Top talent on display

The opening act saw league members perform A Musical from show Something Rotten!

South Canterbury Drama League's new show Showstoppers 2 covers music from range of stage shows.

Forming a community of kindness

KIndness in action: Jeff Reardon, who initiated a fundraiser selling t-shirts with the phrase "It's not hard to be kind ...

"Kindness is love with its workboots on."

Kind is the best way to be

A sign encouraging people to perform "Random Acts of Kindness" in New York's Times Square.

"It started with a tweet. Who'd have thought it could be so sweet?"

Music to a trainspotter's ears

Cook, a railway town that now has a population of just four.

The $50,000 grant to investigate reinstating the Christchurch-Invercargill passenger rail service is music to my ears.

Envappy for those not at catpacity

This Waikato protest against the Government's proposed new fresh water standards this year, could well have been ...

I've had a linguistic epiphany in the last week, but I'm trying not to get over-emojical about it.

Reid's prison marriage beyond distasteful

Henry and Louise Agnew, the parents of Emma, embrace outside the Christchurch High Court after Liam Reid was convicted ...

OPINION: Liam Reid got married in Auckland's Paremoremo Prison on Tuesday morning. Let that sink in for a while.

Chasing down a refund gone wrong

Derek Burrows has yet to get his hands on the cash returned to him by the IRD.

I've just received news of a tax refund from the IRD. That's good news, isn't it?

Holding thumbs you don't have clunkies

No prizes for guessing which of these little guys is the wallydrag.

It was an icy morning and the bed was all too cosy, but I had to wallydrag myself from its captivatingly comforting grip.

Common themes to global challenge

Nuffield scholars Mat Hocken (left) and Ryan O'Sullivan examine agricultural products as part of their visit to Brazil.

Nuffield scholar Ryan O'Sullivan shares his observations after exploring the state of global agriculture.

Seven-second rule is a myth

Derek Burrows writes that according to a new study, the high cost of Auckland property does not seem to have dampened ...

OPINION: Today's subject is something else high on many people's priority list – sex.

Defalcation may lead to absquatulation

A young girl absquatulates before her errorist parents can point out that it really is bed time.

OPINION: Ever done one of those exercises where you're asked what historical character you most wish you could have been?

Money: beguiling, perplexing, and seldom enough of it

Derek Burrows considers the changing world of money.

Derek Burrows considers the money problem.

What does Britain's election mean here?

Can New Zealand's opposition parties take a lesson from Jeremy Corbyn and Labour's success in getting the youth vote out ...

What are the lessons from Britain for New Zealand's opposition parties ahead of the coming election?

My respect for our cats grows

British general election ballot papers are removed from ballot boxes to be counted at City Hall in Cardiff, on Friday (NZT).

I think I've discovered why I like cats so much.

New take on old words

Columnist Derek Burrows has some new meanings for some old words - or do new meanings make them new words, entirely?

OPINION: Dongle or dowager? Try out these neologisms for a new take on the meanings of words.

Editorial: A law to burst the bluster bubble

London Mayor Sadiq Khan warned "Londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next ...

EDITORIAL: Maybe it's time for something drastic.

Why can't I get more excited?

Brian O'Driscoll, captain of the British and Irish Lions, is helped by trainers after a tour-ending tackle during the ...

OPINION: There are so many things I remember about it.

Editorial: We are our own best filters

Noel Hilliam has repeatedly claimed Maori were not the first inhabitants of New Zealand.

EDITORIAL: The "white tangata whenua" story has highlighted society's filter problem.

Time for Brian to meet Bryan

There's already a Timaru tabby called Bryan, although this one's a boy.

OPINION: Disappointing a group of schoolkids isn't the kind of thing I enjoy doing.

Empathy on the endangered list?

US President Donald Trump about to hug malevolent House Speaker Paul Ryan, after the House of Representatives approved ...

OPINION: Are we in danger of seeing the extinction of empathy in our lifetime?

Flights, shipping affected by fog

Fog blanketed Timaru on Wednesday morning, delaying flights and shipping movements.

Fog has impacted Timaru flights and shipping movements for the second time in three days.

Time for tourists to pay up

Southland District Council Stewart Island councillor Bruce Ford, who first proposed a tourist levy for Stewart Island in ...

OPINION: NZ mayors are desperate for government financial help to cope with freedom campers, but ratepayers are footing the bill.

Medical history by accident

I used to think there was no sweet treat that could defeat me.

OPINION: I think I may have made medical history.

A conundrum that's a scone-scratcher

What you call these tasty treats may say something about you, although exactly what it might be is not clear.

 Today we're going to talk about scones.

Immigration's tired tune

NZ First Party leader Winston Peters' recent run-in with a pair of "immigrant" journalists has set columnist Grant ...

Three Dog Night's hit song was reprised as Grant Shimmin considered the furore over a Winston Peters press release.

Seeing my new home for the first time

A sunrise Lewis Taylor's boarding house.

It was a sleepy afternoon at Christchurch Airport.

Taking a canal on Capone's boat

Vessels large and small take advantage of the canal passage. Here a small yacht is dwarfed by a large freighter as they ...

 I've just returned from an overseas trip and I didn't attempt to smuggle illicit substances into the countries I visited.

Recognising the value of the vital

Teaching is on one of those highly skilled roles vital to our society which I believe are undervalued.

It seems to me that as a species we have a real problem in assigning value appropriately.

Is a Sunday without shopping so hard?

Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick, McLeods Booksellers' Michael Byrne and MP Todd McClay in celebratory mood ahead of the ...

It's a gripe of mine that comes around as regularly as Easter.

Kids pay price for our stupidity

Grantlea Downs primary school has defended its decision to prevent the HPV vaccine being given to pupils on school grounds.

OPINION: Truth was abandoned as a Timaru school revealed it was withdrawing from an immunisation programme.

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