Indulge in Europe like a local

Discover the ancient sailing routes around Croatia on an eight-day trip on a sailing boat.

There’s other ways to indulge in Europe that will have you living and feasting like a local.

Portugal: The best dishes to eat in Lisbon

Roasted sardines served at Antigo 1 de Maio in the Bairro Alto neighborhood of Lisbon, Portugal.

In Portugal we have three types of protein, declares our tour guide. "We have meat. We have fish. And we have codfish."

Family adventures on a budget

Cathedral of Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain.

You're a family of five and you want to go on an adventurous but affordable holiday in Europe. What are your options?

If these painted walls could talk

Lyon is known for its commanding Renaissance and Roman architecture but it has a softer, more creative side.

Like the passageways that are woven through the city, there is more to Lyon than meets the eye.

Taking the road less travelled video

The fishing village of Luarca, Asturias, is postcard perfect.

Unlocking the secrets of Northern Spain is fun in a group, but going it alone also has its charms.

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Notre-Dame: Save our gargoyles!

Some of the gargoyles at the Notre Dame Cathedral are crumbling away.

France's most-visited monument is crumbling and needs a big cash injection.

Spare $80? Buy a French castle

Fancy a doer-upper? Handy with a hammer? Then this chateau is right up your alley.

Beached as, mon frere video

Cabin perfect for night owls gallery


Italian paradise so often overlooked

Otranto in Puglia is a town with a small harbour, a big castle (Castello Aragonese) and an interesting history.

Where castles perch on the edge of glassy seas and cathedrals house skulls of martyrs.

Following footsteps of The Godfather

The locations of the legendary gangster epic have some intriguing tales of their own.

Cala Granara is in La Maddalena, an archipelago of around 60 islands.

Italy's 10 most beautiful beaches video

One looks like a staircase. Another was created by a landslide. But they're all equally spectacular.


Town of 2000 that welcomes 2 million

A basket of Martin Luther-branded liquor. From May to November, millions of visitors are expected to attend more than ...

Welcome to Wittenberg, a small German town with a big heart and an even bigger bible.

The building that transformed a city video

From a scandal to a world wonder - how Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie went from joke to iconic.

Rebecca Young likes by the town hall, the Hamburg Rathaus.

Enjoying open-minded Hamburg

Wellingtonian Rebecca Young loves the diversity, relaxed lifestyle and natural attractions of Hamburg.

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