Beauty and frailty bound together

I was glad I glanced over my shoulder at the right time to see this moment of beauty, because it didn't last all that long.

In a week in which I seemed to find plentiful new reasons to feel grumpy, Boris Johnson came to my rescue.

Let's give everyone opportunities

The opportunity to learn to read was one I took for granted as a child, but it's one I want every child to have.

OPINION: I'm not sure I remember exactly how Mum used to say it, though she said it often.

Focus on 'the least of these'

Right to Life has suggested Jacinda Ardern's marital status is a threat to what it labels the "natural family".

Fair warning, I'm going to quote the Bible to you somewhere in this column.

The science of our amusement

Derek Burrows feels the word 'mugwump' is applicable to NZ First leader Winston Peters due to his direction after an ...

OPINION: Scientists are wonderful people.

Privileged to be a father

Airports have been the scene of some emotional moments for me as a father

The airport was all too familiar but something seemed different at the end of a long, draining day in the air.

On a statue's limitations

Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, London.

Statues can become a monumental problem as attitudes shift, columnist Derek Burrows writes.

Empathy key to functional society

The Dalai Lama speaks on "Embracing the Beauty of Diversity in our World" at the University of California San Diego ...

It's been dawning on me that at times in my life people must have seen me as a smug, insufferable little snot.

Time to get your head around policy

Gareth Morgan, here launching his election campaign for The Opportunities Party in Wellington, may have missed some deep ...

EDITORIAL: There's a healthy degree of irony in the debate fuelled by Gareth Morgan's uncalled for "lipstick on a pig" jibe at Jacinda Ardern on Sunday.

I underestimated Timaru's people

Derek Burrows wonders if council candidate Owen Jackson's response to his call for a living wage for council staff ...

OPINION: The origin of the quotation "may you live in interesting times" has long been debated by literary academics.

How is the world back here?

Mayumi Asakawa, a former student at the Kings Education language college in the ill-fated CTV building, rings ...

I've felt the presence of my Dad deeply this week.

Council should adopt a living wage

Julian Maze believes the Timaru District Council can afford to pay its staff the living wage.

OPINION: There's a council by-election coming up and no candidate supports the one policy that would have sealed my vote

Let's rediscover strength together

The cast of Les Miserables performs "Do You Hear the People Sing" during the 2014 Tony Awards in New York

OPINION: The best way for us all to face an uncertain, scary future is together

Let's make the right 'choices' as a society

An emotional survivor of London's Grenfell Tower fire holds up her door key as she speaks at a Kensington and Chelsea ...

I was thinking this week of the kind of society we should be and I thought of a poem.

Nothing Fawlty about UK cuisine?

What, asks columnist Derek Burrows, would Andrew Sachs, the Fawlty Towers actor famed for his role as Spanish waiter ...

Derek Burrows is surprised so many (or perhaps so few) Spaniards enjoy British food.

Our blackest days in battle

Prince William watches Catherine Duchess of Cambridge lays flowers during commemorations of the start of the Allied ...

OPINION: It was the 100th anniversary of the start of an assault that led to one of the blackest days in NZ military history on Monday.

Turei's confession courageous, response not so

Greens co-leader Metiria Turei has drawn fire for her recent admission about lying to the authorities.

OPINION: How ironic that one of the biggest uproars of the election campaign so far has come as a result of a politician telling the unvarnished truth.

We need a more empathetic system

I haven't been where Metiria Turei has, in terms of deprivation, but I agree our welfare system needs radical change

I've never had to worry how I was going to feed my kids.

Stuck in an expectant holding pattern

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson holds a tuatara during a visit to Zealandia with Conservation Minister Maggie ...

Trade and the future of the traditional OE will have been on Kiwis' minds during Boris Johnson's visit.

Empowered by a groundswell of gratitude

Being able to visit the beach at Caroline Bay most mornings is something I'm truly grateful for.

It's been going on for about a month now, except when I forget, but that happens less often these days.

Top talent on display

The opening act saw league members perform A Musical from show Something Rotten!

South Canterbury Drama League's new show Showstoppers 2 covers music from range of stage shows.

Forming a community of kindness

KIndness in action: Jeff Reardon, who initiated a fundraiser selling t-shirts with the phrase "It's not hard to be kind ...

"Kindness is love with its workboots on."

Kind is the best way to be

A sign encouraging people to perform "Random Acts of Kindness" in New York's Times Square.

"It started with a tweet. Who'd have thought it could be so sweet?"

Music to a trainspotter's ears

Cook, a railway town that now has a population of just four.

The $50,000 grant to investigate reinstating the Christchurch-Invercargill passenger rail service is music to my ears.

Envappy for those not at catpacity

This Waikato protest against the Government's proposed new fresh water standards this year, could well have been ...

I've had a linguistic epiphany in the last week, but I'm trying not to get over-emojical about it.

Reid's prison marriage beyond distasteful

Henry and Louise Agnew, the parents of Emma, embrace outside the Christchurch High Court after Liam Reid was convicted ...

OPINION: Liam Reid got married in Auckland's Paremoremo Prison on Tuesday morning. Let that sink in for a while.

Chasing down a refund gone wrong

Derek Burrows has yet to get his hands on the cash returned to him by the IRD.

I've just received news of a tax refund from the IRD. That's good news, isn't it?

Holding thumbs you don't have clunkies

No prizes for guessing which of these little guys is the wallydrag.

It was an icy morning and the bed was all too cosy, but I had to wallydrag myself from its captivatingly comforting grip.

Common themes to global challenge

Nuffield scholars Mat Hocken (left) and Ryan O'Sullivan examine agricultural products as part of their visit to Brazil.

Nuffield scholar Ryan O'Sullivan shares his observations after exploring the state of global agriculture.

Seven-second rule is a myth

Derek Burrows writes that according to a new study, the high cost of Auckland property does not seem to have dampened ...

OPINION: Today's subject is something else high on many people's priority list – sex.

Defalcation may lead to absquatulation

A young girl absquatulates before her errorist parents can point out that it really is bed time.

OPINION: Ever done one of those exercises where you're asked what historical character you most wish you could have been?

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