Time for us to 'woke' up

One of the poignant artworks on the memorial wall at the Al Noor mosque after the massacres in March.

OPINION: You're free to "stick to your own kind". You just can't force others to follow your faulty philosophy of human relations.

Cheese-baited traps set off 21 times

First it was a dead rat, now a mouse is tormenting columnist Derek Burrows. (file photo)

To quote Rabbie Burns: The best laid schemes o' mice an' men/ Gang aft agley

Best answer to a heinous deed

It's six months on Saturday since 51 Muslims at two Christchurch mosques were murdered while at worship. The best ...

OPINION: Reflection can take you to some unexpected places.

Not feeling under the weather

Hurricane Dorian moves towards Barbados in late August.

Opinion: It's a sunny day as I write this, which surprises me because a couple of days ago the weather forecast was quite dire: cloudy, cold winds and squally showers.

Something here feels like hope

My daughter on her paddleboard, heading across Lyttelton Harbour

OPINION: Ōtautahi is going to be all right.

Laying claim to origin of birth

Ben Stokes, of England, takes part in a net session, in Birmingham, England, in June. Born in Christchurch, Stokes left ...

OPINION: It was an interesting scenario – actor Sam Neill claiming he almost choked on his porridge at one of his Central Otago vineyards recently when he saw that the UK media were claiming that their latest cricket hero, Ben Stokes, was English.

Don't hide behind freedom of speech

New Zealand's first deaf MP, Mojo Mathers, has backed Raymond Ellwood after he was mocked in a recent Law Revue at ...

OPINION: Sometimes the 'satire defence' for offensive speech just doesn't work

Dingle-dangling dongles frustrate

The frustration with "streaming" live sport to a Smart TV is already beginning to frustrate Derek Burrows before the ...

OPINION: To all rugby fans looking forward to watching the Rugby World Cup on Spark Sport, all I can say is "good luck with that".

NZ rugby fans turn abusive

Co-fans at Eden Park last week. Let us know their names.

OPINION: When does banter go too far?

Big brother takes flight

CCTV cameras are now posted in many parts of the world. (file photo)

Opinion: They are ubiquitous and the fulfilment of the world George Orwell anticipated when he wrote his prophetic but chilling novel, 1984.

Freak occurrences take their toll

Caviar was one of the things Sweden king Adolf Frederick ate before dying of indigestion.

Opinion: I've heard of it raining cats and dogs but this was the first time I'd heard of a bear falling out of the sky.

No shame in needing to know more

Justice Minister Andrew little kicks off the debate on proposed changes to New Zealand's abortion laws in Parliament ...

OPINION: Sometimes I think we just don't use this short phrase enough.

Putting station on map

The Tranzalpine express.

Opinion: On Saturday I embarked on a 220 kilometre journey through the Southern Alps to the West Coast.

Dairies a community meeting place

An image released by police following an aggravated robbery at a New Brighton dairy in March.

OPINION: Consider your local dairy, and its owners.

The Minister for Being Out of Touch

Jacob Rees-Mogg pauses while delivering a speech in London in January.

OPINION: There was a time when I was almost the complete grammar snob.

Learning about past through finds

Archaeologists have just managed to decipher a message written on an iron stylus uncovered during excavations in London.

What would you say to someone if you came back from a big trip and all you could afford to bring for them as a present was a cheap pen?

Mugs, maladies, music, and memories

Dermot Kennedy plays at the Coachella festival in California in April.

OPINION: A late gig and an early flight are manageable when the music is compelling.

On the smell of a dead rat

Derek Burrows was shocked to discover a dead rat in his car boot.

I smell a rat - or at least I did until a short time ago.

They played the game right

A stumbling Jos Buttler, centre, breaks into a celebratory canter after running out Martin Guptill on the last ball of a ...

OPINION: A couple of sayings have recurred to me in the wake of Monday morning's heart-stopping climax to the Cricket World Cup final.

Let's get this issue sorted

Peter Dunne introduced the Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment Bill when he was Associate Health Minister.

OPINION: Capital gains taxes, less punitive approaches to criminal justice and substantive welfare

Bowled over by Black Caps

Black Caps captain Kane Williamson hits out during the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup against England at Lord's.

Opinion: I decided as long ago as last week that this week I would devote my column to the Black Caps' participation in their second successive Cricket World Cup final.

What is a name worth?

The Crusaders celebrate with another Super Rugby trophy after beating the Jaguares in Christchurch.

OPINION: You can learn a lot writing about divisive issues, like changing the Crusaders' name.

A title can't erase an atrocity

Chris Jack rises to claim a lineout throw when the Crusaders played the Bulls in Timaru in 2011, part of a gutsy ...

OPINION: I'm sorry, but I have to say it. I don't want the Crusaders to win the Super Rugby final on Saturday night.

Brexit exacerbates hostility

Boris Johnson has a history of making racist remarks, columnist Derek Burrows says.

There's long been an underlying animosity between the French and the English.

Andrew Little, champion of Kmart video

Justice Minister Andrew Little is fast-tracking some changes to the Electoral Act.

OPINION: Justice Minister Andrew Little has ignored human rights warnings, instead focusing on Kmart shopping.

Will waning greatness come back?

Boris Johnson seems like a slightly hesitant 'gigglemug', to revive a disused Victorian slang term.

OPINION: What does Michael Ball make of it all?

Thinking back to Iran visit

A class of infants Derek Burrows met in Shiraz's Narenjestan Gardens. He fears for their safety.

OPINION: A couple of years ago Derek Burrows says he was fortunate enough to visit Iran.

Free to speak, and call out

A controversial free speech debate involving Don Brash, hosted by the University of Auckland, drew a vocal audience.

OPINION: There's been a lot of talk – too much talk – about speech.

Memorabilia has a price

A pair of horseshoes once worn by Washdyke-born racing legend Phar Lap sold in Australia last month for just short of ...

OPINION: Somewhere, tucked away in a box or an old suitcase, I've got the autograph of my schoolboy football hero, Duncan Edwards.

It's a motivation, not an insult

A genuine social justice warrior, who makes no apologies for it; Jackie Clark, the supreme winner at last year's Women ...

OPINION: I've been pondering when exactly the term 'social justice warrior' became an insult.

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