Do's and don'ts of crisis PR video

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has been caught up in controversy over photos from a college Yearbook.

OPINION: Telling the truth early and often is the best form of defence.

When process rules the world

Wrongly convicted Teina Pora spent decade behind bars as the process of release followed its course.

It's easier to be a slave to the system than jump off the tracks of process, writes Andrew Bydder.

Hamilton's building its CBD, and they are coming

A turn to the city's biggest natural asset shows the future for Hamilton's CBD, writes Richard Swainson.

Yes, there are empty retail slots, but the true potential of the Tron shines in a freewheeling riverside event.

Shameful snub of a heroic dad

David White, father of murdered Waikato mother Helen Meads, is embarking on a national speaking tour to address the ...

OPINION: David White is trying to set a good example. But MPs aren't listening.

The 'tragedy' of high country land sales

Peter Thiel owns land near Wanaka that was once part of a pastoral lease.

OPINION: The axing of tenure review should have happened years ago.

Drug fight doesn't need amateurs

Education about drug abuse is a specialist profession and former drug dealers give the wrong message to impressionable ...

We don't need those who helped make the drug problem to tell us that it's there, writes Tom O'Connor

Paranoid about fire danger

Close: Helicopter pilots and firefighters on the ground fought hard to save houses like this.

OPINION: Why I'm feeling paranoid about the fire danger around the country.

Yes please to Valentines undies

I love underwear, but it has to something I feel comfortable in, writes Verity Johnson. This Victoria's Secret $1 ...

OPINION: I love all things tiny and shiny. Just forget about the stretchy red lace.

Fence-sitting over China has got harder

China will have paid attention to Winston Peters' views about the US and the Pacific.

OPINION: New Zealand is a small player stuck between larger, opposing forces.

We need to talk about justice

Chester Borrows: A person doesn't touch the justice system in a serious way until they have failed or been failed by ...

OPINION: If we want to avoid building another billion-dollar prison every few years, Kiwis need a courageous conversation about justice.

Something's rotten in the state of Wintec

Receipts from overseas travel, often in Mandarin and without explanation, were signed off by Wintec.

OPINION: Former Wintec staffer Max Christoffersen would have expected to be fired if he behaved the way it appears his bosses did.

Polytechs go back on the tools

Education Minister Chris Hipkins has announced a merger of the country's polytechnics and training institutes in a bid ...

OPINION: Education Minister Chris Hipkins believes he has the plan to fix ailing polytechnics.

Put kids first

Megan Thomas: Food is the main reason people seek hardship assistance.

OPINION: Greater focus needs to be put on lifting families led by one person out of poverty.

Collins lurks on a listing bridge

Look out, Simon, she's behind you! Judith Collins may soon be standing in front, judging by the latest political poll.

OPINION: The elephant in the room has a new home: the National Party's caucus room.

Lost in Screenistan

Joe Bennett has taken to driving more slowly after a young woman looking at her phone stepped into the path of his car.

OPINION: Young people may walk the streets of Christchurch but their heads are in Screenistan.

High on the hog at Wintec

Former Wintec chief executive Mark Flowers.

OPINION: Hotels, bars, fine dining and room service before dawn - who knows what Wintec spent your money on.

Welcome law will protect kids

Smoking or vaping in vehicles carrying people aged 18 or under is set to be banned by the end of the year.

OPINION: We've seen the adverts. A ban on smoking in cars is a necessary step.

Schools not best placed to teach teachers

Fiona Ell: One of the reasons school-based routes appeal is because prospective teachers are paid.

OPINION: Schools have an important job to do - teaching kids. They shouldn't bear the brunt of teaching adults to teach as well.

As a parent, I'm worried video

As a mother, Lana Hart is worried about the normalisation of cannabis, with a binding referendum on its use set for next ...

OPINION: When sex work was decriminalised in 2003, it made sense to me. Cannabis is different.

Is this a sensible young man? video

The young cyclist may have been on drugs, but Jane Bowron never got the chance to find out.

OPINION: There was a possibly drugged youth on my lawn. So I asked if I could help.

Body cameras are watching us

Police body camera footage.

OPINION: If you haven't done anything wrong - and a stranger is filming you - have you got anything to worry about?

When the music stops

Peter Posa is a New Zealand guitarist, and is most famous for his instrumental "The White Rabbit" which made it to the ...

OPINION: The real tragedy - or at least the real sadness - was the death of a man.

Children must know NZ's story video

Fairfield College in Hamilton commemorates the NZ Wars with a pou on school grounds.

OPINION: Denying children the right to know NZ's "complete history" is unacceptable.

Save 'industry' for the farm workers

In less than two decades nitrogen fertiliser and PKE, have become demonised in the eyes of the environmentally concerned ...

There's plenty of hard work combined with fert and feed inputs in farming, but that doesn't make the average cocky an industrial enterprise, argues Lyn Webster.

Ardern's got work to do video

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern addresses business leaders over breakfast at Auckland's Hilton hotel.

OPINION: The Government is under pressure to make things better, and not just for business.

Volunteer work provides lessons for life

Journalist Philippa Stevenson is volunteering  for the Volunteer Service Abroad, working in a small media company in Honiara.

Opinion: Six month assignment in Solomon Islands is a life-changing experience.

When your friends can't cook

With public holidays bounding about like over-sugared toddlers, it's the time of the year for sitting on your friend's ...

OPINION: Sometimes there's no choice - you've just got to bring your own.

Dreams are free and they can come true

It pays to dream big if you want to work with Sir Peter Jackson on Hollywood movies like King Kong.

It pays to be reminded that young people are free to dream and their hopes and ambitions can be realised.

Time for decisive fire action

The fire near Nelson seen from Nelson City on Tuesday evening. The sun turned blood orange through the smoke and haze.

OPINION: "New Zealand cannot wait until the next Port Hills-type wildfire event … to take more definitive action to reduce wildfire risk."

History? Who needs it?

Please Miss, can we have some more . . . . history?

OPINION: Some people complain history can be boring. But that's hardly an excuse not to teach it.

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