Chosen for NZ side

Oamaru man Peter Wylie has been selected to represent New Zealand at the 2015 Disabled World Bowls in Wellington.

Litterers may find canals off limits

OPINION: HEAD: Litterers may find canals off limits

Wallabies' turmoil, Ferns' slump

kurtley beale

OPINION: Believe it or not, there's a Bledisloe Cup rugby match between Australia and the All Blacks on Saturday night.

Some sound advice for the season

peter shutt

OPINION: The start of the trout fishing season reminds Peter Shutt of advice from Christchurch angler, Norman Parkyn.

NRC concepts a potential winner

national rugby championship australia


OPINION: Australia hasn't had a meaningful domestic rugby competition for several years, but that's all about to change.

Our greatest sportswoman is ...

val adams

Who's your pick for New Zealand's greatest sportswoman?

Val Adams: Our greatest?

'Unstoppable force in the shot put world'

val adams

OPINION: When considering New Zealand's greatest sportswomen, one name stands above all others, writes Daniel Birchfield.

Nice guy gets his moment

shane archbold

OPINION: Shane Archbold's gold medal at the Commonwealth Games was proof nice guys can finish first.

Super game back to best

rory mcilroy

OPINION: It's Super Rugby semi-final again, finally.

Anglers land milestone

allan davidson

OPINION: Reaching their 81st AGM represents a milestone for the South Canterbury Anglers Club.

Returning players not always best pick

Cedric Jackson

OPINION: It seems an admission of failure when teams bring back players they had once let go.

Questions of sport

Lou Vincent


OPINION: Why do people keep saying the Commonwealth Games are not the Olympics? Who ever claimed they were?

Festival has reel highlights


OPINION: You think a fish like the one in this photo is awesome?

Germans look hotshots

Germany team

OPINION: This has been the best football World Cup I have witnessed.

Vincent has to live with actions

Lou Vincent


OPINION: Lou Vincent's life ban from the sport of cricket is exactly the sort of punishment I was hoping for, writes Daniel Birchfield.

Boost for salmon project

waitaki salmon trap

OPINION: The Waitaki Riparian Enhancement Society has had a very busy period thanks to strong support from within the wider community.

Give Suarez longer spell on sideline

Luis Suarez

OPINION: A decision by FIFA to ban Uruguay footballer Luis Suarez from all football for four months for chowing down on an Italian player doesn't go far enough.

Hard to keep old warhorse looking new

Motorsport generic

OPINION: These are challenging times for the South Canterbury Car Club, writes Jacob Page.

Fifa too soft

Luis Suarez

OPINION: Luis Suarez’ punishment for biting during a Football World Cup match the other day was palpably inadequate.

Politics abounds in off-season

peter shutt

OPINION: To say it is a testing time for anglers is no exaggeration, and according to recent reports you might rightly think life is full of contradictions. The politics of fishing are never more apparent than during the off-season.

Lifting standards the way to go

Canterbury Kings

JACOB PAGE - The Timaru Herald

OPINION: Canterbury Cricket's decision to ditch the Wizards name and the red and black colours is one of the most ridiculous ideas conjured up.

Dedicated few enriching fishery

salmon hatchery

OPINION: My word of the day is "dedication".

No loyalty ahead of logic

Steve Hansen

OPINION: The lack of All Blacks dominance over England in the first two June tests has to be a concern.

Goodbye Peter, hello Mark

peter fulton

OPINION: There's an old saying in sport that you should never change a winning team.

Whistle blown on proposal

mark med

OPINION: Thank goodness the 18-month long combined South Canterbury rugby and cricket saga is over.

Why rivers need low nitrogen trigger levels

orari river

OPINION: Last week's column, addressed many significant points and drew several calls from readers seeking to better understand why nitrogen limits are at the forefront of pollution concerns.

Water forum has big impact

willy leferink

OPINION: It has taken years for the community to begin talking without acrimony about water issues.

