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Inside NZ's hidden mountain hot springs

57m ago
Travel news

What packed plane 'boneyards' mean for the future of air travel

Wellness holidays

Why joining a Harder Hike was the best thing I've done for ages

Need a boost to your wellbeing? You might need to get out on a long, hard walk with a bunch of strangers.

Adventure holidays

Win two seats on the flight to see the Southern Lights

With seats starting from $1195 per person, this is a true bucket-list experience.

Travel news

Air NZ cancels 59 flights in wake of lockdown

The national carrier says further cancellations this week are likely as demand drops.

Wellness holidays

Once-in-a-lifetime wellness escapes that don't cost the earth

55m ago
Travel news

Covid-19 seven-day lockdown: What travellers need to know

from the travel desk

It’s often said that a holiday is good for both the body and the brain. A wellness holiday takes that a step further. Replenish, revitalise and re-energise in one of New Zealand’s many spas, clinics and treatment centres. Take time out for yourself, you’ve earned it.


Inside NZ's hidden hot spring heated by a geyser


Galapagos of the South: Beauty, wildlife and an intriguing history

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Climate Change

Tax international flights to pay for hydrogen planes, solar panels: report

Climate Change

Time for tourism to pay for its environmental damage, says commissioner

Climate Change

US airline to buy 200 small electric aircraft to zip people to airports

Climate Change

How to fuel your car for 40 cents a litre

Electric cars cost the equivalent of 40 cents a litre to run – so the country will save billions by switching, even after buying the vehicles and building new wind farms, says Transpower.

Climate Change

Compact cities, low-methane sheep and EVs: Life in our zero-carbon future

Wherever you live and work, your life will be impacted by the Climate Change Commission's low-carbon blueprint.

Climate Change

Travel in 2030: doubling cycling and bus trips won't shift the carbon dial

To go low-carbon, we'll get out of our cars and into public transport and onto bikes twice as often. But eco-activists say we need to go harder and earlier.