Travel Troubles

Labour Weekend's laborious traffic

Labour Weekend traffic heading out of the capital is already starting to build on State Highway 1 Plimmerton to Paraparaumu.

Traffic congestion builds, as motorists head away for the long weekend.

Not champagne? Get my lawyer video

Champagne is a sparkling wine produced from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France.

Passenger sues airline after he was promised champagne but got sparkling wine instead.

AirAsia's bizarre moaning contest video

Audrey Lesner isn't impressed by the entertainment.

What the....? Baffled couple film strange competition on flight from Malaysia to the Philippines.

Fired for dragging flyer off plane video

David Dao was dragged off a United Airlines flight at Chicago O'Hare International Airport.

Two security officers given marching orders after fall-out from pulling David Dao off a United flight.

Peed on flyer sues airline

United Airlines said it is waiting to receive the lawsuit.

United passenger Daniel Card gets a nasty wet surprise from a drunk traveller.

Bed bug bites blamed on airline

The post from Heather Szilagyi on Twitter.

"It was coming out of the back of the TV screen. I saw what was maybe a flax seed - but it started moving."

How Air NZ saved my trip home

Lance Girling-Butcher and his guide dog Yogi.

OPINION: My guide dog and I were stranded by a cancelled flight when Air New Zealand came to the rescue.

AirAsia crew 'panicked' passengers video

Passengers on board the flight say they were terrified.

"Hostesses started screaming: 'Emergency, emergency'. There was no real panic before that, then everyone panicked."

Landing a plane during Ophelia

Pilots were battling crosswinds at Dublin Airport.

Ophelia is playing havoc with transport in Ireland, and making it a tough day at the office for pilots.

Plane plummets 20,000 feet

Terrified passengers put their oxygen masks on.

"We were saying goodbye to each other," say passengers on Perth to Bali flight.

Drone hits plane in Canada

Drones are not allowed within 5.5 km of Canadian airports, helipads and seaplane bases

Relief as no-one is injured after the incident at a Quebec City airport.

Whipping back the welcome mat

Malaysian nationals have been revealed as having the most visitor visa waiver refusals at the border since 2011.

Almost 4900 foreigners rejected for failing to meet visitor visa requirements.

Emergency landing for Sydney flight

Etihad flight EY450 made an emergency landing in Adelaide.

Smoke alarm goes off on Etihad jet forcing pilots to divert to Adelaide.

Overheating brake leads to airport emergency video

Fire crews douse the plane in foam.

British Airways jet is doused in foam on landing in the Ukraine.

Probe into airport security glitch

An investigation will be carried out at Auckland Airport after a power interruption caused a metal detector to stop working.

It's still not clear if any passengers managed to evade screening as they departed Auckland.

The Airbnb host who spied on tenants video

Derek Starnes noticed there was something unusual with the smoke detector.

Young couple were enjoying their stay in Florida, until they noticed a hole in the smoke detector.

Security mishap at airport

Massive queues formed at Auckland Airport after a power cut to a metal detector.

Passengers allowed to board planes after international terminal evacuated due to screening issue at Auckland Airport.

Fire as cargo loaded onto plane

One person was hurt in the fire in Hong Kong.

One person hurt in Hong Kong as loading equipment catches fire.

First head rolls at Ryanair video

Ryanair disrupted the plans of more than 700,000 passengers by failing to have enough standby pilots.

Irish airline still reeling from rostering "cock up" which disrupted plans of more than 700,000 passengers.

Drifting in an A380 video

The Emirates A380 jet gets sideways in strong crosswinds at Dusseldorf airport.

The biggest passenger jet in the world skidded around like a toy after landing in extreme crosswinds.

Google gets lost in Australia

When you do get the Blue Mountains, the view is pretty spectacular.

Confused sightseers following Google directions found themselves in a quiet cul-de-sac instead of at a picturesque destination.

Man chases imaginary butterfly on plane

Anil Uskanli thought a butterfly had flown out of the passenger seat pocket in front of him (file photo).

A butterfly suddenly came out of the passenger seat in front of him. At least that's what he thought.

Las Vegas open, but sombre

Las Vegas is still open for business

Casinos and attractions are open, but the mood has changed following gunman's deadly rampage.

Never judge a mum by a photo

Molly Lensing and her daughter Antastasia had been stuck at the airport for more than 20 hours.

Molly Lensing was shamed by a stranger who took a photo as her baby daughter lay on the airport floor.

Fighter jets escort Ryanair plane

A Ryanair flight was escorted to London after a bomb threat was called in.

Suspected bomb hoax triggers Britain's Royal Air Force to scramble two fighter jets to escort a Ryanair passenger jet.

Cruelty of animal selfies exposed

Sloths are commonly used for wildlife selfies in the Amazon. The sloth's apparent smile is a result of its facial ...

The photos may look cute, but animal selfies snapped by tourists are causing suffering around the world.

Pilot stops attempted storming

Jetstar Airways raised the alarm after the man crawled into a secure area then tried to board a flight.

A man who tried to storm a Jetstar flight at Melbourne Airport was stopped at the plane's door by the pilot, then tasered by police.

Tradition pulls some to Bali volcano

Mount Agung has the potential to erupt imminently although flights to Bali and its main tourist areas remain unaffected ...

Despite fears Mount Agung will erupt soon, some are traveling to the area declared off-limits.

Flames from Russian plane engine video

Flames erupt from the right engine.

The Antonov An-148 had just taken off when the right engine caught fire.

Listen: Air France mayday video

A photo taken by a passenger on board the Air France flight 66 from Paris to Los Angeles, showing the damaged engine.

Investigation begins into why A380 engine blew over the Atlantic Ocean.

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