Students impressed by electric vehicles

Timaru Sacred Heart School pupils (from left) Olivia Walker, 12, Cory Prendeville, 13, Petelo Faha, 13, and Sam Jones, ...

Timaru Sacred Heart School pupils (from left) Olivia Walker, 12, Cory Prendeville, 13, Petelo Faha, 13, and Sam Jones, 12, check out what is under the bonnet of an electric vehicle.

Pupils of Timaru's Sacred Heart School got up close and personal with the subject of their latest class study on Wednesday.

Year 7 and 8 pupils from the school were treated to a visit by electric vehicle owner Martin Kane , fitting in with the class' electric vehicle focus for the term, and International Drive Electric Week which began on September 9.

Kane spoke to pupils and was asked a series of questions before showing off his electric car.

Pupil Olivia Walker, 12, was interested in what was under the bonnet of the car.

"It's the first time I've been up close to an electric vehicle," she said.

"It's got a tiny engine and cool stuff in it."

Classmate Cory Prendeville​, 13, said he'd like to go for a ride in the vehicle.

While Petelo Faha, 13, was keen to see how the car "performed".

All agreed they would like their parents to buy a similar car.

Kane said he purchased his first electric vehicle in 2015.

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"It came time to change cars and I heard someone talking on the radio about establishing charging networks for electric vehicles all over New Zealand.

"I thought an electric vehicle was going to be capable of everything I needed so I took the plunge, bought one and I've never regretted it."

He liked his car as it was quiet, cheap to run, and he was supporting New Zealand's own energy rather than spending money on overseas energy, he said.

While electric vehicles were still a less common sight on New Zealand roads, Kane expected that to change.

"I think they will become more normal once we have a good selection of second-hand vehicles available."

He encouraged anyone who was thinking about changing their vehicle to consider an electric one.

"They are great."

He was often asked to speak at schools, and to other groups, about electric vehicles and said he enjoyed his trip to Sacred Heart last week.

"Whenever a schools asks me to, I'll go and talk."

International Drive Electric Week was marked in Timaru with a display of vehicles at the Timaru Farmers Market on Saturday, followed by a test drive session at Caroline Bay.

 - The Timaru Herald


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