Health care underfunded for too long

It is unconscionable to underfund a health system while posting a budget surplus.

OPINION: Tom O'Connor is appalled at the deaths caused by a chronically underfunded health system.

Stories of hope

Te Awamutu 16-year-old Jack Lanting is starting his own elephant sanctuary in Thailand next year.

OPINION: Helping Hamilton's homeless into homes and saving elephants in Thailand - two special projects instigated by people who refuse to give up.

Missing in action

We’ve just gone through the most exciting election in years yet the silence from Waikato University has been deafening.

OPINION: We’ve just gone through the most exciting election in years yet the silence from Waikato University has been deafening.

'Classic' city test

When in Rome – Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in the postwar classic Roman Holiday.

OPINION: Richard Swainson proposes a new cultural criteria for determining city status.

Men are victims too

One in five sexual harassment allegations lodged with the Human Rights Commission over the past five years have come ...

OPINION: Sexual harassment of men is one of the great, untold stories of our time, writes Narelle Henson.

Sleaze and shame

Amazon's Roy Price has taken indefinite leave of absence over sex allegations against him

OPINION: If your body is treated as a mere, grabbable thing, what are you?

Never again

Tūhoe activist Tame Iti was among those arrested during a series of dawn raids on Ruatoki 10 years ago.

OPINION: After 10 years, the assault on their little town of Ruatoki is still recalled with a sense of traditional injustice by many in the region, but nothing more.

Power plays in freefall

Hamilton city councillor Garry Mallett thinks the age of libraries is over.

OPINION: What certain people in positions of power miss is that libraries are more than just books stacked on shelves, and people prefer real doctors to virtual ones.

The original 'barn girl'

Christine Pickering was someone who never sought the limelight but made a huge impact in so many people's lives.

OBITUARY: Christine Pickering was renowned for her many charitable works, the Christmas festivals she organised and her humility.

Bob, you gotta go

Waikato District Health Board chairman Bob Simcock.

OPINION: "There were flashing alarm bells going and Bob Simcock just disregarded them."

Finding a home for Leroy

Somewhere out there must be a home for all homeless (file photo).

OPINION: His story of becoming homeless in Hamilton struck a chord with Kiwis.

Stealing hard-won roots

Syrian refugee Khaled Al Joujam, who was a victim of vandals on his Lower Hutt nursery, with his new plants after a ...

OPINION: Gardening gives back so much - so why do some people treat it with contempt?

No escaping climate change

Participants look at a screen showing a world map with climate anomalies during the World Climate Change Conference 2015 ...

OPINION: 2016 is the hottest year yet recorded at the Earth's surface yet some still argue that climate change is not real.

The rank odour of entitlement

Fonterra's Theo Spierings is New Zealand's highest paid chief executive, earning $8.3m last year.

OPINION: It's wafting out of the Fonterra CEO's pay packet and the "we know best" brigade at the Waikato DHB.

Brickbats and bouquets

Jacindamania may not have got the Labour Party to the finish line first but it’s not over yet.

OPINION: A missive of praise, whether sent privately or intended for publication, strokes the ego a great deal but feet should forever be anchored to the ground.

Sexual freedom costs

Legalising prostitution achieved the opposite of sexual freedom.

OPINION: Prostitution is an industry built on desires found in shadowy corners of the human heart.

Fitting final farewell

Former Waikato Conservation Board chairman Arthur Hinds.

OBITUARY: Even the birds paid their respects to dairy farmer and conservationist Arthur Hinds.

The spirit of radio

Free FM's Mike Williams and Phil Grey aim to challenge colleagues at the #RadioRevolution conference in Hamilton from ...

OPINION: A downed transmission tower cleared up confusion over radio's place in our lives as listeners took to social media to find out why their station was off air.

The bleak house of Hef

Hugh Hefner - a wrinkly atoll adrift from civilisation.

OPINION: Silk pyjamas can't hide the primitive in human beings.

'I care too much not to vote'

Research confirmed which party first-time voter Amelia Christensen-Rose should support at this year's general election.

Opinion: Voting, this is what I had been waiting my whole life for.

'I worry about the environment'

Wintec journalism student Emelyn McHardy was a first-time voter at this year's general election.

Opinion: People become defensive when election year swings around.

King's 'game-changer' backfires

King Tuheitia, at the tenth anniversary of his coronation, announced his official support for a Māori Party and Mana ...

OPINION: The Kīngitanga has never in the past openly endorsed candidates with the clear expectation that Māori voters would follow.

Opinion: Ratepayers getting poorer value

Hamilton city councillor Garry Mallett believes money should not be invested into fixing the city library.

Opinion: Going digital could save Hamilton ratepayers $6.1m a year.

Mug's game

Waikato DHB member Mary Anne Gill.

OPINION: Where taxpayers’ money is involved there should be directive from Wellington: No sponsorship arrangements – period.

A cultured woman

Sue Pickering''s lifelong love of travel started with her OE in 1964.

OBITUARY: Sue Pickering’s lifelong love of travel and other cultures started with her OE in 1964 at the age of 24.

Māori seats hot topic

NZ First leader Winston Peters has hinted at a backdown on Māori seats.

OPINION: It's been 150 years since Māori seats were first introduced and they've been controversial for much of that time.

Grey votes blue

Three's political editor Patrick Gower failed to mention Hamilton once in four hours of election night coverage. ...

OPINION: There was no sign of the freshly awoken youth vote in Hamilton in the leadup to election day.

Love in a time of coalitions

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend a Wheelchair Tennis match during the Invictus Games in Toronto, Canada.

OPINION: Unlikely couplings, disgruntled aspirants, and the jilted sobbing in the loo. It must be election time.

Schools give hope

The time and effort teachers put in to their students needs to be commended.

OPINION: Teachers need to be applauded for the hard work they do in often difficult circumstances.

Bitter blow

Te Ururoa Flavell concedes to Tamati Coffey

OPINION: Te Ururoa Flavell and Marama Fox were truly independent voices for Māoridom. Their voices will no longer be heard and Māoridom should be saddened by that.

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