already had a choccie egg and a hot cross bun, to celebrate this sacred time of the year.

Down a runway to exploitation

gypsy girls

In its never-ending search for quality new shows, TV One has shown just what a commitment to quality it has.

Fame brings actors together


Excitement is brewing as the cast of Fame Jr prepares to take the stage next month.

Nothing to show for two minutes of inflicting pain

3 degrees

To give someone the third degree is "a euphemism for the inflicting of pain, physical or mental, to extract confessions or statements" says one online authority.

Prime rescues viewers

stephen fry

I remember a few years ago reading a book The Other Guy Blinked; How Pepsi Won the Cola Wars.

A trio in sympathy with each other

Seven Sharp

In the interests of fairness, TV reviewer Gordon Brown gives Seven Sharp another go.

One dramatic, one silly

masterchef judges

TV columnist Gordon Brown dishes his opinion on the latest homegrown MasterChef series - and Seven Sharp.

Sometimes, they get it right

Toni Street

It's been a good week or two for stuff on the telly.

Confession made for marketing

Lance Armstrong

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong's confession leaves a tainted impression.

Teens' transformation


The World's Strictest Parents is one of those reality programmes artificially manufactured for our enjoyment.

Turning in her grave


Back in the 1980s one of the best shows on TV was Dallas.

A box of gongs for terrific tele

downton abbey

Telly connoisseur Gordon Brown continues to rate the best TV of 2012.

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