What your driving reveals about you

Brannavan Gnanalingam enjoys driving, although he doesn’t enjoy sitting in traffic.

A gracious people person or an angry jerk? It all comes out behind the wheel.

For the love of cricket

Brannavan Gnanalingam is a sports fan, but no sport compares to his beloved cricket.

Clean-bowled at a young age, Brannavan Gnanalingam's passion for the gentleman's game has only grown over the years.

The dumbest thing I ever did

Brannavan Gnanalingam thanks his lucky stars for surviving a life-threatening situation.

I was privileged enough to be young and stupid - and get away with it.

Shaking up contagion of complacency

13112020 News Photo: Abigail Dougherty/Stuff. Outside Vincent Street apartments in Auckland CBD where a covid community ...

OPINION: Not before time, the Government is bringing in bigger guns in the battle against Covid and complacency.

Learning to cook is just the beginning

Nothing connects Brannavan Gnanalingam more to his Sri Lankan heritage than food.

I never felt overly connected to my Sri Lankan past until I got into the kitchen.

Art doesn't happen in a vacuum

Brannavan Gnanalingam enjoys writers festivals and is chairing this month’s Verb Festival in Wellington.

Forget the starving artist in the lonely garret, artists need friends, funding and festivals. Oh, and good primary school teachers, too.

When self-consciousness meets resignation

Cone number 1 at low tide. The others were completely submerged

OPINION: I wonder if there's a finder's fee for road cones that have gone walkabout?

Hey white people, look around

Brannavan Gnanalingam just wants to be able to go about his day, being himself, without being erased or threatened.

OPINION: If you think you're being liberal pointing out how "white" a city is, think again. You're probably just being blind, not to mention offensive.

Lessons on living respectfully

I only discovered I was on a hīkoi when I came to the end of it.

OPINION: Either way, the idea of people introducing themselves to the river is deeply meaningful to me.

A national treasure, in the flesh

The picture was taken on June 26 in Wellington’s Michael Fowler Centre, but these are just a few of the same violinists, ...

OPINION: Music in its myriad forms is one of my favourite escapes, and being alone with my impressions in that remarkable venue felt other-worldly.

We really have it good video

Passengers queue at Johannesburg’s O R Tambo Airport on October 1 as South Africa reopened access to some international ...

OPINION: South Africa first locked down the same week we did, but harder, level 5 to our 4.

Imagine our creatives had believed the naysayers

It’s an old photo, so I hope Tania Roxborogh will forgive me. Here she is running a Community Trust of Southland writing ...

OPINION: Creative people don’t just make art, although they make a lot of it ... They innovate, they invent, they push boundaries.

How I wish we could vote

I’m not sure why he was doing this at Caroline Bay in Timaru on Saturday, but David Seymour has been clear about his ...

OPINION: Many high-earning hard-working New Zealanders have got there with considerable help from minimum wage-earning hard-working New Zealanders.

Still smiling as I walked towards the sun ...

Pics for Grant Shimmin column, September 19, 2020

OPINION: Somehow the change of seasons, on that road much travelled, spoke to me this week of regeneration, of new life.

A quote that brought me up short video

Two years ago a New-Zealand owned cafe in New York, Happy Bones NYC, offered customers half-price coffee if they ordered ...

OPINION: We don’t have to learn te reo, but refusing to try feels a bit like a commitment to ignorance of our country's reality.

About those answers, Ms Collins video

National Party leader Judith Collins answered questions about memes shared by her husband while in New Plymouth on ...

OPINION: With respect, the response gave the impression of being somewhat scripted, especially the dutiful laughs from Nicola Willis and Chris Bishop

Not barracking for this policy video

Winston Peters, seen here during Parliament’s adjournment debate on August 5, before the election was delayed four ...

OPINION: Military bases are by definition austere, basic facilities. That’s intentional

An extraordinary year needs memorable words video

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has seen Covid-19 cases, and deaths, spike alarmingly in his state, which is now in ...

OPINION: There’s no smugness now, in the populous south-eastern states, but perhaps we’ve been guilty of reflecting a little of that back.

Why I want drag queens reading to my kids video

Drag queens Erika, left, and Coco Flash are travelling with the Rainbow Storytime NZ tour.

This is not coronavirus. You can’t 'catch' LGBT-19.

Walking with tears in my eyes

A sensitively told podcast about baby loss brought some familiar emotions to the surface.

OPINION: One colleague told me to “have a good cry and get it out of your system”, as if the tears could wash away my sense of loss.

Is our political class 'degenerate'? video

Andrew Falloon, who resigned from Parliament this week, put out a statement explaining his decision not to stand at this ...

OPINION: A spate of white male MPs has crashed and burned. An E word runs through it

They're ours, let's get them home safely video

A man who admitted grooming a 10 year-old girl has avoided being deported.

OPINION: For NZ citizens, when all else fails, this is their home, their place in the world.

It would have been so easy video

Tone-deaf allegation? Michael Woodhouse at Wellington airport this week.

OPINION: No luggage except that backpack over the shoulder? No problem. Travelling light. From overseas. Just walk in like you own the place.

A quick swing of the pendulum video

A slightly beleagured Ashley Bloomfield answers questions on Thursday.

OPINION: Somewhere out there, between smugness and heads will roll, it seems to our team like another staple of the national mood - she'll be right - has got a look-in.

This battle starts at home video

Demonstrators opposite the statue of imperialist Cecil John Rhodes, outside Oxford University's Oriel College, during a ...

OPINION: We can talk all we like about the dangers of "rewriting history", but we need to avoid whitewashing history too.

Time to listen and learn video

A massive crowd turned out in the pouring rain for the Black Lives Matter March for Solidarity in Christchurch's ...

OPINION: We need to listen to the lived experience of people for whom racism and fear are daily realities.

Much more than just a haircut

Conrad Fitzgerald reopened Cathedral Junction Barbers in Christchurch the moment the country hit Covid Alert Level 2.

OPINION: OPINION: I had no idea a long overdue haircut would be such a mental boost.

Could Orwell have imagined Trump? video

US President Donald Trump speaks about the coronavirus during a press briefing in the Rose Garden of the White House.

OPINION: OPINION: New Zealand seems almost utopian compared to Donald Trump's USA.

Be grateful but don't say 'only'

Businesses wil need to play it safe, says Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

OPINION: OPINION: Downplaying our death toll dishonours those who've died

Back in the kayak and making no judgments

No fast food or coffee: There's no judgment about what others did in early level 3. I was doing what I absolutely had to do.

​OPINION: Let's cut each other a little slack.

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