Frontier justice

Break-ins, car theft and now trespass, it’s been a bad couple of months in the Swainson household.

OPINION: Once again, the police failed to act when crime came knocking.

Hamilton sound on lock

Free-FM manager Phil Grey saw The Hum providing a window on local Hamilton and New Zealand music that was needed.

OPINION: The Hum is fast becoming a musical hub with Hamilton's underground music community enthusing about an outlet that follows in the musical footsteps of traditional student radio.

OPINION: Proper use of the health dollar

The money spent on the Chiefs - $50,000 - would buy 16 cateract surgeries.

Next time the DHB has a hare-brained idea about how to allocate its health budget, it would do well to consult the people on the end of an IV line.

'She could make the air crackle'

Mary Donnell had a heartfelt commitment to humanitarian ideals.

OBITUARY: "She spoke; people stopped and listened." A woman of deep social concern, Mary Donnell loved free-thinking, breaking boundaries, breaking out of boxes.

Picking Māori vote

140613 Rosemary McLennan. In Upper Hutt the polling booth is in Main St, opposite Russell St, in the 2013 Ikaroa-Rawhiti ...

OPINION: A Labour-Māori Party coalition is the combo most Māori voters seem to prefer based on past elections.

Monumental truths

An Auckland man is challenging the mayor and council to begin a conversation about removing Ōtāhuhu's statue to infamous ...

OPINION: We can’t rewrite history or undo the past by pulling down memorials. Nor should we judge historical events by the rules of today.

Book month success

310717. News. Hamilton Central Library was closed in November 2016, for seismic strengthening. It remains closed at the ...

OPINION: A city is made up of many parts and its literary quotient contributes immeasurably to the spiritual health of a place - another reason Hamilton City Council must get the Central Library functioning again.

Too much for RNZ

Kimbra was covered at this year's Circle Jerk at Hamilton's Meteor Theatre last Saturday.

OPINION: The 9th (semi) annual Hamilton Circle Jerk recently became the more user-friendly "CJ" for some national airwaves action.

Making a choice

There's a lot to consider in the leadup to election day.

OPINION: Who says that the rights and protections of a mother and her child are mutually exclusive?

A true entrepreneur

18042013 NEWS Photo: Ben Curran/Waikato Times. BUSINESS Sealed Air opening a new plant on Foreman Rd. Bill Foreman ...

OBITUARY: "I think people underestimate how difficult it was to do business around the world in the 70s and 80s, with no cellphones and no computers. He had a fax machine in the bedroom, and would get up in the middle of the night to read messages."

Cult of personality

News: Labour leader, Jacinda Ardern showed an appearance at ...

OPINION: In the House, she is a star. On the campaign trail she is equally engaging and charismatic.

Flesh, blood, and fatherhood

Antony Shaw

OPINION: Unwanted children want to know where they come from, no matter how much it hurts.

It's just not good enough

Wayne Brassington, 81, has lived in his caravan at the Waharoa Aerodrome for eight years. It has closed to the public ...

OPINION: We have far too many people living in unhealthy garages, sheds and in broken down old caravans.

An upside-down world

Football Soccer - Premier League - Tottenham Hotspur vs Burnley - London, Britain - August 27, 2017   Burnley???s Chris ...

OPINION: Sports stars paid millions while those who make a real difference struggle.

Opinion: Chance to improve social housing

Peter Humphreys is manager of the Hamilton Christian Nightshelter.

Opinion: We have an opportunity to do something about social housing here in Hamilton.

30 years of metal

Paul Martin, left, with his band Devilskin, is instrumental in keeping The Axe Attack on air for 30 years.

OPINION: The Axe Attack is the story of Hamilton people who loved music, were determined to share it, and made it their mission to do what it took to get music into the lives of people who cared about it.

Hero worship

Sir Colin "Pinetree" Meads - only in New Zealand could a national icon be named after imported vegetation.

OPINION: He was an enigma, a colossus, a rural superhero of sorts, carrying heavy pieces of timber as though they were so many toothpicks.

A lucky man

Clive Estcourt, holding a model of a Lancaster bomber plane, completed 40 missions over Germany in World War II (file photo).

OBITUARY: Hamiltonian Clive often reflected on the fact he had benefited from "the rub of the green".

Victory in defeat

The infamous ‘‘underarm’’ bowling incident by Australia’s Trevor Chappell to NZ’s Brian McKechnie at the MCG in ...

OPINION: Your opponent only sends an underarm bowl your way when they really, truly believe you have a good shot at winning the game.

Morgan's complete fail

Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern is proving she's in a class of her own.

OPINION: It takes a high degree of skill to make a witty political comment which gains attention but does not cause offence.

Eden in the Wild West

Pop artist Dick Frizzell is currently exhibiting in Hamilton, at Aesthete Gallery. This photo was taken in 2015 when he ...

OPINION: Acts of generosity and kindness temper increasingly turbulent times.

Who will lead us?

Hamilton City needs a visionary.

OPINION: If ever there were a need for vision for Hamilton, it is now, Max Christoffersen says.

Remarkable legacy

Supplied for obituary: Susan Julia Scott  June 21, 1953 - July 19, 2017; Su Scott, for Hamilton City Libraries director

OBITUARY: Su Scott's libraries bustled with life, innovation, and community outreach.

Small mercy

Car thieves ruined another weekend at the Swainson household (file photo).

OPINION: "If, after we have found your vehicle, we have to tow it to the police station for a forensic examination, we will charge you for the cost."

Mind your language

Some Hamilton city councillors have claimed there has been an increase in misogynistic comments and foul language since ...

OPINION: If there's a time and place for inappropriate language, a council meeting is not it.

Pay rises and Easter trading

There will be no last-minute buy up of Easter eggs in Hamilton thanks to the council's decision not to allow Easter ...

OPINION: It's difficult to fathom how a CEO of a small city is paid almost as much as the prime minister.

Fenced schools a sad sign

Security fences are a common sight around schools these days.

OPINION: In my day there was no need for barriers. Local schools were our patch, and we looked after them.

Ahead of his time

What Jeff Coulshed did for women's football in New Zealand was legendary, his former players say.

OBITUARY: Jeff Coulshed was huge for women's football, especially in the Waikato.

'Got any money?'

Hamilton City Council recently approved a $60,000 pay rise for its CEO Richard Briggs.

OPINION: In the end, it all boils down to dollars and cents.

Suicide watch

New Zealand's youth suicide rate is so high it made headlines overseas.

OPINION: Our youth suicide rate is so high that it made headlines on the BBC in June.

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