Travel Troubles

Urine-soaked seat for 11-hour flight

When the passenger complained, the flight attendant handed him wipes to clean it.

When the passenger complained, the flight attendant handed him wipes to clean it.

Mid-flight hot water spill on boy

Matthew Gibson suffered burns to his leg after a flight attendant spilled boiling water on him.

A child suffered burns to his leg after a flight attendant spilled boiling water on him.

Passenger tries to open exit mid-flight video

Once the flight landed, police officers escorted the man off the plane.

The pilot had just started the descent when a man at the emergency exit tried to open the door.

Rimutaka oil spill cleared

NZTA is responding to reports of an oil spill on State Highway 2 over the Rimutaka hill. (File photo)

Large diesel spill on Wairarapa side of SH2 was causing a traffic hazard.

Fog hits Auckland flights

Regional flights had been delayed by fog at the country's busiest airport (file photo).

Fog restrictions lifted after disrupting flights and morning commute for motorists.

Claps for windy landing video

The Air New Zealand flight approaches Wellington in high winds.

Fierce winds are disrupting flights in Wellington but one pilot was determined to get through.

When pirates target a cruise ship video

A watchkeeper looks out over the Southern Red Sea.

A luxury cruise liner went dark for 10 days as passengers were told to prepare for an attack.

Kiwis pay $50 bond at backpackers

A $50 "bad behaviour bond" has been the only way to stop rowdy, drunk Kiwis causing a problem for Mount Backpackers ...

A Tauranga backpackers fed up with disrespectful Kiwi guests is charging a "bad-behaviour bond".

Third Trip offers Moore fun

Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan are back with more culinary adventures in The Trip to Spain.

REVIEW: As with the first two Trips, this is essentially a vehicle for showcasing mouthwatering plates of food, gorgeous countryside and the vocal artistry of our two heroes.

Qtown crash pilot 'shaken up'

It was understood the plane, believed to be a Cessna 177b crashed at the end of the runway about 8.50am Tuesday, police said.

Flights were halted this morning after a light aircraft crashed on take-off.

Man flies 14,000km on wrong plane

Samuel Jankowsky contacted his pregnant wife who immediately phoned the airline to complain.

Staff checked his boarding pass, but somehow he ended up in Las Vegas, not London.

Truck causes traffic jam

A truck has wedged itself on SH1, north of Wellington.

Truck wedged at notorious SH1 intersection heading south to Wellington.

Tourist attacked over Nazi salute

The American is under investigation after making a Nazi salute in downtown Dresden. (File photo).

A drunk American tourist was punched as he gave the Nazi salute in downtown Dresden, Germany.

Sick pilot means major delays

Passengers were allegedly offered $8 for refreshments while they waited at Christchurch Airport for their 5.20pm ...

A typically hour-long Jetstar flight from Christchurch to Wellington took up most of Saturday.

Plane crashes at Queensland airport

Emergency services respond to a light plane crash at Caloundra Airport on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

Two people trapped in the wreckage of the light plane have been freed.

Airline bans bare arms

Saudi Arabian Airlines didn't want to talk about its new dress rules, except to say they'd been formulated by the  ...

Saudi Arabia's national carrier has set off a social media storm after introducing a strict new passenger dress code.

Whale lodges onto cruise ship

The Grand Princess was the world's largest cruise ship when it launched in 1998.

2600-passenger cruise ship pulls into Alaskan port to find a sad surprise on its bow.

Christchurch flights resume

Flights have resumed after fog caused the cancellation and delay of many flights in and out of Christchurch on Thursday ...

PM Bill English was one of hundreds of passengers caught out by heavy fog blanketing Christchurch Airport.

Dog dies on United flight

Lulu was a 5-year-old King Charles Spaniel.

United had 9 of the 26 deaths of animals reported last year during air transport, more than any other airline.

Robbed of all but clothes on backs

Dominik Wiedmann and Christian Engel from Germany were robbed in Pukekohe on August 6.

A dream photography trip to New Zealand has turned into a nightmare for two young German tourists.

Pilots explain turbulence

Most pilots find turbulence annoying, not scary.

A boiling brew of meteorological, atmospheric and geological factors causes turbulence. But it's really not so bad.

Irish vet fails English test

Louise Kennedy's native language is English, but she can't convince a machine.

Louise Kennedy's native language is English, but she can't convince a machine.

Places too popular for their own good

Are Instagram fame-seekers ruining picturesque Santorini?

With hoards of selfie-seekers arriving, these stunning but fragile places are "ticking time bombs".

Battery fire with 410 on board

Lufthansa said the battery, a power bank used to charge mobile devices, caught fire after falling beneath a seat.

A battery lodged between a seat caused a fire that left flight attendants scrambling.

Tourist's laughable vegan dinner

Note to restaurant owners, a plate of tomatoes does not qualify as a vegan meal.

Note to restaurant owners, a plate of tomatoes does not qualify as a vegan meal.

Seat belts off in terror turbulence video

Turbulence mess on an American Airlines flight over the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday.

It started as a few seconds of shaking and normal turbulence. Then came the "lurch".

Warming hits world's 'highest village'

Life is harsh for the 130 residents of Komik, a quaint collection of whitewashed mud-and-stone houses located in the ...

Spiti is dotted with stupas and centuries-old monasteries, but climate change is taking its toll on this Himalayan valley.

Tourists' shameful actions

The historic German Reichstag, once home to the Imperial Diet.

Chinese government's concern over embarrassing behaviour by tourists not helped as two are arrested for Nazi salutes in Berlin.

10 injured in severe turbulence

Three passengers and seven crew members were taken to a hospital for evaluation after severe turbulence on an American ...

American Airlines flight from Greece to the US hit trouble just before landing.

Cheap deals 'never what they seem'

International Holidays claims to be able to whisk you and three family members away to anywhere in the world for up to ...

Travellers are being warned off an outfit making cold calls, offering discount vouchers for overseas holidays.

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