Suicide: Time to talk

Father shocked by son's death

christopher mccook-weir

The world shrunk for a Timaru father when his son committed suicide two years ago today.

Sth Canty youth suicide a major concern


A new report shows the youths of South Canterbury are committing suicide at more than double the national rate.

Teens' mothers united in grief

Suicide support

Vicki Jones and Fiona Helm share a dark and unshakeable bond - their boys committed suicide within 10 days of each other.

Community, family help 'vital'

teen depression

Timaru youth adviser Christine Cummings says involvement of families and communities in preventing suicide is "vital".

Living with chronic major depression


Depression is a significant issue in the community, and can be difficult to understand for those who do not suffer from it.

Privacy versus patient health under spotlight

man walks through tunnel

Pressure is mounting for mental health workers to change the way they deal with the privacy concerns of suicidal patients, in the face of concern the issue is contributing to New Zealand's suicide problem.

Don't be afraid to get help, for you or others

Succession depression

In June the Timaru Herald published the first of a series of features on suicide in South Canterbury.

Teen finds help out of darkness


A Timaru teenager said she was 12 years old when she began experiencing depression.

Stigma on getting help must go

chris mcpherson

The day after their flatmate died by suicide, three university students agreed that they would always share their feelings openly with each other.

Gemma's story, in her own words

gemma kelley

St John ambulance officer woman Gemma Kelley has first-hand experience with mental illness.

Gemma regains control of her life

gemma kelley

Gemma Kelley struggled for years with what's now been diagnosed as major depression, generalised anxiety and post-traumatic stress. | Her own words

Researcher calls for suicide 'gatekeepers'

annette beautrais

A leading researcher on suicide in New Zealand says she believes one of the most effective prevention strategies is to recognise warning signs.

'If only we had known'

'Retrospect is a perfect science, and we see all those signs now'

kierie zelda zeelie

In the months since Marco Zeelie, 20, committed suicide, his parents, Kierie and Zelda Zeelie, have searched for answers about what could have been done to save him.

'Suicide is no longer taboo'

Young people get information from their peers on Facebook, Twitter, texting ... 'and often that information is wrong'

	 Neil MacLean

New Zealand's chief coroner hopes information could ultimately help cut the number of suicides in half.

Increase needed in courage of community


If there is going to be a conversation about suicide there also needs to be a conversation about difficult emotions ... and ways of actively supporting people through these.

He's battling a fatal silence

'Males don't talk about emotions'

Richard Brown

Richard Brown believes an epidemic of silence is contributing to the deaths of hundreds of Kiwi men each year.

Grief at what her son is missing

Family never knew he was struggling

louise terry

When Louise Terry thinks of her son, Jeremy, she thinks of all the things he gave up the day he took his own life.

Where to go for help in Sth Canty

Suicide prevention information

suicide emergency contacts south canterbury

A number of South Canterbury agencies provide urgent and non-urgent services to help people.

Mother talks about her loss

'I just wish he spoke more'

verna castle

Thirteen years have passed since Verna Castle's son, Trevor, committed suicide, and she can speak about him now without tears.

Support to break suicide silence 'tremendous'

Ollie Bourke

MEGAN MILLER - The Timaru Herald

Support is gathering for a general practitioner calling for New Zealand to break its silence on suicide.

MAD project receives generous cash boost

christine cummings

South Canterbury residents have dug deep to support a project that could save lives.

Bid to raise young people's self-belief

christine cummings

A woman close to many of South Canterbury's young suicide victims is doing her bit to make a difference.

Coroner calls for more openness of suicide

	 Neil MacLean

The chief New Zealand coroner wants the reporting of suicide to be more open, saying the current secrecy surrounding the subject is not working.

Editorial: Do you have the courage?


Today's topic is not pleasant, jolly or refreshing. It is morbid, awful and depressing.

Kiwis must speak up on suicide - GP

'Suicides are not accidents'

Ollie Bourke

New Zealand must break the silence surrounding suicide, Timaru GP Ollie Bourke says.