Resilience needed on every level

Damage in Punakaiki after flooding, caused by former cyclone Fehi, struck the West Coast earlier this year.

Edgecumbe, Granity, Hector just a random sample of spots hit by climate change-related extreme weather in NZ over the last 10 to 15 years.

Kindness in the face of its opposite

Taika Waititi starred in a video last year for the "Give Nothing To Racism" campaign, telling New Zealand, using his own ...

OPINION: I'm not often described as being 'anti'.

Transport plans must consider technology

Melbourne's light rail system has been used as an example of how it might look in Wellington's Lambton Quay.

OPINION: What exactly is a "fit for the future public transport system"?

This should be our bottom line

Ethan Mitchell, Eddie Dawkins and Sam Webster defended their team sprint gold at the Commonwealth Games on Thursday. As ...

OPINION: People matter.

Road toll back on steady climb

The police cordon at a crash in Matamata on Good Friday.

OPINION: What went before seems even more significant than the Easter road toll this year.

Words, cats a compelling combination

Sorry, it's a still image, so you'll have to take my word for it that there's some cuttycrumbing happening here.

OPINION: I love the quirkiness of local dialects.

Better compliance must follow outbreak

Farmers at a community meeting with MPI about the incidence of Mycoplasma bovis on South Canterbury farms in August.

OPINION: In context, Monday's announcement more than 22,000 cattle are to be culled is good news.

Cringeworthy display of celebrity mania

Former US President Barack Obama at a welcome powhiri  and meeting with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at Government ...

OPINION: First, let me state at the outset that I quite like Barack Obama.

When the bluster balloon bursts

The tale of a blustery bloke's encounter with lions in the Kruger National Park came back to me this week.

OPINION: It's the once-over-lightly nature of this approach that I think attracts people

Monarchy, maybe; The Crown, definitely

Matt Smith, as Prince Philip, and Claire Foy, as Queen Elizabeth II, during one of their many intense discussions in the ...

I'm not sure whether I'm a monarchist or a republican, but I love The Crown.

Alleged Facebook breach will concern many

Facebook has suspended Cambridge Analytica, a data-analysis firm that worked for President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, ...

EDITORIAL: "Whatever it is we think this target profile will be susceptible to, we will create content on the internet for them to find."

Why does Putin treat Britain with disdain?

Does the Russian government and its leader Vladimir Putin treat Britain with disdain because they think they have bought ...

​"Londongrad" is the nickname, not entirely affectionate, that wealthy Russians have bestowed upon Britain's capital.

Inspired by a world champion

Loki. as at home in a camellia bush as in a kitchen cupboard.

It was there as I reached for the pan, a flash of fur, then gone, from sight and consciousness.

I see why Sky is struggling

Derek Burrows enjoyed a day out at Hagley Oval on Saturday, watching the crowd, including many orange-shirted spectators ...

OPINION: A day at the cricket told me why Sky customers are leaving the pay channel in droves.

Innocent bystanders must be a priority

Yanko died on her way to Nelson's Sunday market, where she had a regular stall.

OPINION: The biggest losers in police pursuits are the innocent bystanders who get caught up when they go bad.

If you've got it, you may not know it

The concept of a witch-hunt has been widely misrepresented widely misunderstood in recent times as a hunt by witches, by ...

OPINION: Never having to check yourself.

Braced for the Comm Games

Derek Burrows is braced for frustration when he watches swimmers like Australia's Jared Gilliland when the Comm Games ...

I blame it on the fact we now do much of our communication on the screens of smartphones.

Some things should be off limits

New National Party leader Simon Bridges' accent, and his hair, are as irrelevant to the New Zealand political process as ...

OPINION: I love words, as you may know. The only trouble is, they tend to have a habit of leaving you.

US restrictions being felt in Timaru?

Derek Burrows writes that a payment his wife, Jill's, travel company made for a tour she was leading to Cuba has ...

 OPINION: A couple of weeks ago I received an unexpected phone call from our bank manager.

The world belongs to our teens

New Zealand's Zoi Sadowski Synnott on her way to a bronze medal in the women's big air at the Winter Olympics in ...

OPINION: I'm only a few months away from no longer being a father of teenagers. That's felt different this week.

Snapchat could save the world from Trump

Derek Burrows thinks If Donald Trump could be convinced to use Snapchat instead of Twitter the world would be a safer place.

OPINION: If Donald Trump could be convinced to use Snapchat instead of Twitter the world would be a safer place.

A feeling that something's missing

Sir Rupert Pouncealot resting on a pile of washing.

This column is a cautionary tale about a couple of things that need some care.

No maths whiz, but this seems weird

A visual representation of the digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which has Derek Burrows scratching his head.

It's only fair that I should admit at the outset of this article that I was an absolute dunce at maths at school.

An opinion isn't always about being 'right'

If you're here to troll, I'm going to leave you under the bridge.

OPINION: As you start reading this column, there's something I'd like you to consider carefully.

End of the Alpha male age?

Prince Philip, left, and Prince Charles together at Royal Ascot. A recent Netflix series has made much of the challenges ...

OPINION: How much pain are those so many look to responsible for?

Watching Roger just the ticket

An emotional Roger Federer with the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup after beating Marin Cilic in Sunday's Australian Open ...

OPINION: It was a pilgrimage of sorts.

Whither these 'nuggets of wonder'?

Before he went to sleep on my lap, Rupert inflicted some minor injuries.

The sky grew darker, then I heard a distant thump

Sometimes we just don't know

The menu for Christchurch restaurant Bamboozle features puerile plays on Asian accents that to me are racist.

OPINION: The spark came somewhere on the road between outspoken opinion and inadequate understanding.

I swear Trump is dreaming

Donald Trump on the field prior to a football game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide last week. ...

I'm not usually given to swearing.

Fortunate finds and tearful ponderings

The photo on the front of my Dad's funeral order of service was one of my family's favourites.

The events of the week didn't feel like a coincidence

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