The other grand canyon

The view over Fish River Canyon in Namibia.

5:00 AM  Fish River is one of the few canyons on earth fashioned by a combination of tectonic, volcanic, climactic and erosional forces.

Exploring Africa

The Hansby family at Victoria Falls, from left, Luke Hansby, Fleur Hansby, Nick Hansby and Sam Hansby.

When you plan your trip to Africa, the animals and environment are expected to be the main attraction.

Hyenas in Harar

To encourage visitors to trust the hyenas, Abbas feeds them directly from his mouth.

Tourists come to see the city's ancient mosques, but also to see the Hyena Man.

A weekend in Essaouira

Essaouira is an enchanting, laid-back alternative to the frenetic melting-pot of Marrakesh.

Enjoy this colourful Moroccan port before temperatures begin to soar

Encountering an elephant jam

An elephant family comes down to the river to drink, so our morning coffee is cut short.

I had only myself to blame. I did, after all, ask for elephants. But did they have to get in between me and my beer?

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