Pacific island no one knows about stuff nation video

Taking a break from kayaking the Malakal Islands for a dip and a snorkel.

A remote island paradise with unspoiled reefs and hidden waterfalls is waiting to be explored.

Why celebrities love this island paradise

Turtle Island has been the location for several movies and television series, including the 1980 film Blue Lagoon and ...

Stars choose it for honeymoons and private getaways. But what makes this island in Fiji so special?

Pippa's private island honeymoon video

Pippa Middleton.

After a lavish wedding, the newlyweds are off to a private island in French Polynesia, once owned by a famous actor.

The real Fiji

The Nabutautau Village in Fiji.

There was not a sandy beach in sight - and it was majestic.

Hotspot of the week: Pentecost Island

Land diving at Vanuatu

Witness the inspiration for bungee jumping on this paradisaical island in Vanuatu.

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