Christmas, coming to store near you

OPINION: Halloween candy and Bonfire Night sparklers are barely over but already retailers in New Zealand are turning their attention to the next marketing opportunity: Christmas.

If all else fails, save the whales

police notebook

OPINION: In her final diary entry, ACT Party donor Danyel Southwark packs up and heads back to Timaru.

Flag change not worth $26m

'Not such a great idea after all'

nz flag

OPINION: Derek Burrows owns up - he made the wrong call when he supported changing the NZ flag.

Danyel loses grip on reality

the luminaries

OPINION: ACT Party donor Danyel Southwark, traumatised by the election result, begins to lose her grip on reality.

What's coming out of this closet?

laundry, clothing, washing line

OPINION: Over the years Derek Burrows has acquired a terrific T-shirt collection. Now what does he do with it?

Benefits outweigh #gigaspam

gigatown timaru

OPINION: The benefits of winning Gigatown are worth it, but all that #gigaspam is driving Grant Shimmin crazy.

Turtles face plastic danger


OPINION: Turtle populations are under threat from a common day item - the plastic bag.

Time to retire 'knock-off' flag

nz flag proposal

OPINION: The PM has a new national standard on his mind: a redesigned New Zealand flag.

Call centre frustration

call centre

OPINION: I sat down at the computer on Saturday afternoon to complete the task of writing this column.

Little blues trip instinct to protect

little blue penguins

OPINION: Timaru's burgeoning penguin colony is a privilege, but also a responsibility, and it's clearly going to need some protection from overzealous visitors.

Coming to terms with reality

miley cyrus

OPINION: ACT Party donor and Auckland mother of two Danyel Southwark is yet to come to terms with the election result ...

Stumbling through defeat

Everyday Housewife Danyel Southwark shares her thoughts on the week past, as relayed by satirist Steve Braunias.

Free things? Love 'em


OPINION: I love getting stuff for free.

Password we all know


OPINION: I've decided at the weekend that perhaps it was time to employ a password manager, writes Derek Burrows.

Coping with new gadgets

iphone 6

OPINION: I find it incredible that someone would travel from the US to Australia just so they can buy the new Apple iPhone 6.

Of fruitless yoghurt and automatons


OPINION: I was an angry young man last week.

Make no mistake - grammar matters


OPINION: It really was a moment to feel proud.

'Waste of time'

Ballot box

Wellington housewife and Labour Party activist Harriet Wakefield puts aside her personal problems (lesbian affair, addiction to synthetic cannabis) to focus on the election campaign.

Challenge leaves me cold

ice challenge

OPINION: Am I the only person in the world who finds the ice bucket challenge that is sweeping television and the internet slightly distasteful and extremely tedious?

Focusing on the election

dirty politics

OPINION: ACT Party donor and Auckland mother of two Danyel Southwark forgets her personal problems (fraud, child abuse) to focus on the party's election campaign.

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