Craighead's fall inevitable

barry tucker

OPINION: It's hard not to feel sympathy toward the Craighead premier netball team of 2014.

Stealthy approach proved a winner

john manning

The late George Anderson claimed to have enjoyed expert advice from his fellow anglers when he started fishing for salmon.

Fit, fresh players key to Pulse

Irene van Dyk


OPINION: Pre-season the Pulse were tipped as the Kiwi team to beat, but they've fallen off the pace in the most shattering manner.

Read's concussion problems

Kieran Read

OPINION: It seems like Kieran Read's chances of being the next All Blacks captain get slimmer with each passing week.

Depth aplenty despite departures

colin slade

OPINION: This year's crop of All Blacks look as strong as last season's lot.

Sharing salmon memories

george anderson

OPINION: The recent passing of George Anderson saddens me because it reminds me of a discussion we had in the early 90s, and I think it's particularly appropriate to look back at his words today.

Winter codes buck tradition

rugby ball generic

OPINION: It has been refreshing to see almost all of the South Canterbury senior sports competitions being so unpredictable this year.

Adams deserves praise

steven adams

OPINION: Standing 2.13 metres tall it's pretty easy to be intimidated by Kiwi National Basketball Association (NBA) rookie Steven Adams.

There must be a better weigh ...

doug hannah

The South Canterbury angler's club enjoyed modest results over closing weekend andthere have been better season closings.

No favours for members

all whites

OPINION: New Zealand Football would be torn asunder if it was subjected to the scrutiny the New Zealand Rugby Union is under constantly.

All Whites trio need to commit

all whites

OPINION: When it comes to international football in this country, it looks like there's a lack of commitment from certain players.

Time to put sex tape saga to bed

Konrad Hurrell

OPINION: A $5000 fine for Warriors centre Konrad Hurrell's seven-second "sex tape" seems a bit harsh.

Increased salmon numbers excite Stratford

salmon spawning

"It's a real privilege to witness this sight," says long-time Winchester farmer Warren Stratford, and he should know because between 8am and 10am last Tuesday he counted eight salmon moving through the pool in front of his lounge.

Time for Sky to stop reruns

tv remote

OPINION: It's time Sky Television started to get serious about live sport during the working week.

Benji's gamble doesn't pay off

Benji Marshall

DANIEL BIRCHFIELD - South Canterbury

OPINION: Blues recruit Benji Marshall is heading back to rugby league and it shouldn't come as a major surprise his rugby union career is over before it really got started.

Too much credit and blame

David Moyes

JOSEPH ROMANOS - The Timaru Herald

OPINION: What a ridiculous spotlight there is on sports coaches these days. They get blamed too much for losses and praised too much for victories.

Rich backers not always a benefit

Owen Glenn

JOSEPH ROMANOS - The Timaru Herald

OPINION: The history of sports clubs being owned by wealthy backers has not always been a happy one.

Favourable conditions for fishers


A ll of the rivers in North Canterbury and the central South Island were low clear and fishable when I checked mid-week.

Time to try new approach

Matt Elliot

OPINION: Sacking Warriors coach Matt Elliott five games into the season illustrates exactly why the Kiwi club has never been a consistent force in the NRL.

Sevens solution for rugby

rugby ball generic

Sanzar bosses are wrestling with what to do with Super Rugby.

Workers help spawning trout

peter shutt

At Scott's Creek the importance of developing good shingle to accommodate the large number of Lake Alexandrina spawning has meant much work in streambed preparation and weir construction to improve the flow and provide shelter for trout digging their redds in the freshly raked shingle.

To the hunter the spoils

Tom Walsh

OPINION: I never expected Tom Walsh to be achieving what he is right now in the shot put world.

Scott rivals Norman for unwanted tag

Adam Scott

OPINION: The term "choke" has a tendency to follow teams and certain individuals around like an unwanted black shadow.

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