Joe Bennett: Damn you, Google

Lost your emails, Angela? We know your pain. Even the powerful must bow to the beast that is Google.

OPINION: Joe discovers that Google is giving God a run for his or her money.

Threats inexcusable

With their efforts combined, before 1080 poison drops, rats and stoats used to clear 98 per cent of kea nests in ...

OPINION: All wild animals in New Zealand are introduced and many are serious pests posing a major risk to native birds and plants.

Refund please

Wintec is the latest to join the list of Hamilton organisations raising public concerns about senior management culture.

OPINION: What the hell is in the management water our top Hamilton executives are drinking?

Running legend

Clem Parker, 86 in this photo, working out at the Les Mills Hamilton gym.

OBITUARY: When the doctor sent Clem Parker home with a box full of blood pressure medication, it changed his life overnight.

Gift of kindness

Learning to put others needs ahead of our own wants is the best Christmas gift we can give our children.

OPINION: Scaling Christmas back to the bare essentials can make it more special, not less.

Sweet sorrow

What made Clara Lange special as a performer was that  the warmth of her playing directly reflected her warmth as a person.

OPINION: Violinist and singer Clara Lange brightened the world by paying attention to others.

The true, degrading and spiteful

Barry Humphries

OPINION: There are always people jealous of another's joy who claim to have special knowledge of them.

Paying the price

Judging by one of the largest proposed rate increases in the country, Hamilton is need of an urgent rescue operation ...

OPINION: Blindly accepting that certain people in high-profile jobs are entitled to salaries far in excess of the average income is simply not acceptable any longer.

A death most unfair

News of Clara Lange's death came as a shock to Richard Swainson. (file photo)

OPINION: My slightness of acquaintance with Clara Lange didn't soften the blow of her death.

A woman of style

Always well dressed, style was a lifelong aspect of Sue Wright’s character.

OBITUARY: Sue Wright was an organisational whiz, a project person, never happier than when she had something on the go.

Passwords and parking

You can’t use the same password on everything because those invisible cybermen might get into the home security system ...

OPINION: Who thought of this scheme of driving into a claustrophobic two-lane Hamilton CBD holding a mobile phone looking for "smart" parking places?

A cautionary tale

Hamilton city councillor Mark Bunting’s off-colour joke backfired badly last week (file photo).

OPINION: It only takes one bad joke to find out how quickly things can escalate in this digital age.

Time to step up

University of Waikato associate professor Sandy Morrison.

OPINION: Sir William Gallagher's recent comments about the Treaty of Waitangi highlight the need for more education.

The good life

Cheap housing, a great income, and limited temptations tugging at your wallet or purse, towns like Taumarunui have it in ...

OPINION: The night scene may be slower but houses are cheap and rush hour – forget about it.

Find another home

An estimated 3000 New Zealanders die from obesity each year and fatty fast food is listed as one of the contributing causes.

OPINION: Ronald McDonald House Charity can be seen as a very clever marketing ploy or conscience money or a genuine attempt to help the families of seriously ill children.

Lessons to heed

Actor Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. She has written a provocative Thanksgiving message aimed at disgraced movie mogul Harvey ...

OPINION: Gone is the era when snide comments, unsavoury jokes, a pat on the bum and flirtatious behaviour is overlooked. And that should make us all a bit scared.

Enough is enough

Traffic congestion is an all too common reality in Hamilton these days, and Fairfield Bridge is one of the hot spots.

OPINION: Hamilton people, you've been had. You've been played, manipulated and walked over. It's time to put your foot down.

A good man

Ken Monk  liked to help people and he wanted good things for others.

OBITUARY: "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good."

Time to pay up

Imagine if all waterways running through farmland were this pristine.

OPINION: The economy vs the environment argument is not easily resolved, especially when it comes to farming and water quality issues.

'Free' talk must stop

Free dental care for Kiwis is on former prime minister Helen Clark’s wish list.

OPINION: Election campaign promises are all well and good, but someone always has to pay for them.

The 1080 fear mongers

Botulism was found to be the cause of the severe illness which hospitalised Subi Babu, Shibu Kochummen and Shibu's ...

OPINION: It did not take long for the anti-1080 brigade to twist a Putaruru family's misfortune to their advantage.

Reds under the bed

Perhaps National MP David Bennett  should take advantage of Labour’s new free year of tertiary study and take a ...

OPINION: To castigate socialists for being socialistic is a rather pointless exercise in emotive name calling, not so much a pot calling a kettle black as a pot calling a kettle a kettle.

For baby's sake

Research suggests the father-child bond is critical to an infant’s development.

OPINION: Dads don’t really count when it comes to new kids in New Zealand. They get two weeks unpaid leave, and are allowed to ask their partners for permission to share maternity leave.

Aussie geeks to rescue

Turns out life is not over yet for TiVo in Kiwi households.

OPINION: For the past eight months Australian TiVo enthusiasts have been working to provide an alternative source for an EPG that would keep TiVo alive.

Birthday wishes

Birthdays don't stop just because things change.

OPINION: The ghosts of birthdays past are mostly about sunny days, even in November when you can have four seasons in one day.

Man of land and sea

Lewis Hartstone saw the funny side of a lot in life – he was good natured and never lost his temper.

OBITUARY: Lewis Hartstone was the quintessential ‘‘hard case’’ – fond of his rum-and-coke, doughnuts, fish-and-chips, mince pies and sausage rolls.

Just grow up

Opposition Leader Bill English told a journalist that it was "not his job to make this place run for an incoming government".

OPINION: National's childish, disruptive antics in the House do the party and the country no favours.

What a contrast

From a humanitarian perspective, the effects of a new government are already being felt.

OPINION: So far the new government appears to be one with heart, warmth and humanity, a real change from its cold, blue predecessor.

War and peace

Saturday is Armistice Day, commemorating the end of the First World War and Sunday is Remembrance Sunday at the War ...

OPINION: War is sometimes necessary, because man is sometimes evil.

Dio girls, my heroes

It’s hard to beat Wellington on a good day with that buzz in the air and on the street, but the Dio girls did it with ...

OPINION: Hamilton needs more colour on its streets and more damn-the-torpedoes, we're having fun in the Tron attitude.

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