Bombay Anglican Church celebrates 150 years

Bombay Anglican Church celebrates 150 years.

Bombay Anglican Church celebrates 150 years.

The Bombay Anglican church is holding a celebration next weekend to honour its 150 year anniversary. 

The church, which happens to be on 150 Bombay Rd, will be hosting a market day, a car rally and a dinner on July 29, and a celebration church service on July 30. 

Bombay Anglican Church vicar Andrew Beyer said the 150 year anniversary service reflected their history and gave thanks to all the people "before us for all of the work that has been done".

The car rally will start in the morning and will see up to 40 vehicles visit historic sites around Tuakau, Pokeno and Mercer. 

Once back, the rally-goers will come back to a sausage sizzle, light refreshments and a mini market day, where there will be cakes, food stalls, pottery and artwork for sale. 

The "dine and dance" dinner, which will be held at the Bombay School Hall, will see guest speaker, deputy chair Andy Baker, discuss the "vibrant" future for Franklin and Bombay. 

Beyer said that the church has been a significant part of the Bombay community since its establishment on July 27, 1867. 

"The church has not only been a place that served those Anglican families and members, but it has also been a presence in the community by responding to the needs of the community over the years.

"We need to look at the different ways we can serve the community we are living in and just how our 150 year old building on the side of the hill here can be a base for effective response in our community."

Future developments for the church include a new roof and a new window that signifies the 150 year celebration. 

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