Island of fun in the Maldives

Club Med Kani. FFX-travel

Eat and drink as much as you want, surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters. Does that sound like heaven?

The islands off the tourist radar

The islands in the Palawan region were the inspiration for Alex Garland's book and subsequent film, The Beach.

There's no need to set your alarm on Miniloc Island. The monkeys will do it for you.

We go to NZ-made underwater eatery gallery video

It's slightly distracting in this restaurant.

NZ's talented designers and builders have brought to life one of the best travel experiences on Earth.

Kiwis make huge undersea eatery

The Hurawalhi Island Resort's underwater restaurant. You'll need deep pockets to eat here.

Built in Taranaki, world's biggest underwater restaurant lets you watch fish swim while savouring their cooked relatives.

NZ snubbed, Sydney shines

Sydney has some of the best landmarks of cities around the world, the survey said.

Don't despair NZ, if you want a holiday apparently Sydney is the second best place in the world to go.

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