We need this more than ever: Bonnie Tyler to sing Total Eclipse on cruise ship during eclipse

Bonnie Tyler's epic, seven-minute ballad will be cut to fit in with the highly-anticipated celestial event.

Bonnie Tyler's epic, seven-minute ballad will be cut to fit in with the highly-anticipated celestial event.

For Bonnie Tyler, sun, moon, Earth and ubiquitous power ballad are all set to align perfectly.

During next week's anticipated solar eclipse, she'll be on a cruise ship belting out her 1983 hit Total Eclipse of the Heart.

The total solar eclipse - during which the moon will pass between Earth and the sun, plunging the day into complete darkness - will be visible to everyone in North America and certain swathes of South America, Africa and Europe on August 21.

At that exact moment, Tyler will perform the tune on Royal Caribbean's Total Eclipse Cruise as it winds its way from Florida to the Caribbean islands, in what the liner calls the "optimal spot at sea" to view the eclipse.

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A partial lunar eclipse was seen from the hills of northern Greece earlier this month, with the moon tinted red as it rises over the landscape.

"The eclipse of the sun lasts two minutes and 40 seconds, unlike my song," Tyler told Time, explaining the epic seven-minute album cut will need to be chopped to fit the celestial event.  

It's a canny bit of cross-promotion by the luxury cruise liner. The song's popularity has surged during previous eclipses, with Spotify noting streams spiked 75 per cent during 2015's solar eclipse, Timereports.   

The Welsh singer has called the hit ballad "evergreen" and "everything I ever wanted", while remaining dumbfounded by its status as a karaoke standard.

"God knows why, because it's not that easy to sing. I find it easy, but, you know..." she joked to Fairfax Media in May.

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The upcoming eclipse has been labelled the "Great American Eclipse" by US media, as it marks the first time in 99 years a complete solar eclipse will be visible across the mainland States, from coast to coast.   

Don't worry about missing out, the event will be streamed live on NASA's official website. Cue up your playlists, bright eyes.

 - Sydney Morning Herald


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