Glenda Park

Freedoms can't be taken for granted

"Advance Australia fair ..." are the only words I know from the Australian national anthem. So I looked up the rest of it.

Sublime chance creates happy endings

We've probably all had the experience of feeling that something "just had to be".

Putting down roots far from the coast

This column is my last for 2011 and I have been ruminating on this year that brought me to a new life in Melbourne.

Let the computer comprehend for you

The first thing I ever wrote for the Timaru Herald was a book review. The reason I mention it is because it touched on a process that Google wants to make commonplace – I refer to that process where a reader's work is done for him, in terms of comprehension of a complex topic.

Guilt and massacre in the kitchen

I can't say my partner didn't warn me. It's not that I didn't believe him. I believed, but did not know for myself, though I thought I knew.

A chance to appreciate life's small gifts

I'm standing in line at the Post Office. It's a long line, and it's not moving.

Backlash of self-serving philosophy

South Canterbury

The last week, during which Melbourne has been occupied, former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi killed and the All Blacks victorious has been memorable and exciting. I have also been captivated by stories of the lives of two influential people: Ayn Rand and George Harrison.

Mapping out a way for the future

... the sooner we accept the limitations of whatever crazy system we are dealing with, the better it allows us to get on with enjoying the benefits of life in a big city.

Bashing the telemarketer right off trend

Hands up everyone who has ever hung up on a telemarketer, barked "not interested" or said "get lost" in one way or another?

Dizzy doubling of life-expectancy formula

Three score years and ten had not so long ago been considered the natural life expectancy of a (European) human. I'm showing my age by knowing that this is an expression that means seventy years (a "score" being 20 years).

Amidst chaos I give thanks for my luck


As I wrote in my last column, a time of change is upon me, a move is drawing ever closer.

Adventures outside the comfort zone

South Canterbury

The next column I write after this one will be my last written from these shores. A new adventure awaits me. On July 16 I fly to Melbourne to join my partner who has taken up employment there.

Children don't need to be adults too soon


Once upon a time, in this very land we live in and not so long ago, there were three clubs.

Getting to grips with drama

Ever heard the joke: Q: "When is a door not a door?" A: "When it's ajar." Here's another one for you: Q: "When is a draw not a draw? A: "When it's a win."

Bending time while the rain pours

"As slow as a wet week" is something my mother used to say. Upon hearing this comment about the passage of time when very young, I would be bewildered.

Escaping the yakkety-yak, blah-blah

The Timaru Herald

My partner and I are fond of doing The Timaru Herald's quiz together each Saturday.

Life at the top of the composting world


As a light sleeper it doesn't take much to wake me so it's not surprising that I'm awoken every Wednesday morning by the racket of the rubbish trucks.

A dangerous dance with the Devil

Muammar Gaddafi

In a better world there would be no bullying, and no violent response to violence.

There's plenty not to love about Charlie

I'm absolutely ropable about Charlie Sheen. If you ask my partner, he'll tell you he's sick of hearing about it from me.

Stop the world please, I want to get off

Poor little boy. I saw him one day down at the Caroline Bay carnival. The various rides were operating and he was on the chair- o-plane. The chairs on the end of their long chains were flying around and around and centrifugal force had lifted them high over our heads. His voice could clearly be heard, growing louder and then quieter depending on where he was relative to me.

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