Benching Cambridge's Mr Sport is not going to be easy after a 42 year career

Retiring after a  42-year career as a teacher is Mr Sports, is Richard Glover.
Mike Bain

Retiring after a 42-year career as a teacher is Mr Sports, is Richard Glover.

On the last day of a 42 year teaching career, Richard Glover had lost count of the number of pupils he had taught.

The majority of his career was spent at the Cambridge Middle School.

And you can bet, even if your children weren't his pupils, he probably had some influence in their lives.

During his four decade career his influence reached beyond the school gate to the organisation of school associated sports, Waikato wide.

His involvement in running sports, included athletics, cross country, swimming, racquet sports, cricket, gymnastics, girls rugby and la crosse. 

An advocate for outdoor education, he gained satisfaction in seeing youngsters achieve.

"Outside of the classroom, be it sport or outdoor pursuits, kids show a different side of themselves," he said.

He can recall his first day at the school, almost fresh from teachers College in 1976, and said today's schools were different environments to back then.

He's watched changes in education and society and the effect they've had on children over four decades.

"Kids are very different today. They're more aware of themselves, and mature in a physical sense, and not as fit as they used to be."

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But some things haven't changed. There are still good kids but the bad kids are a lot worse than they used to be. 

"Corporal punishment was used as a deterrent, and if I had occasion it was done out of sight, but within hearing of other class members.

"And time was given to anyone to regain composure before re-entering into the classroom."

Glover wouldn't single out any years, classes or pupils as his favourite.

"Lots of kids stand out for different reasons.

"Some ended up top sport or business people, others made lists which were not so great."

Leaving school also means leaving his home of 42 years which is on the same street as the school. He's retiring to Pukehina Beach.

You get the feeling retirement wont slow him down nor will the shoulder surgery he is currently undergoing.

He plans to get involved with the local fire brigade, kids lifesaving, childrens sports and maybe do some relief teaching.

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