Joshua Drummond

What's so wrong with Fairfield?

OPINION: The whites are taking flight again, and now they have a brand new school in Rototuna to flee to, writes Joshua Drummond.

Good evening, NZ, this is not today's 6 o'clock news

'WHOLESALE DAMAGE': A heavy downpour penetrated Hamilton City Library's ceiling and flooded the heritage section.

OPINION: Dickheads celebrate special day Dickheads all over New Zealand celebrated Waitangi Day in their own special way.

Discerning the dangers of fluoridation on the net

As Hamilton prepares to finally put the highly controversial issue of water fluoridation before a tribunal, a Waikato District Health Board member has spoken out against mass medication through the region's water supplies.

OPINION: Last week I decided to become an anti-fluoride lobbyist.

Jesus closer than you think

Jesus closer than you think

Hey, you all right there? Sorry to disturb you, I just thought . . .

Hamilton in 2040: City of Alcohol

Friday night in Hamilton.

OPINION: Joshua Drummond peeks into the future to see what Hamilton will be like in the year 2040.

Hernia operation enlightening experience

I'm the sort of person who realises, with utter certainty, that what might appear - to the untrained eye - to be the onset of the common cold is actually meningitis.

US needs a revolution to win back lost democracy

OPINION: Oh, America. America. What fools these Americans be.

Where'd we be without PR?

It was a dark and stormy night, and two young public relations people were working late on a difficult problem.

Rebranding us as city of something or other


Here is my take on how I imagine it is behind the scenes at the Hamilton City Council.

Right to brand poisonous products

Steve Rush

OPINION: Hello, Waikato Times' readers! It's your bro, your pal, your buddy, the "Big Tobacco Lobbyist". How are you? You're good? Agree/Disagree?

A mother called Mary

When Mary wakes up her hubby Doug has already left for work. He works long hours. She's proud of him.

Local MPs go against the grain

David Bennett

Television is awful, and of all the terrible things on telly, the absolute worst has to be Question Time on Parliament TV.

Who needs pundits?

John Banks

As if being possessed by demons wasn't enough, he's also a member of ACT.

Perpetuating a nasty myth

OPINION: It sounds like something only some demented satirist could invent, but it's something that the real Colin Craig actually said.

Katana-shaped umbrellas don't kill people

Katana-shaped umbrellas don't kill people

It's been another one of those weeks where I'm glad to live in New Zealand.

Why the lust for bad porn?

Fifty Shades of Grey

That Fifty Shades of Grey novel sure is getting a lot of attention, isn't it?

Of scientific shenanigans and slapstick courtroom capers

tdn tom strap

When Science was invented by L Ron Hubbard in 1952, its founder intended that "what Science has put together, let no man rend asunder".

Loose-lipped writer tortured for the truth

The climate scientist looked at me with eyes as grey as an overcast day.

An at-face-value investigation of current matters

A columnist's job, I am reliably informed by the trustworthy, anonymous hordes in the comments sections of news websites, is to provide informed and intelligent commentary on the news.

The wretched life of a telephone pollster

Of all the strange jobs I’ve had, being a telephone pollster rates as the absolute worst.

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