Are we over being rated?

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is among those desperate to reform the rating system.

OPINION: Local government looks to find new ways of being funded.

Pandering to wind-up merchants

Lauren Southern, the  agitator who wasn't allowed to speak at the Auckland Council's Bruce Mason Centre.

OPINION: The Free Speech Coalition smacks of old white men steeped in the privilege of their gender and skin colour.

Come on guys, get cuddly

Verity Johnson: "Kiwi dudes live in a world where their sexuality is so rigidly policed that anything from a hug, to ...

OPINION: Men are starved of platonic touching, and it's doing them no good.

The right to say 'shut up' video

Lauren Southern is a vocal far-Right speaker.

OPINION: "Champions of free speech" should start saying something worth hearing.

Aussies not always good neighbours

Justice Minister Andrew Little spoke forcefully about Australia's moral failures on an Australian TV programme.

OPINION: New Zealand politicians have stood up to the callousness of Australian immigration laws.

Hunting the undebunkable

The Loch Ness monster: "You can disprove her all you like but she'll endure," writes Joe Bennett. "We much prefer our ...

OPINION: Science may disprove the Loch Ness monster, but she'll endure anyway.

NZ faces historic choice

Former Greens MP Kennedy Graham says: "If it is good enough for the German chancellor and the prime minister of Samoa to ...

OPINION: We should join countries who have made aggression by leaders a crime.

Find the money for the nurses

"When I drive past striking nurses standing outside Wellington Hospital, I toot my horn in support," writes Dave ...

OPINION: Let's have a Fiscal Irresponsibility Act so we can pay them what they deserve.

Bring on Winston The Musical

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters: "Watching the acting PM achtung-ing the press gallery night after night on the ...

OPINION: The past few weeks have been fun, but we need song and dance too.

'Freedom' has already won

Lauren Southern wanted to speak in Auckland, along with fellow far-Right commentator Stefan Molyneux.

OPINION: Thanks to social media, free speech is everywhere. That's not necessarily good.

Lobbying for a better Hamilton

The remains of Athens' agora.

Is your rates money being spent wisely? A new group aims to tackle this question, spokesman Andrew Bydder writes.

O'Connor: We can't remain silent

Hamilton police need to identify this man who they believe will be able to help with ongoing inquiries into a rape which ...

Opinion: Those who fail to act on abuse are also responsible for the mistreatment of the vulnerable, Tom O'Connor writes.

Swainson: Empty car parks speak volumes

The Meteor Theatre in Hamilton.

Opinion: Richard Swainson wants to know why the Meteor car park has so many reserved spaces.

Obituary: Joan Annette Whittaker, 1948-2018

Joan Annette Whittaker, who died on June 15, 2018.

Charles Riddle examines the life of a woman who was a stalwart in the Guiding community.

Christoffersen: Ode to an anarchist

Shona Laing with her award during the Vodafone Music Awards in 2013.

Opinion: Max Christoffersen meets a hero of his youth - Shona Laing.

Don't talk to your kids about sex

Verity Johnson: "Young people are dealing with things that, trust me, you don't want to think about."

OPINION: There's such dark stuff out there now that you're better to call in the experts.

Stories we love but don't need

A Russian fan after her team's loss in Sunday morning's quarterfinal shootout against Croatia. "But no hearts were ...

OPINION: From football to the Thai boys, we're gripped by a vicarious thrill.

Poseidon: a questionable adventure

The Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol planes will replace New Zealand's fleet of retiring P-3K Orions.

OPINION: Is our defence purchase money well spent, or just keeping in with our allies?

A jab at the anti-vaxxers

Dr Lance O'Sullivan: Penalise parents who won't vaccinate their kids.

OPINION: Anti-vaxxers are dangerously deluded, embracing views that have been debunked to what should be the point of intellectual humiliation.

What does Pākehā mean to you?

"One of the most troublesome words I use is one of the most common in Aotearoa, and most commonly misunderstood: the ...

OPINION: It's one of our most common words, and commonly misunderstood.

Spread that fund loot around

Duncan Garner has been on a road show with his programme The AM Show.

OPINION: Throw that $1 billion loot other than Northland's way, says Duncan Garner

O'Connor: Road unfit for purpose

Visible rutting is developing on parts of the Te Rapa and Ngāruawāhia sections of the Waikato Expressway.

Opinion: A multimillion-dollar road shouldn't be falling apart in its first few years.

Obituary: Miah Melsom, 1952-2018

Nehemiah (Miah) Samson Melsom was respected on and off the rugby field.

This week, Charles Riddle examines the life of rugby great Nehemiah Samson Melsom, who died on June 6.

Road to answers paved with ruts

Ruts in a sealed road could be an indication of the start of a much more serious underlying fault in the expressway.

NZTA's assertion that Waikato Expressway ruts aren't dangerous doesn't wash with drivers.

Pining for when things weren't so serious

Graeme Cairns of the McGillicuddy Serious Party, left,  and Ralph Evans (Fifth Waikato Dragoons - Major Blunder) ...

OPINION: New Zealanders don't know how lucky they are.  

Christoffersen: Is Briggs worth $440k?

Hamilton City Council chief executive Richard Briggs earns more than the Canadian prime minister - a lot more.

Opinion: Why are council chief executives on six-figure salaries? Max Christoffersen wants to know.

My frilly undies made me a rebel

Verity Johnson: "I knew it was right to wear my frilly pants. There was nothing immoral, dirty or scandalous about their ...

OPINION: If you like it, do it, and don't let the shamers stop you, says Verity Johnson.

Wisdom of the aged

110618. News. KEVIN STENT/STUFF. Rosemary McLeod - Columnist for STUFF. H/S Headshot STAFF MUGSHOT.

OPINION: Rosemary McLeod salutes a life of endless curiosity and bearing up with dignity.

Living with bedbugs

A spoon is used as a lock for a door in a Dunedin student flat. The nine female tenants have since received a payout for ...

OPINION: Renting is a wild-west industry, filled with horror stories, writes Glenn McConnell.

An FTA with the US?

The failure to attract interest in a bilateral agreement is becoming an embarrassment for the US Administration, says ...

OPINION: New Zealand's got nothing to lose by testing the waters on an FTA with the US, says Charles Finny.

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