Swedish hotel offers free rooms, but only if you ditch the phone

Phones have changed the way we interact with each other.
Phones have changed the way we interact with each other.

The mobile phone is undoubtedly one of the world's greatest inventions. But it also comes with some well-documented downsides.

It seems that our ability to talk and converse with each other without resisting the temptation for a sneaky look at Instagram and Facebook has been dramatically affected.

In her recent book Reclaiming Conversation, US professor Sherry Turkle stated that 89 per cent of Americans took out a phone during their last social interaction and that 82 per cent said the mobile had deteriorated the conversation they were in. 

In an interview with Greater Good Magazine, Turkle stated: "I'm concerned about people for whom social media becomes a kind of substitute, who literally post something on Facebook and just sit there and watch whether they get 100 likes on their picture, whose self-worth and focus becomes dictated by how they are accepted, wanted, and desired by social media."

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So in a bid to get people talking again, one Swedish hotel has come up with an ingenious idea: the less you use social media, the cheaper your stay will be.

Hotel Bellora in Gothenburg is promoting the Check Out Suite.

The room comes with a unique Skärmfri (screen-free) lamp which measures how much time you are spending online.

When guests connect their phones to the lamp using the room's Wi-Fi, the lamp will glow white as it measures up to 30 minutes of the daily recommended time people should be on their phones. For example, that's two hours for a family of four.

But once you go over that limit, the lamp will start to glow red.

Uh-oh - you going to have start paying now.
Uh-oh - you going to have start paying now.

The maximum price for the room and breakfast is SEK2400 (NZ$388), but that will decrease depending on how much you spend online. If you don't go online at all, the room is free.

On the hotel's website it states: "The less time - the cheaper the stay. If you let the screens be completely free, you will have more time with each other. A win-win simply."

You can get more information at the Hotel Bellora website.