Ghana rolls out welcome mat for black Americans looking to escape US turmoil

The beach at Cape Coast in Ghana. Leaders in the West African nation are rolling out the welcome mat for black Americans.

The West African country is offering discounted land to those who want to escape racism.

Mystery over elephant 'mass die-off' in Botswana

Over 200 African elephants have died in Botswana from a mystery cause. (File photo)

Hundreds of elephants have already died and many are inching closer to death, but no-one knows why.

Belgian king's regrets 'forgotten holocaust'

Belgium's King Philippe has offered his deep regrets for the injuries and humiliation suffered by the Congolese under ...

King of Belgium becomes first monarch to express remorse over his country's brutal colonial past.

Coronavirus: Millions may starve

A malnourished newborn baby lies in an incubator at Al-Sabeen hospital in Sanaa, Yemen in 2019.

UN says number of malnourished Yemeni children could reach 2.4 million by the end of 2020.

Giant squid beaches in South Africa

Rare giant squid specimen is washed up on Golden Mile Beach in Brittania Bay near Cape Town, South Africa, on June 7.

The giant squid is estimated to weigh around 330 kilograms and span four metres in length.

Hunters kill famous gorilla video

Rafiki, a silverback gorilla believed to be about 25 years old, from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda.

Silverback Rafiki died after being stabbed in Uganda and four men face life sentences.

Burundi says heart attack killled president

Nkurunziza survived a coup attempt shortly after the 2015 vote.

Some in the African nation wonder if Pierre Nkurunziza died of Covid-19 after his wife fell ill.

Kiwi helps fight Covid in Kenya

Kiwi Stephan Grabowski picking tea in Kenya, where he has lived for six years.

NZ businessman helps set up project which has supplied 500,000 people in Nairobi with access to soap and public hand washing facilities.

Malawi's hunger crisis stuff nation

Communities in Malawi struggle to survive as recurring droughts, floods and cyclones wreak havoc on their crops, but ...

OPINION: Communities struggle to survive as droughts, floods and cyclones wreak havoc on their crops, but there's something Kiwis can do to help.

Top genocide fugitive arrested video

Felicien Kabuga was one of the most wanted fugitives in Rwanda's 1994 genocide.

One of the most wanted fugitives in the 1994 mass slaughter in Rwanda has been arrested in France.

Global Covid death toll passes 300,000 video

The global death toll from the coronavirus has passed 300,000.

Director-general set to come under intensified scrutiny as WHO holds its biggest annual event.

Italian hostage freed after 18 months video

Silvia Romano is flanked by two masked security officers as she walks on the tarmac after landing at Rome's Ciampino airport.

The 24-year-old was working as a volunteer with an Italian humanitarian group when she was abducted during an attack by gunman in Kenya.

Brewer may dump 400m beers video

South African Breweries produces the likes of Castle, Castle Light and Black Label.

One of the world's largest brewers might "discard" millions of bottles due to South Africa's alcohol ban in lockdown.

Kiwi fighting pandemic in Uganda

Staff from the Gulu District Health Office with newly issued masks. Usage of masks is not that common yet in Gulu.

Through his lens Geoff Walker is witnessing a resilient community try to stave off a looming tragedy.

Gay men outed in Morocco video

A man wearing a compulsory face mask walks in an empty street during a health state of emergency and home confinement ...

Homosexuality is illegal in the conservative North African country, leaving the men fearing for their lives.

'South Africa's stark inequality' video

South Africa has the most coronavirus cases in Africa.

On Freedom Day, president says Covid-19 is underscoring lasting disparities between rich and poor.

Five places winning the Covid-19 battle

South Africa was working towards testing 30,000 people every day by the end of this month, with the aim of ...

Which other nations are flattening the curve and how are they doing it?

Africa's cases spiking rapidly

A boy in Harare, Zimbabwe walks the streets in lockdown but coronavirus cases are rising in Africa.

Covid-19 could kill more than 300,000 Africans as hunger rises and doctors fear a resurgence in malaria deaths.

The US abandons me. Again

Africa now has more than 1000 deaths from Covid-19.

OPINION: Ten years after my husband died, I felt the familiar frustration of facing a government slow to help.

Kiwi volunteer stuck on ship video

Lauren Spring , from Morrinsville, has been helping burn and scar patients in West Africa.

Plans to get volunteer medical workers home after a life-changing trip saving children have hit obstacles.

Penguins stroll through Cape Town

Penguins stroll through a quiet street in Cape Town.

In the latest incident of wildlife claiming back territory, African penguins hobbled across an intersection in Cape Town.

Lions take cat nap on road

Lions take a cat nap on the road.

A pride of lions was caught napping on an empty road that would otherwise be filled with tourists.

Happy to be 'stuck' in Africa

Nelson woman Jaimee Perrett, left, has led fundraising efforts to build a new school in the village of Tetrem in Ghana. ...

Coronavirus may have delayed a school build in Ghana, but the Kiwi helping realise the project says it's a bonding experience.

Covid-19 deaths pass 1000 in Africa

Coronavirus deaths in Africa are continuing to climb.

Africa's coronavirus death toll hits a grim milestone, with the Nigerian president's chief of staff among the dead.

Africa could have 300,000 virus deaths

In this April 2, 2020, file photo, medical workers prepare to test people for COVID-19 at a testing clinic in ...

UN predicts overcrowded slums and fragile healthcare systems could be a deadly combination for Africa.

Tunisia's robot coronavirus cop

Tunisian police have deployed a new weapon to stop people breaking the coronavirus lockdown in their country - a robot.

If it spies anyone on the streets during the lockdown, it approaches them and asks why they are out.

Africa braces for virus tsunami

Cars line up at a private Covid-19 testing station in the northern suburbs of the South African city of Johannesburg.

There are growing fears of an unprecedented healthcare crisis in the continent least equipped to treat serious infections.

South Africa bans dog-walking

South Africa's police minister said people would not be allowed to walk their dogs in lockdown.

Police minister warns people to not go out jogging and says alcohol sales are prohibited in Covid-19 lockdown.

Broken embassy printer strands Kiwi student

Kiwi medical student Ibraheen Rasheed's mother has been trying desperately to get him home.

An Otago medical student is stuck in Pretoria after his passport was stolen.

Lessons for Covid-19 from HIV, AIDS

A nurse takes the temperature of a baby outside the main bus terminal in Colombia.

Pandemics can bring out the worst in people. But they also reveal some of the best, compassion-based responses.

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