Synthetic cannabis a killer

Police released this still from a video when announcing the seven Auckland deaths in a month from synthetic cannabis.

OPINION: Synthetic cannabis is killing people and something should be done, Tom O'Connor says.

History should be honoured

Hamilton's Founders Theatre looks set for the scrapheap, just like Euphrasie House and so many others.

OPINION: The city's predilection to bowl every building with a bit of history is to be abhorred, Richard Swainson says.

Dick Spraggs an RSA stalwart

Dick Spraggs loved his gardening.


Parenting: It's all in the attitude

Upset by your choice to have kids? It's too late now! (file photo)

OPINION: All those who regret being parents need an attitude transplant, Narelle Henson says.

Ask the tough questions this election

All New Zealand children should be free of want.

OPINION: Max Christoffersen wants to know what politicians are doing to stop intergenerational poverty.

Workers need a Michael Joseph Savage

Shot at the opening of the Labour government's first state house at 12 Fife Lane, Miramar, Wellington, in 1937, this is ...

OPINION: Tom O'Connor is looking for someone in the election to stand up for workers, but hasn't found anyone yet.

Many benefits to Kiwi Bottle Drive

Gord Stewart is an environmental sustainability consultant and rural property owner in Matamata-Piako.

Opinion: Container Deposit Scheme would reduce waste to landfill.

The fluidity of language

Kids - they speak a different language. (file photo)

OPINION: Peter Dornauf gets a language lesson from his granddaughter and finds out good is bad and savage is good.

Portraying women as victims

"Good on you for trying, but next time let's make it about something that actually matters," Toni Street wrote.

OPINION: You have to worry when feminists seem to be women's worst enemy, Narelle Henson writes.

Langman trying to make a living

Laura Langman - chose Australia, but she shouldn't have had to choose.

OPINION: Laura Langman should never have been forced to choose between making a living and wearing the silver fern, Max Christoffersen says.

Hendl & Murray founder Ron Hendl dies

Ron Hendl in his element in 2003.

OBITUARY: Ron Hendl was known variously as Lofty, Big Ron and Bones. He was a big man.

Our own Yankee Doodle Dandy

Norman Simms' latest book.

OPINION: Richard Swainson's appreciation of satire was finely honed at the feet of a Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Roundabout test eye-opening

If you were stopped on the Gordonton Road/Wairere Drive roundabout last week, you got a brickbat or a bouquet.

OPINION: We are often loud in our condemnation of foreign drivers, but are we really any better? Tom O'Connor thinks not.

The artist as comic commentator

The Pet Shop Boys: It's not all about the music.

OPINION: Art can make its point by being cooly comic, Peter Dornauf says.

Time to legalise cannabis

If Kiwis are going to smoke dope, we might as well have some rules and regulations - and taxes - around it, Max ...

OPINION: Max Christoffersen thinks legalisation of marijuana may be appropriate.

Key to happiness isn't drugs

The author never felt the need to smoke dope. (file photo)

OPINION: We live in paradise. Why do we feel the need to smoke dope, Narelle Henson wants to know.

In defence of the fog

The Hamilton balloon floats above a sea of fog covering farmland west of the city.

OPINION: Denise Irvine takes exception to a commenter on her last column, complaining about Waikato's fog.

Body shaming is never OK

Janine Swainson has won awards for her burlesque performances.

OPINION: Burlesque dancer heard councillor falling fat people comment and saw red.

Death penalty for P dealers

Mana Party leader Hone Harawira's call for the death penalty should not be dismissed out of hand.

OPINION: Death penalty for P dealers - of any race - is possibly the only plausible deterrent to this evil trade.

Life is a series of losses ... and gains

Bruce Jackson, owner of Accent Magazines, in 2012.

OPINION: Another long-time city resident has disappeared, leaving behind sweet memories.

Time, not tricks, improves teaching

Teachers need to be freed up to do what they do best.

OPINION: High-tech solutions aren't needed to fix education, says Narelle Henson.

Music need not have been lost

Protesters against the conservatorium's staff cuts gathered on campus on June 27.

OPINION: The bean counters have robbed the university of the Conservatorium of Music, says Max Christoffersen.

Welsh gloat charmingly

Jack Nowell of the Lions charges upfield during the match between the Chiefs and the British & Irish Lions at Waikato ...

OPINION: The Welsh make charming rugby companions, even when the Lions are winning.

Waikato entertainer will be missed

Arno Minnema, as most would want to remember him.

OBITUARY: Arno Minnema could lighten up a party, Charles Riddle writes.

Brexit/Trump could happen here

The rapidly developing dairy industry has brought calls for reasonable constraints by those who fear the natural ...

OPINION: Brexit and Trump may be harbingers of our own election, Tom O'Connor thinks.

Euthanasia's time has come

The documentary Autopsy focuses on the sudden and tragic end to Robin Williams' life.

OPINION: We can learn from Robin Williams' experience in our debate about the right to end your life with dignity, Peter Dornauf writes.

Back to the future

It is time the story of the Waikato Students’ Union is recognised as being important to student life and student culture ...

OPINION: The campaign to save and restore the WSU cowshed starts here, writes Max Christoffersen.

Multi-faceted woman

Dr Linda Wilson made her professional mark on the world through occupational therapy but there was much more to her than ...

OBITUARY: Dr Linda Wilson will be remembered for setting up occupational therapy schools in Hamilton and Dunedin, but she had many other talents and interests.

Spoilt for choice

The Regent in Te Awamutu is a treasure trove of movie memorabilia thanks to owner Allan Webb.

OPINION: The Waikato is blessed with three great movie theatres, writes Richard Swainson.

End of the Kiwi dream?

University of Waikato law student Sarah Thomson has filed a lawsuit against climate change minister Tim Groser who she ...

OPINION: It can be hard to get riled up about climate change, or see how it will impact our lives, when the most obvious effects of climate change won't be seen or felt for many years.

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