Why Trump wanted McCabe gone

The FBI's deputy director Andrew McCabe was fired a little more than 24 hours before the 20-year FBI veteran would have ...

ANALYSIS: Five reasons the US president would have wanted the FBI's deputy director Andrew McCabe fired.

FBI deputy director McCabe fired

Another one gone - FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Andrew McCabe was supposed to retire in a little over 24 hours. His superiors weren't having it.

FBI hunting buried treasure

Local lore in Dents Run, Pennsylvania, has it that a shipment gold was buried during the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863.

A 155-year-old legend about buried US federal gold appears to have caught the attention of the FBI.

Warning message left before deadly collapse

Cars were reportedly stopped for a red light when the bridge collapsed.

An engineer left a voicemail saying cracks found on US bridge, but the message wasn't picked up for two days.

'More victims down there' video

Officials expect to find more bodies in the rubble of the collapsed bridge.

Rolando Fraga, 60, hasn't been seen since the US bridge collapsed. He's one of many feared dead underneath.

Teen dies after sinus infection video

Marquel Brumley was diagnosed with a sinus infection. He died weeks later.

Doctors said to let the 13-year-old's sinus infection "run its course", his family says. Weeks later, he died.

Astronaut's 'space genes' explained

Identical twin astronauts, Scott and Mark Kelly, are subjects of Nasa's Twins Study.

At no point was Scott Kelly zapped by an alien laser beam or otherwise transfigured. What happened is subtler.

Paedophile coach fled to Aust

Derek Swede Godfrey, 48, fled to Australia to evade American authorities and continued to work with children in the ...

A US gymnastics coach who fled to Perth to evade authorities has admitted having child porn.

Stormy Daniels 'threatened'

Stormy Daniels is "going to provide very specific details about what happened", her lawyer says.

"The fact is my client was physically threatened to stay silent about ... Donald Trump," porn star's lawyer says.

Firings suspected to be linked

Donald Trump sacks US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

SATIRE: Washington DC remains on high alert after a "possibly unhinged" man was witnessed firing indiscriminately in the White House.

Trump to sack McMaster - report

Donald Trump's national security adviser H.R. McMaster is reportedly set to be shown the door by the US president.

The US President continues to shake up his top team, with his national security adviser expected to be next out the door.

Jealous girlfriend's bedtime revenge video

Doctors were able to reattach Alex Lovell's fingers after his girlfriend Emily Javier attacked with a sword.

Emily Javier believed her boyfriend was cheating on her. So she allegedly bought a samurai sword and stabbed him while he was asleep.

Why hasn't Mueller talked to Donald Jr?

Donald Trump at the grand opening of the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vancouver, Canada.

ANALYSIS: The US Special Counsel has subpoenaed the Trump Organization but why hasn't he talked to the president's eldest child?

Man, 99, sought in Nazi case video

An undated photo of Michael Karkoc that formed part of his application for German citizenship in 1940.

US authorities move ahead with Poland's request to extradite Ukrainian-born man accused of taking part in a World War II massacre.

More feared dead under US bridge

Cars were reportedly stopped for a red light when the bridge collapsed.

Katrina Collazo was stopped for a red light when the back of her car was crushed like a can by a falling bridge.

Nasa's plan to blitz asteroids

Last year a 100ft asteroid passed within 44,000km of Antarctica, which astronomers described as "damn close".

 US space agency reveals details of an eight-ton spaceship capable of altering the trajectory of a giant space rock.

'Twin' DNA lost in space video

Born a few minutes apart, Scott and Mark Kelly were both US Navy captains, both flew on the space shuttle and both spent ...

When US astronaut Scott Kelly left Earth, he was an identical twin. He returned just a twin.

Trump Jr's wife wants divorce

Donald Trump Jr, wife Vanessa Trump, and their children Donald Trump III, left, and Kai Trump, right, are pictured ...

Donald Trump Jr's wife, Vanessa Trump, wants to divorce the US president's son.

Navy jet crashes off Key West

A US Navy helicopter hovers over the wreckage of an F-18 fighter jet that crashed into the water off Naval Air Station ...

Two US Navy pilots killed as fighter jet crashes off Florida coast.

Armed officer stood outside video

CCTV video footage shows sheriff's deputy Scot Peterson, right, waiting outside the school during the shooting.

While Nikolas Cruz mowed down his classmates at the Parkland high school, sheriff's deputy Scot Peterson waited outside with a gun.

Mueller targets Trump Org video

The Trump Organization, which US President Donald Trump ran with his family before his inauguration, played down the ...

The US president's family business has reportedly been told to hand over documents.

Possible charges over United puppy death video

Kokito, the French bulldog puppy who died in the overhead bin.

US airline promising changes after the French bulldog died when he was put into an overhead bin.

Gate closed on sick child's family video

Talia Tallman posted online her frustration at being left behind.

The gate was changed at the last minute and the US family got there too late.

US punishes 19 for meddling

The US administration of President Donald Trump has imposed extra sanctions on Russia for alleged meddling in the 2016 ...

US also accuses Russia of a concerted hacking operation targeting the US energy grid.

App find 'sparked sword attack'

Alex Lovell woke to his girlfriend of two years attacking him with a sword, police say. (File photo)

With her boyfriend asleep, US woman Emily Javier allegedly reached for sword she secretly taped to the side of the bed.

Jail for YouTube death

Pedro Ruiz and his partner Monalisa Perez. She says the idea for the shooting stunt was all his.

Minnesota woman sentenced to 180 days in jail for fatally shooting her boyfriend in stunt.

Shooter's sister on weapons charge

MorganRoof, 18, was arrested at AC Flora High School and charged with two counts of carrying a weapon on school grounds ...

Sister of US man sentenced to die for killing nine people in 2015 arrested at school with knife.

Lawsuit over To Kill A Mockingbird video

Author Harper Lee.

Author Harper Lee's estate is suing over an upcoming Broadway adaptation, arguing that characters were changed.

A DNA space oddity video

Identical twin astronauts, Scott and Mark Kelly, are subjects of Nasa’s Twins Study. Scott, right, spent a year in space ...

A year in space can change your DNA, according to a study by Nasa.

Teacher fed puppy to turtle video

Robert Crosland is being investigated after he reportedly fed a live puppy to a snapping turtle in front of students.

People in the small US city of Preston are outraged – that everybody is making such a big deal about the puppy.

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