Richard Swainson

The joke is wearing thin

Passing Red

OPINION: Far from being a celebration of art, Passing Red is a symbol of a political and financial debacle that has bled the arts dry in this town.

We've all lost our way since the day of the burnt couches

Cameron Peacock

To drunken twenty-somethings with a captive audience it made more sense to put their couches to the communal torch than have to lug them to the pub for the aftermatch function.

Ringo - A Starr performance of nostalgia, peace and love

OPINION: In his 73rd year, the Beatles drummer looked amazingly svelte and healthy.

Verge of best picture award train wreck

With the Academy Awards ceremony less than a week away a once-close race for best picture now looks anything but.

Booom! delivers theatre gold for Arts Festival

REVIEW: Richard Swainson discovered the decadant delights if the 1980s, and woman in underwear, at the Hamilton Garden Arts Festival.

Movie's depiction of torture raises questions

Zero Dark Thirty

OPINION: Torture is one of the moral issues of our time.

Fawlty Towers censorship slap in face for free speech

Fawlty Tower


It is the Major's big scene that the BBC has elected to excise from The Germans.

Gareth Morgan's plan a no-brainer


There is danger in letting individual prejudices become state policy.

Lack of clear favourites makes Oscar race more interesting

The Oscars

This year's Oscar race is shaping as one of the more interesting of recent times.

Politicians' shenanigans fail to dampen festive fervour

Early January is an unusual, almost artificial time of year.

Greig waved a big schtick

Tony Greig

It's a reflection on the sentimental side of human nature that familiarity need not always breed contempt.

A year of departures, arrivals and comedy

Kim Dotcom in MegaChristmas

Why settle for impartial advice when you have already made up your mind?

Cricket management not playing with a straight bat

Mike Hesson and Ross Taylor

The Black Caps' 2012 results were a reverse image of their rugby equivalents.

Survey finds Kiwis 'Cleavagely Correct'

Most have an opinion on how much flesh is enough flesh.

Noble bid to soak up heritage

Bay of Islands

New Zealanders, on the whole, are not a people of formal pilgrimage.

Symbol of British fighting spirit

Britain's Prince Charles talks to actors Daniel Craig as they arrive for the royal world premiere of the new 007 film

Love him or loathe him James Bond has become a cultural constant.

He who wins US presidency is merely the lesser of two evils

PRAISE AND PRESSURE: US President Barack Obama talks to reporters during a news conference after meeting Myanmar's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

In the final analysis, Obama won because of the fortuitous intervention of Hurricane Sandy.

A celebrity crush that shatters the illusion

Christina Ricci

Celebrity crushes are part of the film-going experience.

Kiwi joker Jones spits the satirical dummy

Shane Jones

The truest of words are said in jest: that's why they are so feared by those with a vested interest in the status quo.

Dotcom fiasco - A NZ Watergate


The Kim Dotcom affair has gone from being a French farce to a New Zealand Watergate.

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