Elephant kills Australian tourist

A drought across southern Africa has caused stress for much of the wildlife, including elephants, zebras and hippos ...

The 59-year-old was with a group camping in Namibia's Kunene region.

Drought killing Africa's elephants video

An elephant walks next to a carcass of another elephant in an almost dry pool.

​Weak from hunger and thirst, the elephant got stuck in the mud, metres away from a shrunken watering hole.

Is this birthplace of humans?

Professor Hayes learning how to make fire with Ju/'hoansi hunters.

It's a barren sand-swept region - but scientists believe it's the place we all originated from.

Girl wrestles crocodile to save life

The crocodile loosened its grip on Latoya and slipped away under the water (file photo).

Rebecca Munkombwe jumps into action when her friend was struggling to stay afloat in Zimbabwe.

Egypt uncovers 20 ancient coffins

The recently discovered ancient coloured coffins.

It is being described as one of the "biggest and most important'' discoveries in recent years.

Botswana defends elephant hunts video

The government intends allowing 158 elephants to be killed in trophy hunts over the next year.

The government intends allowing 158 elephants to be killed in trophy hunts over the next year.

Looted Egyptian coffin is home video

The golden coffin that once held the mummy of Nedjemankh.

The coffin once held the mummy of Nedjemankh, a priest in the Ptolemaic Period some 2000 years ago.

$28m worth of cars auctioned

An auction house in Switzerland is set to sell 25 luxury cars including Ferraris, Rolls-Royces and a Lamborghini Veneno ...

Geneva authorities seized 25 luxury cars from the son of Equatorial Guinea's president in a money-laundering probe.

Freed from Nigerian torture house

Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Hundreds of boys and men were beaten and starved while held in a building in Nigeria, police say.

Close encounters with royals video

Royal tours, then and now - a lot has changed.

OPINION: Archie may be wooing the crowds in South Africa, but royal tours ain't what they used to be.

Harry & Meghan visit mosque video

Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex are touring Africa.

The royal multi-country tour includes stops in South Africa, Botswana, Angola and Malawi.

Harry and Meghan in Africa video

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex receives a hug from a young wellwisher as she visits a Justice Desk initiative in Nyanga township.

Harry and Meghan start 1st official tour as family in South Africa with infant son, Archie

Rare polka-dotted zebra spotted video

The video was captured at Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve.

The foal has the unusual markings from a genetic mutation.

Man drowns after underwater proposal

Steven Weber died while he popped the big question underwater.

During a dream vacation to Tanzania he proposed to his girlfriend. She never got the chance to give him her answer.

Zim's loss is NZ's gain

Black Caps all rounder Colin de Grandhomme is a member of the Zimbabwean diaspora that has enriched New Zealand, Damien ...

OPINION: The story of the lost white tribe of Rhodesia is a fascinating one.

Where will be Mugabe be buried? video

Former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe, who ruled for decades, has died aged 95.

The Zimbabwe government and Robert Mugabe's family are reportedly in disagreement.

Robert Mugabe dies

Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe had been unwell for sometime.

The former Zimbabwe leader, aged 95, had been unwell for some time.

Florence Nightingale of the Red Cross

Felicity Gapes has been on several missions for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Kiwi nurse Felicity Gapes has tended to the wounded and innocent in places where arrest, torture and murder are commonplace.

Ancient skull is 3.8 million years old

The Australopithecus anamensis cranium fossil.

The skull found in Ethiopia belonged to a species called Australopithecus anamensis, an older relative to Lucy.

Just one touch could be fatal video

Brianna Piazza, of World Vision, outside a church in Beni, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The bucket is treated ...

OPINION: We don't shake hands in Beni, where Ebola has killed more than 300 people in the past year.

Clark slammed over UN inaction

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen pictured in Christchurch this week.

A diplomat claims Helen Clark failed to act over an investigation of an alleged war criminal.

IVF to bring 'extinct' rhino back

Fatu and Najin are the last two northern white rhinos on the planet.

Vets successfully harvest 10 eggs from the last two surviving female northern white rhinos of their species.

Giraffes endangered

"So many people are so familiar with giraffes that they think they're abundant," said Susan Lieberman, vice president of ...

Nations around the world move to protect giraffes as an endangered species for the first time.

57 killed in fuel tanker explosion

Morogoro lies about 200km from Tanzania's economic hub of Dar es Salaam.

People were trying to siphon away fuel when the tanker burst into flames in Tanzania.

In photos: Morocco's epic 'Fantasia' gallery video

A troupe charges firing their rifles during Tabourida.

A breathtaking horseback performance that combines synchronised riding with decorative guns.

UK student plunges from plane

Alana Cutland was working in Madagascar at the time of her death.

Madagascan police say British 19-year-old opened the plane door and tried to get out in mid-air.

200 million trees, one day

The ambitious initiative of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed aims to help restore the country's landscape which experts say is ...

Huge surge in tree planting by Ethiopians could be a world record - and aims to reverse decades of deforestation.

Africa's cities face toilet crisis

Faridah Hussein Lwanga shows Sanpants, the new technology used in toilets so they do not smell as part of a campaign ...

With just 14 free public loos in Uganda's capital, sewage is a scourge for many of Kampala's residents.

150 missing as boats capsize off Libya video

Border force boats patrol the sea (file picture).

Up to 150 Europe-bound migrants are feared drowned after their boats capsized in Mediterranean.

Army deployed to Cape Town ghetto

The South African National Defence Force patrol the streets of the Manenberg township in Cape Town.

Gang war brings violence to South Africa's most affluent city, and the government has had enough.

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