Peter Shutt

Litterers may find canals off limits

OPINION: HEAD: Litterers may find canals off limits

Some sound advice for the season

peter shutt

OPINION: The start of the trout fishing season reminds Peter Shutt of advice from Christchurch angler, Norman Parkyn.

Anglers land milestone

allan davidson

OPINION: Reaching their 81st AGM represents a milestone for the South Canterbury Anglers Club.

Festival has reel highlights


OPINION: You think a fish like the one in this photo is awesome?

Boost for salmon project

waitaki salmon trap

OPINION: The Waitaki Riparian Enhancement Society has had a very busy period thanks to strong support from within the wider community.

Politics abounds in off-season

peter shutt

OPINION: To say it is a testing time for anglers is no exaggeration, and according to recent reports you might rightly think life is full of contradictions. The politics of fishing are never more apparent than during the off-season.

Dedicated few enriching fishery

salmon hatchery

OPINION: My word of the day is "dedication".

Why rivers need low nitrogen trigger levels

orari river

OPINION: Last week's column, addressed many significant points and drew several calls from readers seeking to better understand why nitrogen limits are at the forefront of pollution concerns.

Water forum has big impact

willy leferink

OPINION: It has taken years for the community to begin talking without acrimony about water issues.

Stealthy approach proved a winner

john manning

The late George Anderson claimed to have enjoyed expert advice from his fellow anglers when he started fishing for salmon.

Sharing salmon memories

george anderson

OPINION: The recent passing of George Anderson saddens me because it reminds me of a discussion we had in the early 90s, and I think it's particularly appropriate to look back at his words today.

There must be a better weigh ...

doug hannah

The South Canterbury angler's club enjoyed modest results over closing weekend andthere have been better season closings.

Increased salmon numbers excite Stratford

salmon spawning

"It's a real privilege to witness this sight," says long-time Winchester farmer Warren Stratford, and he should know because between 8am and 10am last Tuesday he counted eight salmon moving through the pool in front of his lounge.

Favourable conditions for fishers


A ll of the rivers in North Canterbury and the central South Island were low clear and fishable when I checked mid-week.

Workers help spawning trout

peter shutt

At Scott's Creek the importance of developing good shingle to accommodate the large number of Lake Alexandrina spawning has meant much work in streambed preparation and weir construction to improve the flow and provide shelter for trout digging their redds in the freshly raked shingle.

Fish size is about water quality


When I read newspaper articles about native fish being found in streams or a volunteer conservation organisation endeavouring to save Long Fin eels (Timaru Herald March 25 and 26), my first thought went to the common denominator of both species - the water in which they spend most (but not all) of their time. Let me set the scene.

Bid to enhance fishery

rangitata salmon

OPINION: "Nothing happens unless someone makes it happen" - a truism that has seen considerable forethought go into a special release of 4200 fin clipped salmon fry about a kilometre off-shore at the Rangitata rivermouth.

Volunteers target lake briar


Last weekend saw the Lake Alexandrina Conservation Trust volunteers continue the briar spraying programme around much of Lake Alexandrina shoreline.

Flynn is the big winner

thomas flynn

The holiday photo competition winner was 11-year-old Thomas Flynn, of Timaru.

Keen team get busy on cleanup

lake mcgregor

An energetic team of 11 worked to eradicate or control briar regrowth, wilding pines, broom and thistles near the Lake Alexandrina Outlet hut settlement and along the Lake McGregor road edge.

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