10 wildest cruise ship stories of 2018

A Norwegian Cruise Line ship worker was awarded US$4.6 million because his arm was amputated after the ship's doctor made the wrong diagnosis.
A Norwegian Cruise Line ship worker was awarded US$4.6 million because his arm was amputated after the ship's doctor made the wrong diagnosis.

Going on a cruise is supposed to be relaxing and rewarding, but that's not always what happens.

According to a Cruise Industry Overview published by The Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA), 27.2 million people were forecasted to sail the oceans in 2018 on FCCA and Cruise Lines International Associate (CLIA) member cruise lines.

With that many people boarding cruise ships over a 12-month period, it's reasonable to expect a few things to go awry.

Here are 10 of the craziest cruise ship stories of the year presented in chronological order.

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10. 500 passengers got sick on Royal Caribbean cruise ships.

Between December 2017 and January 2018, over 500 people reportedly became ill on a different Royal Caribbean cruise ship lines. Royal Caribbean did not know what caused the outbreak of illness.

9. A Carnival Cruise ship briefly flooded.

In May 2018, the Carnival Dream cruise ship experienced a flooding episode that was captured on video by passengers.

According to Carnival, the flooding was caused by a water line break in the ship's fire suppression system and impacted around 50 staterooms. The cruise line offered affected passengers a full refund, a 50 per cent future cruise credit, and the option to disembark early.

8. A Norwegian Cruise Ship crew member falls overboard and was found alive 22 hours later.

In July, a Carnival Cruise ship rescued a Norwegian Cruise Line crew member who fell overboard off the coast of Cuba. The man had managed to keep himself afloat in the water for 22 hours, which Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line, called "nothing short of miraculous".

CNN reports the Coast Guard said it searched more than 1630 square miles (4221 square km) of ocean.

The polar bear's killing caused outrage.
The polar bear's killing caused outrage.

7. A polar bear was shot dead by a security guard on a Norwegian Cruise.

In July, a polar bear was shot and killed by guards from the MS Bremen of German cruise operator Hapag-Lloyd Cruises.

The company claims that the animal was only shot once it became apparent the attacked guard's life was in danger and that the animal would not leave the scene. The bear's killing caused outrage among many as it was the tourists who invaded the animal's natural habitat.

6. A woman fell overboard off Norwegian Cruise Line ship and trod water for 10 hours to survive.

In August 2018, a female passenger fell overboard off a Norwegian Cruise Line ship in the Adriatic Sea and trod water for 10 hours before being rescued by the Croatian Coast Guard.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported the woman was fit enough to tread water from practicing yoga and sang songs to herself to stop herself from feeling cold.

Voyager of the Seas docked in Sydney Harbour.
Voyager of the Seas docked in Sydney Harbour.

5. A Royal Caribbean cruise ship was taken over by 1300 men who hosted a crazy party with burlesque dancers.

In September, a group of 1300 men aboard Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas turned the ship into a bacchanalian party over the course of three nights.

The men, who were said to be attending a work conference on board the ship, brought along burlesque dancers wearing Playboy Bunny suits and reportedly harassed young female passengers.

Royal Caribbean has since offered passengers refunds.

4. A Norwegian Cruise Line ship worker was awarded US$4.6 million because his arm was amputated after the ship's doctor made the wrong diagnosis.

In September, a former waiter aboard the cruise ship Norwegian Breakaway was awarded US$4.6 million dollars in compensation because the ship's doctor provided him with the incorrect medication that reacted so violently against his body's constitution that he had to have his arm amputated in 2016.

3. A couple reveals they found a hidden camera in their room while on a Carnival Cruise Ship.

In October, a couple revealed to Inside Edition that they discovered a hidden camera in their bedroom onboard the Carnival Fantasy last year.

"I said, 'Is that what I think it is?'" said Chris White, who was travelling on a three-day cruise with his wife, in the interview with Inside Edition. "And she looked at it, and she became concerned. And we were just really flabbergasted that there's a camera in the room, and it's plugged up, and it's working."

According to Carnival, a video transmitter was discovered in the cruisegoers' room and the device has been turned over to the FBI.

2. A Carnival Cruise ship almost capsized.

In October, the Carnival Sunshine suffered a malfunction that caused the ship to list or tilt severely.

In a letter to guests, Carnival said the issue was caused by "an electric switchboard malfunction impacted the use of the fin stabilisers".

This nearly-disastrous event caused "pure chaos, screams, cries, panic", and left passengers aboard the ship shaken.

1. A woman died on a Carnival Princess Cruises ship in November and was reportedly being investigated as a potential murder.

On November 13, a 52-year-old American woman died on the Royal Princess while en route to Aruba. According to a USA Today report on November 14, authorities were treating the death of the passenger as a possible homicide after a man was reportedly seen choking the victim.

A USA Today report on November 20, stated that authorities in Aruba ruled her death unnatural, and that it was still being investigated.