Adventure holidays
Adventure holidays
If you haven’t thrown yourself off a bungy, or raced down a luge, or even got soaked white-water rafting, have you been doing New Zealand properly? Aotearoa is adrenaline central, and there’s really no better place in the world for thrills and chills.

These mates paddled 332km. What they found was spectacular

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7 once-in-a-lifetime trips for Aussies to do in Aotearoa

Cycling holidays

Time to get on your bike on the Heaphy Track

Between its wilderness scenery, natural wonders and mostly friendly terrain, it’s up there with the best.

Climate Change

Tourism in Antarctica is booming, but it's a complicated relationship

Fourteen new expedition vessels are scheduled to come online in 2021, most with fewer than 200 berths.

Adventure holidays

Need a big break? Here are the world's longest holidays

When the pandemic is over, you may find you want a longer holiday than usual.


How to choose the perfect Australian island for you


Nine must-do highlights of Australia's Sunshine Coast

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Explore our nation's past and natural wonders in a day at Waiuku

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Nowhere gets wilder than this north-east edge of the Northern Territory.

Adventure holidays

Are you brave enough? Jaw-dropping new stairway hovers over US desert

One of the most luxurious resorts in the US now lays claim to one of the greatest thrills in North America.

Adventure holidays

Behind the scenes on Air New Zealand's aurora hunter

We flew from Christchurch directly into an aurora storm — here's what happened next.

Adventure holidays

Going to one of the world's most remote places

The Micronesian student is exploring the floor of the Marianas Trench.

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Onboard Air NZ's new aurora hunter

An Air New Zealand jet flew into an aurora storm on a tour from Christchurch last night to view the Southern Lights.

West Coast

The tiny town near the last resting place of old moa bones

It's a place so special, you can still see entire moa skeletons lying in a 35 million-year-old cave system.


A treasure hunt around Tāmaki Makaurau's maunga

Auckland's iconic landmarks, green spaces and ancient sites are more than just vantage points.

South and Central America

Would you dare enter 'the cave of hanging snakes'?

In the pitch-black darkness of a cave in Mexico, a rare phenomenon is happening every night.