Road rage: Man punches woman

Dashcam captures a man in Australia punching a woman in a road rage attack.

Steelers digging deep

Counties Manukau Steelers turning to gardening for a bit of pre-season motivation.

Workplace teacup prank boils over

A Tokoroa teacup prank has gone all the way to Parliament - but who's behind it?

Hell yes, I'm seeing Thor

Opinion: I have a dilemma. Do I want to see Thor: Ragnarok because I'm keen on the film, or because I'm a die-hard Kiwi?

Spanish guitarist's Star Wars moment

Prepare to forget everything except his music and Spain.

Christchurch floods gone wild

A Christchurch photographer thought her flood pics were a bit boring. Now, they're the beast.

Bandmates pen Dear Chester letter

"Demons" that haunted Linkin Park's frontman "were always part of the deal", say his colleagues.

MLB fan catches flying bat

A baseball fan saves fellow onlookers from potentially nasty injury with a brilliant one-handed catch.

IMF cuts US view, citing Trump

World's biggest economy will grow less than expected, and fall far short of Trump's predictions, IMF says.

Waititi and Urban lampoon Australia

"It's just the accent - it's like being drilled in the side of the head, all day long."

Princes regret final call with Diana

Prince William and Harry speak about the last conversation they had with their mother just before she died.

More to Tomic than tennis brat

OPINION: 17-minutes of smugness turned on its head as we get a glimpse of the real Bernard Tomic.

Bank robbers don Trump masks

In a nod to Hollywood, two Italian brothers pull off robberies wearing masks of US President.

Kushner denies Russia collusion

US President Donald Trump's son-in-law says he met Russians but insists he has nothing to hide.

Suicide bomber kills 16

Suicide bomber targets police, killing at least 16 people, in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore.

Man with chainsaw wounds five

Unkempt man wounds five people at an office building in the northern Swiss city of Schaffhausen and then flees.

Charlie Gard's parents end fight

UK parents cry as they end their legal battle for treatment of their terminally-ill child.

With a whisker to spare

Plans to open a Christchurch cat cafe are purring along nicely.

Australia reneges on refugee deal

UN says there was a "clear understanding" someĀ refugees in offshore detention centres would be allowed to settle in Australia.

Thorn in Wallabies camp

In a sight to make All Blacks fans weep, Brad Thorn is helping out the Wallabies.

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