Euthanasia's time has come

The documentary Autopsy focuses on the sudden and tragic end to Robin Williams' life.

OPINION: We can learn from Robin Williams' experience in our debate about the right to end your life with dignity, Peter Dornauf writes.

Back to the future

It is time the story of the Waikato Students’ Union is recognised as being important to student life and student culture ...

OPINION: The campaign to save and restore the WSU cowshed starts here, writes Max Christoffersen.

Multi-faceted woman

Dr Linda Wilson made her professional mark on the world through occupational therapy but there was much more to her than ...

OBITUARY: Dr Linda Wilson will be remembered for setting up occupational therapy schools in Hamilton and Dunedin, but she had many other talents and interests.

Spoilt for choice

The Regent in Te Awamutu is a treasure trove of movie memorabilia thanks to owner Allan Webb.

OPINION: The Waikato is blessed with three great movie theatres, writes Richard Swainson.

End of the Kiwi dream?

University of Waikato law student Sarah Thomson has filed a lawsuit against climate change minister Tim Groser who she ...

OPINION: It can be hard to get riled up about climate change, or see how it will impact our lives, when the most obvious effects of climate change won't be seen or felt for many years.

Moggy madness

Cats are complicated creatures, as is the issue of responsible cat "ownership" in New Zealand.

OPINION: Cat lovers recognise and obey few rules when protecting their pets, writes Tom O'Connor.

Arts and morals

Self-described "song and dance'' man Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature last year.

OPINION: The visual arts, film, theatre, music and literature confront us with the human condition, but don't teach us how to behave, writes Peter Dornauf.

Vintage Read: Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne

Brian Moore's bleak novel was published in 1955. Dame Maggie Smith played the part in the film. Moore died in 1999.

Rachel Pope of Browsers bookshop takes on a rugged but masterful read from 1955.

Sex and the Tron

Fieldays 2017 at Mystery Creek will attract thousands of visitors - and will be a boon to the local sex industry.

OPINION: Once a year, when Fieldays come to town, Hamilton becomes the sex capital of the country.

Book fair surprises

There's no telling what treasures await the book fair bargain hunter.

OPINION: The annual pageant of used paperbacks, barely thumbed university texts and unwanted coffee table ornaments was on and Richard Swainson attended with all the fervour of a religious convert.

Heart of gold

Wayne Mailman, pictured working on a tree stump a few months before his death.

OBITUARY: Wayne Mailman was a hard-working straight shooter, a charmer, and generous to a fault.

Euthanasia debate

Euthanasia is a contentious issue, the world over.

OPINION: At present we do not give anyone the right to kill, or help to kill, someone. We call that murder. And it is a crime, writes Narelle Henson.

Skills to future-proof your employment

Geoff Bentley and son Logan Bentley, try a self-contained holographic computer.

Opinion: People search for new skills as technology takes over traditional jobs.

'White death'

Sugar has a lot to answer for.

OPINION: Manufacturers have known for decades that sugar is as addictive as alcohol and tobacco and equally dangerous to the health of young and old alike, writes Tom O'Connor.

Here's to unsung heroes

Developer Matt Stark deserves acknowledgment for his sensitive refurbishment of the old Beggs Wiseman building, now ...

OPINION: Peter Dornauf recognises those who go quietly about their work, often unheralded, making substantial contributions to the wellbeing of the community.

Holding on to what's ours

Harjit Singh, director of Vege King.

OPINION: I remember the moment when I lost faith in the New Zealand Police.

Grocer hits a six

Vege King manager Harjit Singh refused to give in to threats after his staff fended off a would-be thief with a cricket bat.

OPINION: The best way to confront bad guys – or streakers – is with a lethal piece of willow, writes Richard Swainson.

Generous of heart

Pat Dallinger’s efforts were recognised with the MBE for her services to the community.

OBITUARY: The high value Pat Dallinger placed on giving of her time to others reflected in her life achievements.

Tough to let go

Annabel Langbein was the star writer in Denise Irvine's earliest copy of Cuisine magazine, issue 4 from 1987.

OPINION: Thirty years of Cuisine magazines did not make the recycle grade at the Hamilton Refuse Transfer Station, so Denise Irvine found them another home.

Priorities all wrong

Imagine a country where citizens saved for retirement, invested responsibly and budgeted for life’s ups and downs.

OPINION: Theory is great, but it is not going to help the child sitting in school today learn how to manage a mortgage, writes Narelle Henson.

Students boost city life

Rather than focus on bringing cars to the city, why not develop initiatives to bring students to town.

OPINION: If Hamilton's CBD is ever to recover its lost soul, it will be because people want to live there, not merely park there, free for two hours, writes Max Christoffersen.

Arts in good heart

Waikato author Catherine Chidgey recently won the Ockham New Zealand Book Award for fiction for her historical novel, ...

OPINION: A city, a people, thrive when the arts are at full tide, writes Peter Dornauf.

Kids glued to the screen

Research shows that exploring the real world around them should take priority over children’s  screen time.

OPINION: Electronic media is pervasive for adults. Now, babies and children are the targets.

Time for compulsory vaccinations?

We have made huge advances in preventative medicine in the last few decades.

OPINION: Somewhere between personal choice and science lies the fate of defenceless children.

An exceptional woman

Adrienne Ardern immersed herself in everything she chose to do.

OBITUARY: More than 500 people attended Adrienne Ardern's funeral at the Te Rapa racecourse, she was so well loved and respected.

Sevens heaven?

37 South managing director Dallas Fisher and Sevens general manager Steve Dunbar.

OPINION: It's one thing to promise to bring the party back to the Sevens, it's another thing to deliver, writes Richard Swainson.

A Sevens conversation

The Hamilton City Council has agreed to gift FMG Stadium Waikato to the Sevens World Series next year.

OPINION: When deciding who should host a tournament that New Zealand can't win, Hamilton was an obvious choice, writes Max Christoffersen.

'Trans' arena tricky

A sign protesting a law restricting transgender bathroom access in North Carolina.

OPINION: The only way to avoid the "trans" war is to hitch the bandwagon back to biological identity, and admit feelings don’t tell the full story about any of us, writes Narelle Henson.

Humanising the homeless

Some of Wellington's homeless, including David, share their stories with members of the public at the Central Library as ...

OPINION: Stage-managed events where the caring middle class meet the under-privileged make Rosemary McLeod squirm.

Lessons to learn

Hamilton event planners and city leaders will be hoping the Hamilton Sevens prove more popular than the Wellington ...

OPINION: The Sevens was not the first such event to be ruined by a minority who assume it is acceptable to get hopelessly drunk and create mayhem for everyone else, and it won’t be the last, writes Tom O'Connor.

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