Discernment as important as free speech

The considered, informed way columnist and world affairs expert Gwynne Dyer answered questions about climate change on ...

OPINION: Remember when climate change was all the rage?

What was the leak's point?

National Party leader Simon Bridges speaks to locals at Inglewood, in Taranaki, during his national roadshow.

OPINION: It's difficult to know exactly what the Bridges leaker hoped to achieve.

Learning to live together, intimately

Karen Nesbit's caravan - cheaper than a house share in Auckland, but perhaps a missed opportunity in terms of rental ...

OPINION: Solving the housing crisis one small apartment at a time.

Finding inspiration in a challenge

Studying my script while the sun sinks over Caroline Bay

OPINION: Do the people who inspire you scare you?

Politics in the social media age

National MP Judith Collins was unapologetic after tweeting a link from a "fake news" site to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

OPINION: Unsubstantiated claims by politicians have become normalised.

Factory farming an appetite suppressant

The inside of the chicken sheds with 9-day-old chicks at the Pinelands Farm in Drury, South Auckland, which produces ...

OPINION: Let me say at the outset that I'm neither a vegetarian nor a vegan. I do, however, have some concern for the welfare of the animals whose products I so readily devour.

Seeing racism through victims' eyes

A rally against racism at Parliament last year, which headed off a planned "flag day" protest by the right wing National ...

OPINION: The beach was beautiful in mid-April, when thoughts of autumn are still some way off on the tropical Natal South Coast, the heart of banana-growing country.

Time for a name debate

I'm glad it's unlikely that the new baby in the family will be named after a character in a television show, like ...

OPINION: With a baby on the way for the family, we're having some interesting debates about names, and not just for the child.

Several variables in road toll

The bus that rolled on the way from Turoa skifield, leaving an 11-year-old girl dead, and 20 people injured.

OPINION: Is poor vehicle maintenance behind our deadly statistics?

Vulnerable need help, not punishment

The passing of Green Party MP Jan Logie's domestic violence bill this week, making New Zealand the first country in the ...

OPINION: Have you ever been in a job you dreaded showing up to work for?

Doesn't Netflix know me by now?

I loved Matt Smith and Claire Foy in the first two seasons of The Crown, but sometimes finding the programmes I want to ...

OPINION: Netflix – it's revolutionised the way we view films, TV series and documentaries, right?

Kiwis shouldn't starve to heat

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters has said he will be taking the Government's new winter energy payment.

OPINION: It's an issue that's as much a feature these days of a Kiwi winter as skiing and snowboarding.

Story bringing emotions to the fore

A scene from last year's Wellington production of Voices From The Front

OPINION: A couple of nights ago I had one of those strange stress dreams, when half-formed thoughts sitting in the subconscious seem to take flight.

'Let's call it Lizzie's Palace'

"He wanted to know if the busbies were made of fake fur, Philip. He asked where we bought them."

OPINION: Good morning, Philip.

Let pilot programme overlap review

Health Minister David Clark.

OPINION: There are some subjects political rivals should be above using for point-scoring purposes with potential voters.

'An appalling waste of money'

A decision by an Auckland Council agency, backed by Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, not to allow Lauren Southern and Stefan ...

OPINION: A 24-hour fundraising campaign this week tells me a lot about our society's priorities.

My hopes take a familiar path

Mario Mandzukic, centre, scores Croatia's winner in extra time in Thursday morning's World Cup semifinal against England ...

OPINION: I predicted that by the time you read this England would have been knocked out of the football World Cup in Russia, and I was right.

Tenure review needs its own review

Greenpeace activists protest the proposed expansion of dairy farming at Simons Pass Station last week.

OPINION: It's a difficult process - enough of a reason for another look at the system.

Understanding more important than knowledge

PM Jacinda Ardern talks about the new Families Package, via videolink.

OPINION: Imagine for a second being told that what you know at this moment is all you will ever know. That the knowledge you have built up thus far is your lot.

My predictions worse than Paul's

Derek Burrows' poor success rate in predicting results during the Fifa World Cup in Russia has included failing to tip ...

OPINION: Actors claim it's a mistake to work with children and animals.

Some problems with principals' approach

Chris Hipkins' NCEA review has drawn the ire of a group of Auckland principals.

OPINION: The goal appears to be largely the same on both sides of a brewing stoush between Education Minister Chris Hipkins and senior educators. It's the best route to that goal that appears to be the bone of contention.

Music reaches into my soul

The Rhyth-Mix Singers in rehearsal for this weekend's concerts in Timaru and Geraldine

OPINION: We were winding up after a long rehearsal when one of my fellow choir members whispered something to me.

It's near the bottom of my list

Kim Jong-Un's North Korea is one of the few countries Derek Burrows says he would be less inclined to live in than ...

OPINION: There are not many countries on earth at present that I would less like to live in than the United States.

A name fit for its time

Neve Te Aroha Ardern-Gayford with her parents, Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford.

OPINION: Perhaps the answer to an age-old query carries deeper significance than normal this time.

What happens to these children's minds?

A US Border Patrol agent gestures to the child of an asylum-seeker. This week, US President Donald Trump signed an ...

OPINION: It's a memory that consists almost entirely of incessant, inconsolable crying.

New work practice Sparks little confidence

David Zirakashvili of Georgia in a collapsed scrum against Argentina during the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand in 2011. ...

OPINION: News last week that Spark had given 1900 of its employees an ultimatum – accept new working practices or face redundancy - was at once both disturbing and slightly amusing.

Dispute resolution without strikes possible

NZNO Industrial Services Manager Cee Payne announces nurses' and midwives' decision to reject DHBs' latest pay and ...

OPINION: Pay negotiations involving the New Zealand Nurses' Organisation (NZNO) and the country's 20 district health boards are at a delicate stage.

We can make a real difference

Like John Lennon once was, I'm a dreamer. It might be idealistic, but I believe that could help  make a difference to ...

OPINION: I briefly channelled John Lennon as I planned this piece.

A look back to understand me

Brad Argent from Ancestry.com with a DNA testing kit. Be prepared for some surprises if you decide to go down this ...

OPINION: For several years now I've been a keen, if not particularly accomplished, genealogist.

Situation normal: a birth in the Beehive

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern greets residents of Northcote in the lead-up to Saturday's by-election.

OPINION: Will we ever get to the stage where the leader of a country having a baby while in office is completely normal?

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