How IS nearly had a 'dirty bomb'

When IS took Mosul, it had a huge weapons supply. But the most fearsome was never used.

BBC women demand action now

Fix gender pay gap now so future generations don't face discrimination, TV personalities tell broadcaster.

Curfew to curb boy racers?

Boy racers and residents met face to face to talk about rising tensions in Te Kowhai.

Facelift for historic mill

Offices, restaurants, apartments and a multi-purpose theatre planned for forgotten heritage gem.

Liam Malone's rap battle win

Kiwi Paralympics star Liam Malone shows off his rapping skills as he beats sprinting rival.

Floodwater breaches evacuee's home

Resident returns to find floodwater has washed through her quake-damaged home.

Identical twins turn 100

Identical twin sisters from Otago have beaten the one-in-700 million odds.

Lending a helping paw

A labrador named Lady has changed a young autistic boy's life "overnight".

Sleep tight, tight five

Below their best but through, jetlagged Chiefs forwards face a mighty battle against Crusaders.

Response effort praised

Timaru's mayor has praised the response to the weekend's storm, as the weather eases and attention turns to the clean up effort.

Ben Affleck: I'm still Batman

There's only one Batman and his name is Ben Affleck. That is according to Ben Affleck.

Prince George told about Diana

The littlest royals are growing up with only one Granny, but Prince William keeps his mother's memory alive through stories.

Part of Damond shooting filmed

A person biking nearby when the Australian woman was shot by an officer in the US filmed part of the incident.

Working in the wild weather

Hundreds of people worked tirelessly across South Canterbury in the worst flooding in years.

Girl, 9, drowns in bath

An Auckland family is "really raw at the moment" after a young child drowned at home.

Storm fells more than 100 trees

Dave Esler says it was "crazy" as 300mm of rain and high winds rip through the trees on his Timaru property.

Froome zooms to fourth win

Whoever you talk to in the Tour De France entourage when discussing 26-year-old Australian Michael Matthews agrees that his career is about to skyrocket.

Stranger Things 2 gets spooky

It's Halloween in the creepy town of Hawkins, according to the new trailer for the Netflix hit show. But never fear - the Ghostbusters are here.

Chickens lost in flood

A shop owner who lost animals in rapidly rising floodwaters questions why her property was inundated.

Tony Brown fires parting shot at refs

Highlanders coach Tony Brown says referees are "getting a lot of calls wrong" after controversial yellow card.