Lyn Webster

Scratching around in the dust not a productive way to farm


Things were chugging along OK until recently. The rain came just in time and the grass kept growing.

Unfair share falls on the milker


In my farming career, I have found plenty of elephant traps on farms, often the hard way.

Not for get-rich-quick investors

Have we just created one generation of rich dairy investors and to hell with the future?

Day off? Yeah right

My "day off" is a Tuesday afternoon when I get a relief milker in. A reliable relief milker is hard to find and I believe one with all the skills is worth paying well.

Growing grass makes for happy farmer

OPINION: Thanks mother nature, it's a pleasure working with you - when the weather is fine.

Canine helper worth his weight

I've been given a gift worth its weight in gold and then some.

A force to be reckoned with

Here's a yarn that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck (especially if you work for ACC).

Hard slog on a bog

Instead of being applauded as a food producer he was branded an environmental criminal.

Many trials and rewards of going it alone

Dealing with high stress levels is a challenge, particularly in the spring time, and when farming on your own the ability to handle the pressure is important.

So much for a cruisy day off

It was only a fluke that I even noticed poor old 63 stuck in the piggery but lucky for her something caught my eye and I discovered her predicament.

Helicopter harassment a farmer's burden

Farmers have admitted how stressful random overhead inspections of effluent systems are.

Calling the shots is liberating

Halfway through calving and there is a bit of a lull. This is a catch-22 situation because although the break allows me to catch up on a few jobs and even get a bit of rest, the bank balance demands a compact calving.

Dreaming of a farming fortune

My days pass in a blur of milking, cleaning up, calf rearing, feeding out, sorting out calved cows and their babies, shifting young stock, milking, cleaning up . . .

Working for milk price only a farmer's nightmare

So why then do I, as a 50-50 sharemilker, suddenly find myself working as hard as ever for half the milk price?

A dream of an almost-perfect investment

I was in a board meeting with an accountant, a property investor and Trev from Te Kauwhata. We all wanted to invest money in Fonterra's new shareholders fund.

When cows cross your path

What do you do when you see a farmer with stock on the road? Do you slow down or stop? Do you offer to help? Or do you plant foot and try to get past those annoying smelly animals and the red-neck in the funny hat as fast as you can?

Seizing the reins

There are many jobs to be done before calving, which could start any day now – but officially on June 19.

Cows and kitchen sink arrive safely

The thought of moving a farm from Whangamata to Kaitaia was much worse than actually doing it.

Opinion: Nasty dairying

OPINION: Horror stories about poor treatment of farm employees in the New Zealand dairy industry are rife.

Cut fence takes gloss from season

Somebody out there knows damn well who that ignorant fence-cutting bastard is.

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