Plane cheers as unruly passenger choked by fellow traveller video

The passenger jumps into action.

The passenger jumps into action.

The passenger had reportedly been annoying other travellers all through the two-hour flight from the Spanish city of Girona to London's Luton airport.

He had been singing loudly with his headphones on and ignored repeated warnings to quiet down by air crew.

Fellow travellers were tired and grumpy as the plane landed at 11pm (local time).

But it was a moment when the passenger tried to push past ground crew that led one fellow traveller to snap.

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The grey-haired vigilante stood up and put the man into a chokehold, causing him to slump to the floor unconcious while fellow passengers cheered.

Dean Whiteside filmed the scenes.

"I could see it brewing up that's the reason I got my phone out, ready to film it.

"The guy was lifeless in his arms like a rag doll," he told The Sun.

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The disruptive passenger was arrested for common assault.

A spokesperson for Bedfordshire Police said: "We were called to attend Luton Airport arrivals at 11pm on June 30 following reports of a passenger acting aggressively on an inbound flight.

"A 22-year-old man from Dagenham was arrested on suspicion of common assault and being drunk on an aircraft.

"He was taken into police custody and dealt with by way of simple caution."


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