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Spring has sprung in Central Otago

Admiring the colourful blooms around Ranfurly.

Frolicking lambs, colourful blooms, warmer temperatures and beautiful scenery - it's time to visit Central Otago.

Bach of the Year finalists

A "love shack" in Rotorua with Scandi influences and a country barn are among this year's contenders.

Tiny train chuffed to be here video

A night at the Packhorse Hut


Aussie hellhole turned paradise

A friendly local.

"I don't think I've ever seen as much Australian fauna together in one place outside a wildlife park."

From Tasmanian relic to retreat

Derelict lodge listed for demolition, saved by investors and turned into a stunning holiday spot.

Stunning sunset caught at the end of a long day working in Australia.

Spring, the heat, magpies and work…

The Central Queensland Highlands, of which Emerald is the major town, are a very important agricultural area with thousands of acres planted in cotton, wheat and chickpeas; quite nice to see areas being used to produce crops rather than strip mined for coal.

pacific islands

It costs $14k just to land here

Laucala Island, Laucala Island.

Laucala is among the world's most exclusive resorts. It's where the mega-rich come to play.

Mysterious freshwater pools

Dive into the beauty of the legendary Blue Holes in Vanuatu.

From cannibalism to coconuts

Bus boost for Rarotonga medics

uk and ireland

Travel shop with a difference

VisitScotland has launched world's first Instagram Travel Agency.

Scotland aims to lure tourists with the world's first Instagram Travel Agency.

Ireland's mighty monuments

Older than recorded history, the great pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge, Ireland's magnificent megaliths - the mighty stones - are an extraordinary feat of prehistoric architecture.

Riding London's Mail Rail video

Europe's unlikeliest top attraction


Europe: 5 fantastic train journeys

Travelling by train can be much more rewarding than flying. Enjoy the views en-route, and arrive at your destination ...

Even in this era of ridiculously low airfares, there's something about a train journey.

Get paid to move to Italy

The mayor of a small town in Puglia is offering up to $3370 to new residents.

Colosseum's cheap seats now open

A mum on a Spanish pilgrimage stuff nation


Abandoned hotel on $367m estate

The company that was leasing the property went bankrupt in 2001.

The resort on the island of Molokai is "mournful, crumbling, and disturbing".

Slice of paradise - yours for $356m

A vast swathe of this Hawaiian island is up for grabs, but there's a catch.

Six Hawaiian road trips

Making the most of Hawaii


Bible museum sidetracks Jesus video

The children's area under construction at the Museum of the Bible.

The US institution in Washington DC cost nearly $700m, but one major religious figure gets little attention.

The darker side of Disney video

As a worker in the wondrous world of the House of Mouse, there's a darker side to Disney.

Singing Britney in a storm to elk

Hot Spot: Albuquerque

canada & alaska

The world's worst waxworks gallery

Not quite right: Wills and Kate.

The waxworks museum in Niagara Falls is open late. And that's excellent news, because you'll need a few drinks.

Visiting Alaska for the first time

US state is a curious combination of the insubstantial, the surreal and the alarmingly down to earth.

The shop dividing a tourist town

A bright shining idea

south america

Trek up into thin Andean air video

On the roof of the Andes.

Tackling the snowy peaks of the Cordillera Blanca mountain range on two wheels, Neil Ratley gets snowed in, meets furry friends and enjoys awe-inspiring scenes.

Panama Canal bigger and better

The greatest shortcut in the world will cost you more than $800,000 to take.

Rio's original rock star hotel

Casa Palopo: Guatemalan jewel


Pyongyang as you've never seen it video

Some incredible structures on the river.

A 360-degree video of Kim Jong Un's showcase North Korean capital.

Kiwis get a glimpse inside world's best spa video

I have so much Zen running through the system, I could have given the Dalai Lama a run for his money.

Cycling in Chch, ugh

Museum where carpets star video


Flight opens up remote St Helena video

Merrill Joshua, a member of the local government, dresses up as Napoleon outside a house where the exiled French ...

Locals are hoping flights into the "world's most useless airport" will bring a steady trickle of aviation thrill-seekers and French history buffs.

Amazing bird's nest for grown-ups

Here's a great way to view the African wildlife, from the self-contained Bird Nest Villa.

Finally, flights to 'useless' airport

Highlights of Morocco

middle east

20 surprising things about Dubai video

Dubai's architecture is impressive.

Emirates may be adding more direct flights from Auckland to Dubai, so what's the Persian Gulf city like?

Louvre Abu Dhabi's 'dome of light'

Innovative techniques used to capture the sands, the sea and the horizons of the "enormous sky''.

Hiking the new Jordan Trail

Petra, beyond the facade video

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